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Started this discussion. Last reply by Shane Feb 18, 2014. 101 Replies

I have seen a lot of .....for lack of a better word........ "Bad-ass-ness" recently. Now I am fairly open minded and realize that locations, occupations, experiences, physical ability, etc all…Continue


Sean O'

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Sean O' replied to Priscus's discussion Traveling?
"What are you looking to experience? Culture and history? Adventure? Nightlife? Scenery and relaxation? That would greatly influence my recommendations."
Oct 17
Sean O' replied to Kneller's discussion Looking for a place to talk fitness (do you have an HRM?)
"That is not a goal.....that is a concept. A goal should be definite and quantifiable. For example: " In the next 90 days I want to drop my bf% from ____ to _____ while maintaing strength in the big 3 lifts". Finding an exercise that works…"
Oct 16
Sean O' replied to Kneller's discussion Looking for a place to talk fitness (do you have an HRM?)
"What is your goal? Why won't you do deadlifts? Why did it require "a ton of research" to find a hamstring/posterior chain exercise?  Why do you feel that keeping track of your heart rate is more important than your perceived…"
Oct 12
Sean O' replied to Bandaid Commando's discussion Its been a while in the group Wilderness medicine
"I like what I am doing. The trick is turning into something that gives a steady income. My primary source of income is still my pension. I am hoping that changes."
Sep 13
Sean O' replied to David F.'s discussion Immigration & Expats
""Our gas cost more, our food costs more, to get anywhere off the island is either a long drive plus ferry or expensive flight" That is part of living on an island. Island living is not for everyone."
Aug 23
Sean O' replied to Mongoose's discussion Tips for Suit Fits for Athletic Body in the group Exercise
Aug 22
Sean O' replied to Bandaid Commando's discussion Its been a while in the group Wilderness medicine
"I have never been "certified" as a wilderness medic, but I have made a career of providing medical support in both austere and tactical environments. I maintain my paramedic credentials and still provide minor surgical support for local…"
Aug 21
Sean O' replied to David F.'s discussion Immigration & Expats
"I left the U.S. a little more than 2 years ago to live in the Philippines. I am not currently a resident (I am still too young to apply for the Special Resident Retirement Visa at the lower rate). I am living here on a tourist visa, but that does…"
Aug 18
Sean O' commented on Timothy Hyden's group Emergency Management-Disaster Preparedness
"Both Red Cross and American Heart Association charge an admin fee for CPR certifications. When I lived in Tacoma they had 1 Sunday/year (CPR Sunday) where the fire department certified a few hundred people for free. You can check if something like…"
Aug 18
Sean O' replied to Priscus's discussion Post-Mortem Symposium
"William "Wild Bill" Donovan Dick Meadows Nick Rowe Arthur "Bull" Simons Russell Volkmann Ian Fleming I think getting those guys together with a few bottles of Scotch/bourbon on the table would be both educational and a lot of…"
Jul 19
Sean O' replied to Andy Lawson's discussion Suggestions at the Gym
"A lot of good advice here already. I will add or reinforce a few suggestions. Go to the gym at least 6 days per week and make it a habit. Don't give yourself any argument about why you should miss a day. Making this a habit is vital. Don't…"
Jul 13
Sean O' replied to Mongoose's discussion Question on Shoulders/Shirt Fit in the group Exercise
"Delts can add a few inches of shoulder width, but your right that even then it depends a lot on bone structure."
Jul 1
Sean O' replied to Pale Horse's discussion Changes in the group The Great Debate
"I am very happy that I am retired and don't have to worry about this PC BS. Best of luck to the future "war fighters"."
Jul 1
Sean O' replied to John Muir's discussion Is an Ar-15 an assault rifle? in the group The Great Debate
"I simply meant that the weapon was not designed around a high-capacity magazine. Looking at the original Stoner and the subsequent M-16, they did not have particularly high capacity magazines. The high capacity magazine is an accessory tht came bout…"
Jun 20
Sean O' replied to John Muir's discussion Is an Ar-15 an assault rifle? in the group The Great Debate
"The way that illiterate goat herders have been doing successfully for the last 15 years?"
Jun 20
Sean O' replied to AdamInTrans's discussion What's Your Mantra for Getting Shit Done?
"Most people don't like my "mantra" for getting things done. You probably won't either. But, it has served me well for many years. Grow up and stop being a bitch. If you have things you need to do, then go do them."
Jun 19

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Reading, shooting, weight training, travel, photography
Catch-22 by Joseph Heller, Devil's Guard by George Robert Elford, See No Evil by Robert Baer, The Definitive Book of Body Language by Alen and Barbara Pease, Moroland by Robert A. Fultan - Far too many to make anything resembling a complete list
Bettye Lavette, Lizz Wright, Blue Harlem, Imelda May, Eartha Kitt, Kitty in a Casket, Creepshow, The Horrorpops,Dengue Fever,Mad Marge and the Stonecutters, Shaggy, The Pogues, 5FDP, Dropkick Murphy's, Flogging Molly.......and more.........

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30 July 2016

Posted on July 29, 2016 at 8:40pm 0 Comments

I had an event to attend at my kids school on Friday so Fridays workout was shifted to today.

Leg press          200lbs x 5, 250lbs x 5, 300lbs x 3, 375lbs x 5, 425lbs x 3, 475lbs x 1

Goblet squat       50lbs x 15, 50lbs x 15, 50lbs x 15, 60lbs x 15, 60lbs x 15

DB Romania deadlift    50lbs       5 sets x 10 reps

28 July 2016

Posted on July 27, 2016 at 8:34pm 0 Comments

Bench press       85lbs x 5, 105lbs x 5, 125lbs x 3, 155lbs x 5, 175lbs x 3, 195lbs x 1

Incline DB press     45lbs x 15, 45lbs x 15, 50lbs x 15, 50lbs x 15, 50lbs x 15

T bar row        100lbs x10, 100lbs x 15, 100lbs x 10, 130lbs x 10, 130lbs x 10

27 July 2016

Posted on July 26, 2016 at 8:20pm 0 Comments

Conditioning and mobility

26 July 2016

Posted on July 25, 2016 at 8:18pm 0 Comments

Rack pull       200lbs x 5, 250lbs x 5, 300lbs x 3, 375lbs x 5, 425lbs x 3, 475lbs x 1

DB Romanian deadlift        50lbs      5 sets x 12 reps

Flutter kicks        5 sets x 15 reps

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At 8:41am on July 11, 2014, Carl Monster said…

Ha ha, we'll see about that. Trying to bust out of a bench plateau, goings been slow, but 5 3 1 is excellent for that.

I like doing dumbbell presses one arm at a time, really throws balance into the mix and involves the core muscles more. The 5 3 1 keeps me in the gym for an hour tops, letting me focus all my up-front energy on the major lift. Then I can go, or have play time with assistance work. As you can tell, I almost never skip assistance work.

At 7:51am on July 11, 2014, Carl Monster said…

I've spotted a guy with similar, his doctor told him to just not come down all the way to his chest on the bench; seemed to work for him.

But if you can't bench that way, I'm in agreement that you'll progress out of that weight quickly with dumbbells. I've seen you do your hybrid deadlift/squats and that's incredible weight you have there. Maybe you are past what the 5 3 1 can offer you? All I know it's been working with me, but then again I am way behind you strength-wise.

At 6:20am on July 11, 2014, Carl Monster said…

Hmmm...I don't use dumbbells for my core movements, it's the Olympic bar. I use dumbbells for the assistance work, and that certainly does not need to include dumbbells, it can be anything. To me that's the "fun" part because the core movements do get boring.

When I do the conversion to pounds I get 83; that's a heavy dumbbell.

If you need more than those I'd say you are already one strong mofo! 

At 10:17am on July 3, 2014, Carl Monster said…

Thank you; perspective is always welcomed, helping or no.

At 12:51am on January 15, 2012, Lucius Artorius Castus said…

Apologies for bringing the lunacy of idjit boy here, But i couldn't let that intended slight go....

At 7:30pm on January 14, 2012, Lucius Artorius Castus said…

I believe the "Military School" he "attended" was called the United States Air Force.


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Many of us non-medical persons assume that doctors look at the human body as just some neutral thing that they work on.  That may not always be the case.Years ago I worked as a non-medical support person in a community health clinic, one where recent med school graduates would work for a while to help pay off their debt.  I became good friends with one of these young doctors who told me an embarrassing story.A woman with really large breasts came in for an exam.  He placed his stethoscope on…See More
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