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Which man exits the elevator first?

Started this discussion. Last reply by David F. Dec 17, 2012. 28 Replies

I'm just curious: How do men figure out who exits the elevator before the other(s)?It's rare that there are 2 women exiting at the same floor in my building, so I just take the prerogative and go…Continue

An academic look at trolling

Started this discussion. Last reply by StaggerLee Oct 18, 2012. 14 Replies

I think this is useful:…Continue

Mostly just for fun: Compile my wedding reception playlist

Started this discussion. Last reply by Margie Aug 7, 2012. 28 Replies

While my fiance and I in theory want a "traditional" wedding reception with dancing, we kind of have a mental block on what music we should play. We're also not sure we want to hire a DJ when music…Continue

Offended to attend a "fake" wedding?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Penelope Aug 7. 113 Replies

Does it, or would it, offend you to be invited/attend a marriage ceremony that was not recognized by the civil government because a civil marriage ceremony had taken place earlier, or was scheduled…Continue


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Penelope replied to Regular Joe's discussion Responsibility Towards A Brother
"I dated, then married, someone who lived with his parents.  Jury's still out on how that worked out for us, but it was more important to me that he have steady employment than that he have his own place. Don't know how it works in…"
23 hours ago
Penelope replied to Don Judd's discussion Selecting a belt?
"Tailoring my ebay clothes costs 3x as much as the clothes themselves.  I suggest learning what brands you like and fit you best, and limiting your ebay searches to those.  You do this by noting the labels in your closet and with serious…"
Aug 14
Penelope replied to Nick Henderson's discussion Growing into your quirks or I got weird.
"Daniel's right, but feeling your life is disrupted for months because of one unexpected phone call or social engagement is outside the scope of normal. Are you able to hold down employment that matches your intelligence and education?  Do…"
Aug 14
Penelope replied to Pete's discussion Difference between Steam Ironing vs. Ironing.
"White pillowcases can make pretty good press cloths.  They'd be close to ideal, if they weren't two layers."
Aug 12
Penelope replied to Pete's discussion Difference between Steam Ironing vs. Ironing.
"Personally, I'd start at the lowest steam setting, and maybe work up if I was sure I wasn't going to burn the fabric."
Aug 12
Penelope replied to Pete's discussion Difference between Steam Ironing vs. Ironing.
"There's steaming, there's ironing with steam, and there's dry ironing. Steaming doesn't use an iron.  It uses something that just makes steam.  It's good for getting out minor wrinkles, but not good for putting in…"
Aug 12
Penelope replied to John Lee Pettimore's discussion Robin Williams RIP
"One worthwhile point in a deleted post to which I was responding indirectly is that, just like some people smoke a pack a day and die of old age, while others barely smoke at all and develop all the smoking-related diseases, so some people face huge…"
Aug 12
Penelope replied to John Lee Pettimore's discussion Robin Williams RIP
"What was interesting to me to learn about suicides, or at least suicide attempts, is that the primary diagnosis leading to a suicide attempt is not most often depression.  It's more often bipolar disorder or schizophrenia - less common but…"
Aug 12
Penelope replied to Victor Franklin's discussion Buying a cemetery plot for a parent
"It's definitely a situation where you'll get a lot of perspectives, depending on what people think are "normal" family dynamics and attitudes towards death.  Some illustrative stories: Every time my in-laws travel, they…"
Aug 12
Penelope replied to Victor Franklin's discussion Buying a cemetery plot for a parent
"It's not a matter of being strong-willed or right and wrong.  It's just a matter of practicality.  What happens if you're out of the country when your mother passes, so your sister makes the plans?  She needs to…"
Aug 12
Penelope replied to Victor Franklin's discussion Buying a cemetery plot for a parent
"There's an active re-sale market for cemetery plots, so your risk is less than $200.  I'd buy it in my own name and give/sell it to her estate when the time comes.  Are you certain you'll be intimately involved in the estate…"
Aug 12
Penelope replied to Daniel's discussion Learning a skilled trade part time (no experience)
"In my area, there are 2 kinds of "community college" classes.  There are adult enrichment classes, for which you just pay a fee and maybe show proof of residency.  The recruiting materials say they're not paid for with…"
Aug 11
Penelope replied to Francis York Morgan's discussion PFA and Custody Help
"PFA - Protection From Abuse, it's a particular kind of restraining order in Pennsylvania and Alabama, for domestic situations. From the model orders available online, if she wins, all your communications will be through courts and lawyers and…"
Aug 11
Penelope replied to Jack Bauer's discussion The Everyday Badass ...
"To me, it's no different than a lot of risky things you can do with a little skill and a lot of money.  You can be a NASCAR driver for a day.  I think you can even "fly" retired fighter jets.  I don't know the…"
Aug 8
Penelope replied to Peter Arkson's discussion Finding organizations in a new city
""Organizations" are usually easy to find online.  You're looking for informal clubs and groups. 1.  Get on the mailing list for the newsletters of any organizations that interest you, and the regional publications for your…"
Aug 7
Penelope replied to Penelope's discussion Offended to attend a "fake" wedding?
"The problem is that there are states in the US that would still give that wife, not nothing, but very little.  So if we're talking generally about what marriage law does in the English-speaking world, we can't say it "protects…"
Aug 7

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Anglican liturgics, enforcement of judgments, baking, Latin
Books I'll admit to having read in the last 6 months, or am presently reading: 1928 Book of Common Prayer, 1940 Hymnal, Anglican Missal (People's Edition), Plotinus' Enneads
It's a Wonderful Life, Casablanca, Master and Commander, Shawshank Redemption, Winnie the Pooh and the Search for Christopher Robin, Amazing Grace, Anatomy of a Murder, Adam's Rib
past favorite composers: Byrd, Tallis, Gibbons, Handel, Haydn, Bach, and Mozart
Also, John Rutter and Vaughn Williams
Recover all thy sigh-blown age
On double pleasures: leave thy cold dispute
Of what is fit, and not.

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On Freely Choosing Chastity

Posted on August 22, 2013 at 2:00pm 9 Comments

I'm not sure what's meant by "freely choosing." I had opportunities for sex before I got married, and chose not to. My choice was based in my moral understanding, which was formed by my upbringing and my friends and family. But I didn't fear violence or financial repercussions from them if I fornicated.

Now that I'm married, I'm ambivalent about my choice. The consequences were not entirely positive physically, emotionally, or relationally. Nor are my moral principles so strong that…


Mental health and guns (Can't get into TGD)

Posted on December 17, 2012 at 2:43pm 0 Comments

I had something long on why mental health screenings for gun purchasers will never work, but I see TGD doesn't understand mental healthcare to begin with.

Though mental illnesses are more treatable than the most feared bodily illnesses, and kill just as many people, and certainly have more sufferers, they are handled differently and less by our "healthcare system."

What really gets my goat are the financial disincentives for seeking treatment. I have heard (pre-Obamacare)…


This went nowhere.

Posted on July 26, 2012 at 9:28pm 8 Comments

It is true that libraries are a public benefit the government is not obligated to provide, just like fireworks displays and hiking trails. But once the government chooses to provide a public benefit, there are limits on how it can restrict use of that public benefit. 

Speech is not food. We have excellent medical, scientific, and legal definitions of food. The various welfare programs remain fairly hands-off about making sure benefits are only used to buy "good food." They do not, for…


Engagement Story (someone asked)

Posted on July 20, 2012 at 5:41pm 2 Comments

It was all very quiet and calm. Wednesday is our usual mid-week date night. [Medium] met Rebekah at her place after work Wednesday, July 13, 2010, with yellow Asiatic lilies. Rebekah put them in the sake bottle he got her at a garage sale St. Valentine's Day weekend. Then he said he had another present for her. He pulled out a little red box and said, "I wanted to give you this and ask you to marry me." She said Yes.…


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At 7:45pm on August 6, 2014, Vytautas said…

Then wise Penelope came forth from her chamber like unto Artemis or golden Aphrodite, and for her they set by the fire, where she was wont to sit, a chair inlaid with spirals of ivory and silver, which of old the craftsman Icmalius had made, and had set beneath it a foot-stool for the feet, that was part of the chair, and upon it a great fleece was wont to be laid. On this then wise Penelope sat down, and the white-armed maids came forth from the women's hall. These began to take away the abundant food, the tables, and the cups from which the lordly men had been drinking, and they cast the embers from the braziers on to the floor, and piled upon the braziers fresh logs in abundance, to give light and warmth.

At 11:23pm on August 4, 2014, Michael D. Denny said…

"Penelope" ? 

At 6:15pm on March 2, 2014, Walter B. Pewen said…

Again, but is OP a young Bay Area professional???

At 2:56pm on March 2, 2014, Walter B. Pewen said…

Way too much language, also.

At 2:51pm on March 2, 2014, Walter B. Pewen said…

Still, after an evening of thinking a bit on your advice to OP yesterday-can't get over the level of detachment in your statements.  He made no mention of his skills level.  Could he actually qualify for a job in tech?  Maybe you are overreaching-sounds like lost in a world of great intellectual postulating beyond any kind actual "tending your own garden.


At 8:32pm on January 29, 2014, Scott L Ferrell said…

Thank you so much. Took care of it earlier today. 

At 8:59pm on August 5, 2012, Michael D. Denny said…

To be fair, that is pretty impressive for a pump house. 

At 9:01pm on September 16, 2011, Michael D. Denny said…
Not cold enough ere for them yet. Though today we are experiencing a cold snap. High about 70.
At 10:10pm on April 7, 2011, Kevin Collier said…
Possibly put the material in your checked luggage.
At 8:17pm on April 6, 2011, Kevin Collier said…
Hi Rebekah, on the "safety" issue, TSA would be allowed broad discretion in looking for contraband. If traveling with the hypothetical gold chain, I can see them arguing that it is privileged, but still would have to be "documented" for Custom's purposes.

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"I would say that the "meaning of life" cannot be made a universal answer for all, sure"
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Broken Wing

Broken WingFlying highlooking down uponthe world and allits beautyUntil one mayfall and break a wingor find themselvessomehow brokenThe brokennessheals after timeand slowly thebroken wing healsOnce more to flyhigh above the cloudsand looking downto see the beautyFor the bird does notsee the human on theground who looks upand sees the beautiful birdMichael Joseph KullikSee More
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Paul_of_TX replied to David Johns's discussion Teen boys today
"- boys have as many problems as girls but girls feel free to talk with their gal pals about their problems while boys generally learn not to discuss things with their guy pals. - boys suffer from depression as much as girls do. - although more girls…"
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Pale Horse commented on Pale Horse's blog post Funny History Meme
"Lincoln and Stanton wanted desperately to fire him (Stanton even wanted him court-martialed), but to quote Lincoln, "He has the army with him." McClellan was very popular with his men, putting Lincoln between a rock and a hard place. On…"
28 minutes ago
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John Lee Pettimore replied to David Johns's discussion Teen boys today
"Even after all these years it never fails to amaze me how often that happens here."
35 minutes ago

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