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Started this discussion. Last reply by Shane Feb 18, 2014. 101 Replies

I have seen a lot of .....for lack of a better word........ "Bad-ass-ness" recently. Now I am fairly open minded and realize that locations, occupations, experiences, physical ability, etc all…Continue


Sean O'

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Sean O' replied to Tess Jane's discussion In Response to "Podcast 183:When High School PE Was a Man-Maker"
"I get that. I am just picking the best time and place for my battles. I have plenty of time to pursue this."
Apr 15
Sean O' replied to Tess Jane's discussion In Response to "Podcast 183:When High School PE Was a Man-Maker"
"Tess, my daughters are 6 and 8. I would eventually like to teach them to shoot, but right now my wife doesn't really want them to undetstand that is what I used to do for a living. But I have plenty of time to try to change her mind."
Apr 13
Sean O' replied to Tess Jane's discussion In Response to "Podcast 183:When High School PE Was a Man-Maker"
"I look forward to hearing your impressions after you get started in this. My daughters have been asking to train with me so I have been looking for something that they could do that might be fun for us to do together. I agree on the treadmill , but…"
Apr 13
Sean O' left a comment for Salt Dragon
"I appreciate the invite!"
Apr 13
Sean O' replied to Brown Fox's discussion 8 x 8
"I do the same thing.......Sometimes I get lost in the workout and just have enough trouble trying to keep track of what set I am on."
Apr 7
Sean O' replied to Sir's discussion Your life in 6 words
"Making it up as I go"
Apr 7
Sean O' replied to Brown Fox's discussion 8 x 8
"It stays at 8 reps. IIRC both 8 x 8 and GVT use fairly short rest periods and high intensity. Because of this, if you just did straight sets with the same weight, the weight would have to be very light for all 8 sets. You could never do all 8 sets…"
Apr 5
Sean O' replied to Brown Fox's discussion 8 x 8
"The simplest way to think of it is as a series of ramps. These can go light to heavy or heavy to light. If I were going to use wave loading for 8 x 8 it might look something like this: set 1 - weight I can just barely get 8 reps with (without a…"
Apr 4
Sean O' replied to Brown Fox's discussion 8 x 8
"Agreed. And there are many ways you could tweak this program (or GVT as well since it was mentioned earlier) to help to match your goals. I can't remember exactly how the loading on these programs goes, but you could easily decide that you want…"
Apr 4
Sean O' replied to Brown Fox's discussion 8 x 8
"I would agree with this. As long as you are challenging yourself to pro"
Apr 4
Sean O' replied to Brown Fox's discussion 8 x 8
"This is nothing new. 8 x 8 was advocated by Vince Gironda (1950s-60s era bodybuilder). If you push yourself and get your diet tuned in, it should work well for you."
Apr 1
Sean O' replied to Regular Joe's discussion What Are Respectable Watch Brands
"I have a Christopher Ward that I love. They make beautiful watches with Swiss movement and reasonably priced."
Mar 1
Sean O' commented on Mike Norris's group Timepieces
"Liam, that would make a beautiful desk clock!"
Feb 18
Sean O' replied to Joshua's discussion Questions as I work through Stronglifts... in the group Exercise
"Keep up the progress and putting away some good, healthy calories. Ensure that you are keeping good form. This is especially important to concentrate on form as a beginner since it hasn't become second nature yet. Video would help with…"
Feb 16
Sean O' replied to Chad's discussion Favorite app for dumbbells in the group Exercise
"I think you would be better served in the long run if you stopped looking for an app to give you all the answers and start reading. In order to make long term progress and find what works best for yourself you will have to read, research, and do the…"
Feb 9
Sean O' commented on Sean O''s photo

Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines

"Doubtful that its a lifeguard station......the entire country is pretty much "swim at your own risk". Its probably just a rest area or for fishing, but I honestly don't know."
Feb 9

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Reading, shooting, weight training, travel, photography
Catch-22 by Joseph Heller, Devil's Guard by George Robert Elford, See No Evil by Robert Baer, The Definitive Book of Body Language by Alen and Barbara Pease, Moroland by Robert A. Fultan - Far too many to make anything resembling a complete list
Bettye Lavette, Lizz Wright, Blue Harlem, Imelda May, Eartha Kitt, Kitty in a Casket, Creepshow, The Horrorpops,Dengue Fever,Mad Marge and the Stonecutters, Shaggy, The Pogues, 5FDP, Dropkick Murphy's, Flogging Molly.......and more.........

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Posted on April 28, 2016 at 11:38pm 0 Comments

Today I completed 6 weeks of my Building the Monolith based workout. I really enjoyed it and will be doing it again in the near future. I will be doing some traveling next week so it will be a good week to schedule as a deload. I am not sure what I will be doing yet for the deload, but it will be low weight and low intensity. I am currently planning to do a high intensity rest-pause for 3 weeks after my deload. I will post the workout sometime the end of next week.



New training routine

Posted on March 28, 2016 at 2:58am 0 Comments

OK. So I just started week 2 of my new routine based upon Jim Wendler's Building the Monolith. It breaks down more or less like this:

Day 1

Leg press

Overhead press



PJR Pull-overs

Day 2

Walk approximately 1.5 miles with a weight vest. Started at about 60 and increasing weight until the vest…


19 March 2016

Posted on March 18, 2016 at 8:20pm 0 Comments

Thursday (17 March) and Friday (18 March) were my 10 sets x 2 reps days. They completely kicked my ass. To the point I was unable to complete the days workout. Definitely time to change things up.

Today was just a light day to determine calculated 1 rep max's for the program I will start Monday (21 March).

Starting weights will be based upon the following calculated max's/Wendler's training max's:

Press          …


15 March 2016

Posted on March 14, 2016 at 11:13pm 0 Comments

I haven't had access to reliable internet the past several days. Rather than bore anyone with the last few training sessions I will just state that the sessions are progressing along the lines of the last several months. I do feel like I am starting to stall on this program and this will be the last week I run this. I am planning to do a day of calculating 1 rep maxes this coming Saturday and then I will begin a program "inspired by" Jim Wendler's Building the Monolith" program. I…


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At 8:41am on July 11, 2014, Carl Monster said…

Ha ha, we'll see about that. Trying to bust out of a bench plateau, goings been slow, but 5 3 1 is excellent for that.

I like doing dumbbell presses one arm at a time, really throws balance into the mix and involves the core muscles more. The 5 3 1 keeps me in the gym for an hour tops, letting me focus all my up-front energy on the major lift. Then I can go, or have play time with assistance work. As you can tell, I almost never skip assistance work.

At 7:51am on July 11, 2014, Carl Monster said…

I've spotted a guy with similar, his doctor told him to just not come down all the way to his chest on the bench; seemed to work for him.

But if you can't bench that way, I'm in agreement that you'll progress out of that weight quickly with dumbbells. I've seen you do your hybrid deadlift/squats and that's incredible weight you have there. Maybe you are past what the 5 3 1 can offer you? All I know it's been working with me, but then again I am way behind you strength-wise.

At 6:20am on July 11, 2014, Carl Monster said…

Hmmm...I don't use dumbbells for my core movements, it's the Olympic bar. I use dumbbells for the assistance work, and that certainly does not need to include dumbbells, it can be anything. To me that's the "fun" part because the core movements do get boring.

When I do the conversion to pounds I get 83; that's a heavy dumbbell.

If you need more than those I'd say you are already one strong mofo! 

At 10:17am on July 3, 2014, Carl Monster said…

Thank you; perspective is always welcomed, helping or no.

At 12:51am on January 15, 2012, Lucius Artorius Castus said…

Apologies for bringing the lunacy of idjit boy here, But i couldn't let that intended slight go....

At 7:30pm on January 14, 2012, Lucius Artorius Castus said…

I believe the "Military School" he "attended" was called the United States Air Force.


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"I am not sure how to start a thread and invite you in..."
42 minutes ago
Ross Blaising replied to Ross Blaising's discussion Book
"I'd be happy to chat about any of it that you find interesting. I'll readily admit that I'm not an expert on how attitudes on manhood and power have evolved since right after post-WW-II till now. I'm 45. Much of my interest has…"
2 hours ago
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Liam Strain replied to Pete's discussion A question to all husbands - please help!
" No. Absolutely not. Any combination of other key things can easily be more important to me - and is. "
2 hours ago
Alex Kameno replied to Pete's discussion A question to all husbands - please help!
"Sex is great in the beginning - However, marriage is about LOVE not sex. You will be spending time with one girl for a long time - eventually sex won't be everything. For me it ain't - 5 years later - I'm 33 too - heck I'm afraid…"
3 hours ago
Alex Kameno replied to David F.'s discussion How does one settle one’s mind from how life worked out vs how you thought it would go?
"Be compassionate bro - life is not easy - I wish I can give further advice to the brotha but having a kid is on a different level - I is going through the same stuff - minus the kid - plus job is in limbo - wifey is doing weird shit - like today my…"
3 hours ago
Carl Monster replied to Longarm's discussion It's Never Too Late To Pursue Your Dream...Here's Proof!
"Next step? What does a sheriff do?"
5 hours ago
Gentleman Engineer replied to Fabricante's discussion Going For a Systems Engineering Masters
"The arena of the engineering of controls would exist in a breadth not insignificant. The demesne of specialisation should exist at the intersection of desire and demand."
7 hours ago

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