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Robert D replied to Chris Badgett's discussion Can I Get Your Opinion on Something ... Is Gardening Manly?
"Farming is manly, and gardening is just farming on a very small scale. Yes, it is manly."
Mar 29
Robert D replied to Stephen Jashub Comstock's discussion The sad state of American journalism..
"I use the BBC as well. American news is just awful. This is what happens when ratings become more important than the quality of content. Its all spectacle rather than substance. News agencies would probably get better ratings if they actually…"
Mar 24
Robert D replied to Glen Rose's discussion Animal Attacks
"I was never attacked or threatened by an animal, though a squirrel did look at me menacingly once... Anyway, as far as I know, when attacked by wolves, mountain lions, or coyotes, it is probably a predatory response, so fight it off as much as…"
Feb 19
Robert D replied to Motus's discussion Ditching dead weight friends
"I've never had an experience like this, but I think that anyone that anyone who treats a "friend" like they treat you are not friends. Leave them. It may be painful, but it will be worth it in the long run. Let then wallow in their…"
Feb 11
Robert D replied to Belmin Bratic's discussion What is a manly song for a ringtone?
"Sabaton, Amon Amarth, or Manowar. Either that, or just leave it on the default ringer. Its a signal that you have a phone call, not an indication of your lifestyle."
Nov 2, 2013
Robert D replied to Patrick DeVaughn's discussion Top Manliest albums or musicians?
"Anything by Sabaton. They're a Swedish metal band that sings about history. Their subjects include D-Day, the siege of Stalingrad, the Somme, the 101st at Bastogne, Vietnam, the battle of Winza, The Thirty Years War, among many others.  "
Sep 16, 2013
Robert D replied to Irishman's discussion Interesting YouTube Channels for Men
"Scooby1961. He gives no BS fitness advice, based on decades of personal experience. Chad Howse. He's been featured on AOM before, and always insightful. Check out his blog…"
Sep 11, 2013
Robert D replied to Chu Kim's discussion Brains, Brawn, or Bandsaw?
"A littel bit of everything. To quote one of my favorite authors: "A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone,…"
Sep 2, 2013
Robert D replied to Todd Knight's discussion what type of man are you?
"Given these choices, Bond, for the occasional one liners and the ability to defend myself. I have virtually no ability with tools or anything like that, so not like Macgyver  at all"
Sep 2, 2013
Robert D replied to D.J.'s discussion I'm rebuilding my iTunes library
"Sabaton Ex Dio Amon Amarth Bruce Springsteen Rolling Stones Pink floyd Queen Manowar REM Billy Joel Aerosmith Led Zepplin Black Sabbath Guns n' Roses "
Jul 30, 2013
Robert D replied to Ciarán Morrissey's discussion Education
"Undergraduate: Major in History, a minor in Anthropology (mostly by accident). I don't regret it, but given today's job market, I wish I choose something else if I had the opportunity. Graduate: I am a dissertation away from having a…"
Jun 18, 2013
Robert D replied to Ben's discussion Favourite music genre's?
"Classical- Beethoven, Vivaldi and Wagner are among my favorites Metal- Sabaton is my all time favorite band, they sing about war and history. As a history buff and a metal fan, I can't help but love…"
May 5, 2013
Robert D replied to C.C. Dolph's discussion What do you do well?
"Memorize things, usually completely useless facts Cook Write research papers (I've done enough of them)"
Apr 21, 2013
Robert D replied to Jacob DeWees's discussion Tucking in your shirt, manly?
"Shirts should be tucked in, unless its a t-shirt. If it has a collar, tuck it in. It may or may not be "manly", but it does look more dignified."
Apr 20, 2013
Robert D replied to Brett McKay's discussion Dealing with Baldness-How do you feel about the power donut?
"My hair started to fall out when I was still in high school, and was noticeably, painfully obvious when I got through college, so I just shaved it off. Completely shaved does make me look tougher/more crazy, which is a plus when dealing with middle…"
Mar 29, 2013
Robert D replied to Justin Cook's discussion whats your code
"Semper Gumby- Always Flexible"
Mar 28, 2013

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Weight lifting, martial arts, history, cooking
Song of Ice and Fire Series
Dresden Files
Codex Alera
Starship Troopers
Lord of the Rings
Lord of the Rings
Master and Commander
Dark Knight Saga
Amon Amarath
Two Steps from Hell
"I reject your reality and substitute my own."
-Adam Savage

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Augustin commented on Tim M's photo

progress pics 4

"Good work!"
13 minutes ago
Lucius Artorius Castus commented on Herb Munson's group The Great Debate
"So.... In otherwords.... The have health coverage...."
15 minutes ago
Lucius Artorius Castus replied to Josh Allen's discussion If you can tell me what religion you are then you are in a prison.
"You need a new vocabulary word for the day"
16 minutes ago
John Muir replied to Cthulhu's Revenge's discussion Happy zombie Jesus day!
"This is the south. We eat dinner at about 2, and it's fried chicken, mashed potatoes with basil from the garden, gravy, pinto beans, asparagus, corn bread, cantaloupe, peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream"
17 minutes ago
Tim Dienes replied to Ricky's discussion Your gay Brothers in the group New Warriors
"Ricky, no offense taken. I do understand."
20 minutes ago
Daryl Millard replied to Daryl Millard's discussion Cricket
"I admit it does have a certain image attached to it due to its traditions and cultures. Many public schools around the world facilitate cricket far better than state schools. The same can be said about rugby, certainly in the UK. That's why,…"
21 minutes ago
MiCHAEL J K. replied to Ricky's discussion Your gay Brothers in the group New Warriors
"I have male friends I do not care who they love or sleep with. I love my friends for who they are."
21 minutes ago
MiCHAEL J K. commented on Will's group New Warriors
"Tim that is great"
24 minutes ago

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