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Pistol for a newbie

Started this discussion. Last reply by KeN Sep 23, 2014. 68 Replies

Hi everyone,So, after some thought, I have decided to purchase a handgun.. I took a beginner pistol class and am going back for a more detailed lesson. I fired a Glock 19 and a S&W 620. I liked…Continue


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Robert D replied to Priscus's discussion Fantasy Fans?
"Most of the books in my library are history or fantasy. I only started in the genre a few years ago and am trying to make up for lost time. Favorites in no particular order: Tolkien- Because obviously. Jim Butcher- The Dresden Files are a ton of…"
Jun 21
Robert D replied to Priscus's discussion Unpopular Opinions Thread
"Coffee sucks. There, I said it. Pro sports are boring and stupid. Double if you wear a jersey with another man's name on it. Rap, country, and dubstep suck. "
Jun 19
Robert D replied to Dude's discussion Music that you guys like
"Genre: Power Metal Band: Sabaton Song: 40:1 This song tells the story of the Battle of Wizna, where 720 Polish soldiers held 40,000 Germans for three days. Sabaton writes songs about military history, and…"
Mar 17
Robert D replied to Jarid's discussion What is your choice of concealed carry weapon?
"I have a folding pocket knife. I would carry a handgun (Probably my HK VP9) but I live in a very blue state where CC permits are impossible for all but law enforcement. The fact that I own a gun at all makes me something between Hitler and Stalin on…"
Jan 15
Robert D replied to Priscus's discussion Martial Arts Fiction
"Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon The Matrix (not the sequels, they sucked) Hero "
Dec 7, 2015
Robert D replied to Michael Presto's discussion Knife talk.
"I have a Swiss Army pocket knife on my key chain. I also have a Leatherman multi-tool for when I go to work as well a a box cutter. Co-workers are somewhat frightened of me."
Oct 22, 2015
Robert D replied to D.J. Cardenas's discussion Older You Advising Younger You
"Don't major in history. It's a waste of time Don't get a Master's in History. It's a waste of time Start lifting at a younger age and put down the cheesecake Stop caring about people's opinions. They don't…"
Oct 22, 2015
Robert D replied to Priscus's discussion Sublimity in the Arts
"I just went on a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY. I have a fondness for ancient works. "
Oct 9, 2015
Robert D replied to Regular Joe's discussion Oregon Wouldn't Let Me Pump My Own Gas
"It's law here in New Jersey too. The price of gas is low, mostly because we have refineries in the area, but I imagine it could be even lower. People complain that out of state they have to be bothered to pump their own gas."
Oct 9, 2015
Robert D replied to Mongoose's discussion Add a Caption XVII: Steampunk Soldier
"You get points for style, sight?"
Sep 29, 2015
Robert D replied to Priscus's discussion My Fellow Americans, What Nation are you From?
"Apparently I'm on the border between Friendly White families and Poor Minorities."
Sep 2, 2015
Robert D replied to Priscus's discussion My Fellow Americans, What Nation are you From?
"New Netherlands. The description is pretty accurate. We have a little bit of pretty much every culture and ethnic group. Nice place to live, but the taxes and cost of living are too high. The Taylor ham is awesome, though."
Sep 2, 2015
Robert D replied to Joshua's discussion My "I'm going to lose weight" thread
"Good to see you are taking control of your life. Remember to watch your diet as well. Nerdfitrness has great articles on the Paleo diet which seems to work. Good luck and keep us updated."
Jul 8, 2015
Robert D replied to Ben B.'s discussion The most masculine attribute?
"Strength- Physical, mental, emotional."
May 21, 2015
Robert D replied to Mongoose's discussion So... How Would YOU Describe this Human?
"Someone who has way too much spare time and need to feel important."
Apr 18, 2015
Robert D replied to Regular Joe's discussion What's The Last Beer You Drank?
"The last beer I had was after the Spartan Beast this past September. I think it was a Shock Top but I'm not sure. I don't usually drink, so its all the same to me."
Apr 2, 2015

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Weight lifting, martial arts, history, cooking
Song of Ice and Fire Series
Dresden Files
Codex Alera
Starship Troopers
Lord of the Rings
Lord of the Rings
Master and Commander
Dark Knight Saga
Amon Amarath
Two Steps from Hell
"I reject your reality and substitute my own."
-Adam Savage

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Jack Smith commented on Bruce Uall's group The Shirtless Man
"If I am home I am shirtless."
3 minutes ago
J. D. commented on Bruce Uall's group The Shirtless Man
"My house is nearly always warm enough.  I once threw all the windows open in February during a windstorm and got the temp inside my apartment down to 47 degrees, and still kept my shirt off for most of the day following a hot shower. …"
8 minutes ago
Sir replied to Pale Horse's discussion General Election 2016 in the group The Great Debate
"Is this the answer that illustrates your chess analogy?  I'm not seeing its relevance if so."
55 minutes ago
Wayne replied to Devster's discussion Leadership, can this be taught?
"No problem, I hope it helps steer you in the rigjt direction that you need. I dont consider myself a Leader or an expert on leadership, but I do work in a number of positions where it is required."
2 hours ago
Brad Felmey replied to Douglas Perry's discussion Listing a lapsed Mason as a reference? in the group Freemasonry
"Fantastic! I hope you get out of Masonry as much as I have. :) It's possible that jurisdictional laws may vary, but at least in Texas a lapsed Mason would not be considered eligible as a Masonic reference. Now would be a great time for your…"
2 hours ago
Ranger replied to Ranger's discussion Does anyone else wear the kilt?
"Nice! Great pic too!"
6 hours ago
Thomas Winfrey replied to Shay's discussion What is the best way to become an electrician?
"Thanks Justin Aaron for the link."
6 hours ago
Jay D replied to GK's discussion Calling in sick to attend a job interview?
"It depends sometimes the things that are thrown at you are thrown at a foul angle. It happens regularly at my job. A sudden urgency often comes from a neglect of planing. At a certain level you get paid to to look ahead and plan ahead. I understand…"
6 hours ago

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