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Kurt replied to Daniel Offenbacher's discussion How to begin a regimen? in the group Exercise
"Dan, I hope by now you have gotten some ideas for working out and started a regimen. But just in case I will share some tips that I got years ago from Men's Health that really helped me. 1. Join a gym. Theres a lot of places that have cheap…"
Oct 26
Kurt updated their profile
Oct 10
Kurt added a discussion to the group Truck Lovers!

Hybrid Trucks

Will they ever make hybrid truck? It doesn't seem plausible to have that much power in a hybrid. Is it possible? Would you buy one if they did? See More
Oct 9
Kurt replied to Kurt's discussion A letter to Dad
"Thanks all for the kind words. Happy birthday to you as well Davis. Your advice about arms always open is a good one. Wish I would have adhered to this years ago..."
Oct 5
Davis replied to Kurt's discussion A letter to Dad
"Kurt, I celebrate my 70th tomorrow. I read your post with interest and encourage others who read it to connect with their dads who are still alive in the best way  possible in their circumstances. I am now as old as my Dad was when he died and…"
Oct 4
Brother Joseph replied to Kurt's discussion A letter to Dad
"Great post. I often worry about my own relationship with my ailing father. I need to make things right quickly."
Oct 4
Michael J. K. replied to Kurt's discussion A letter to Dad
"happy birthday thanks for sharing with us part of your story Hugs"
Oct 3
Teefs S. replied to Kurt's discussion A letter to Dad
"Very nice post Kurt.  I too wish I had had a better connection with my dad.  Thanks for sharing."
Oct 3
Kurt replied to Joseph Robert's discussion Awkward circumstance with my son
"We need more dads like this. Men who aren't ashamed to be men in front of men. Your dad is an inspiration! "
Oct 3
Kurt posted a discussion

A letter to Dad

It's weird, usually on my birthday I think of my mom. I used to call her every year on my birthday no matter what, and thank her for all the trouble she went thru to give birth to me. The way I almost died, twice, on the day I was born really makes me appreciate every year I live and makes me believe deeper in God and appreciate what God did to get me this far! But somehow this year is different. I'm thinking of my Dad, not really believing that he's dead. Somehow I always thought there would…See More
Oct 3
Kurt replied to Omri Meir's discussion Some beard oil questions
"Thanks Mantic. It was a great, insightful read. "
Sep 14
Kurt replied to Omri Meir's discussion Some beard oil questions
"Hey Omri, Brett put a post on this site on making your own beard oil. It was a great article that really helped me understand essential oils from Carrier oils.(Thanks Brett McKay-you know you're the man!!) Basically you can you just about…"
Sep 14
Kurt left a comment for Lupe Bogi
"Welcome to the group Lupe. You'll find that this place is a wealth of information and an great venue. Glad to know you. "
Sep 14
Kurt replied to Tim Buck's discussion Who should you get a professional massage from: male or female?
"Double standard for sure Brett. I'm a male nurse. Some female patients won't let me be their health care professional even though their doctor is a male. Doesn't make sense to me, but to each their own. "
Sep 12
Kurt replied to Joseph Robert's discussion Awkward circumstance with my son
"JR, I applaud your transparency, candor and frankness to your son. This experience will be one that he will remember forever, as it obviously brought the two of you closer together. He most likely will feel that he can talk to you about anything,…"
Aug 22
Kurt left a comment for Chip DeWitt
"Welcome to the tribe Chip. You'll find this site to be a wealth of information and a great venue. Welcome aboard! "
Aug 22
Kurt commented on Adam Parker's photo


"This pic could win an award. Where's it at? I love it!"
Aug 21
Kurt replied to Omri Meir's discussion Some beard oil questions
"Omri, there's a bunch of products out there for bearded men. Beard oil is used to soften the beard during the day and to keep it from drying out, so when kissing your lady, she doesn't complain and make that face. Beard conditioner is a…"
Aug 5
Kurt commented on Andrew's group Men with Beards
"I'm all in for hipster luke. Keep sporting the 20's, you make it look easy!! "
Aug 3
Kurt replied to Daniel's discussion What is the cheapest fighting art to learn?
"A lot of bigger towns have hidden gyms off the beaten path. They're usually cheaper to get guys in. Ask around. Check google or similar for your area. I'll bet you'll find ones you didn't even know where there. Stay away from…"
Jul 10

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Boats, Ships, Golfing, Fishing, Bike Riding, Racquetball, Baseball!!! Motorcycles, camping. Military stuff. Getting gritty in the Truck! Anything that gets me outdoors! Sweating at the gym. Photography. Scuba diving-Bermuda here I come! Bull Riding(Camp Gunnison Rodeo School) Sky-diving! Rock wall climbing.
My Bible! Any book that teaches me something. I read constantly. Espcecially love reading outside in the bed of my truck.
Some of my favorites:
George Muller-Delighted in God; An incredible journey of a 1800 pastor who started orphanages in England through prayer.
Crow Killer-by Raymond Thorp-The real story of a real man-Jeremiah Johnson-one of the first "Mountain Men". Feared by the Crow Indians and respected by all.
Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys. If you want to laugh until you cry about the stupid things that guys do then this is your book.
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stepehn R. Covey-Practical advise for powerful living.
Any Military Movie, We were soldiers, Transporter 3, Casino Royale,
Favorites- Action, Adventure
Country, R&B, Soul, Christian
"Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

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At 4:25am on November 6, 2010, Larry said…
re: You can not lose anything worth having by believing God and His Word!

AMEN, BROTHER! I praise God for you!
At 3:21pm on April 6, 2010, Jon Criss said…
Hey Kurt,

I don't get on here often and I don't remember if I replied to your question. I don't know of any groups.

I've had a few trucks in the last year: #1 I wrecked my 1988 F150 4x4 shortbox. It had a cam, headers, exhaust on a 5.0 with a C6. #2 was a 1988 F250 ext. cab 8' bed. I lifted it and put tires on it but sold it. #3 1982 F250 had a 460 with 500HP. It was set up for racing. That beast would go! I broke enough drive shafts and other parts so sold it. #4 I got a 1974 F250 factory highboy. It had a 390 with headers and cam and C6 with shifter kit. It was riding on 36" super swampers. Sold it because it was a gas hog. #5 I have now. Its a 1990 F150. I have a 6" lift on it and 35"s. It had a inline 6 under the hood which I love! It has loads of torque and gets 16mpg in town/20 mpg on the highway. It also has a standard tranny. Planning on doing some engine work on it soon and well as a little body.

At 3:15pm on April 6, 2010, James Murphy said…
The jeep has been put on the back burner till I get more time, I am currently working 60-70 hours a week over the road. I hope to get time to work on my jeep, and maybe even get some fishing time in soon.
At 12:39am on March 28, 2010, James Murphy said…
Well the old girl (my Jeep) is torn down to the frame as we speak for a full rebuild, My camera gear is ALL film, they are.... Asahi Pentax KX,Mamiya Sekor 500 DTL, Yashica FX-D Quartz SE, Yashica Electro 35 GSN
At 2:51pm on February 26, 2010, Adam Center said…
Yeah, I loved that truck. The new truck has what I was looking for: more passenger room. The new truck rides a lot smoother, handles the hills better, and tows like a dream, but I sure miss Betty Blue.
At 3:53pm on February 23, 2010, John said…
Thanks, Kurt. My truck was definitely the best money I ever spent. Happy trails in yours as well, my friend.
At 11:09pm on February 20, 2010, John said…
Hey, I appreciate the comment. I became a truck owner by accident and a truck lover by fate. Long story short, my 6' 8" brother decided to buy a Sonoma GT (I know it's a small truck, but everybody can cut me a break I'm in college.) He was too tall to comfortably drive it and thus sold it to me at a really good price.
At 11:25am on January 6, 2010, Ryan Scott said…
Hi Kurt thanks for the comment you posted on my page. I unfortunately do not own a truck, but I am planning on buying one next year. I will gladly post photos when I can.
At 9:33pm on December 23, 2009, Michael J. Austin said…
Here's wishing you a most joyous Holiday season to you and yours and a great New Year :)
At 11:43pm on November 25, 2009, Michael J. Austin said…
Here's wishing you and yours a most joyous Thanksgiving !!!! Enjoy my brother :)

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Steve Dallas replied to Vytautas's discussion What Do We Learn From History?
"Per your last paragraph. No, misreading does not make one smart. I am saying that you are attempting to make an intelligent argument by doing the very same thing. You are trying to lump everyone into a tidy entity in order to make an over-arching…"
16 minutes ago
Shane replied to Shane's discussion Secret Lives of Men in the group The Great Debate
"It probably was a snake which frightened your sister. And you probably killed a rat. Philosophers. You recall a time you couldn't read?"
18 minutes ago
Steve Dallas replied to Vytautas's discussion What Do We Learn From History?
"No, I think it just continues to show that your word choice sucks and that your arguments fall flat when we actually look at them. Just because you have repeated yourself, you haven't actually defended  your argument that historians are…"
27 minutes ago
Steve Dallas replied to Shane's discussion Secret Lives of Men in the group The Great Debate
"For someone who claims to want to help "broken" or "split" men, she does a really crappy job by calling all emotions the feminine and insist that men find the feminine. She shows she actually doesn't understand men at all by…"
31 minutes ago
Lucius Artorius Castus replied to Regular Joe's discussion How To Spot An AoM Noob
"I skipped the wine and went straight to the 100 proof."
41 minutes ago
Rick Shelton replied to Shane's discussion Secret Lives of Men in the group The Great Debate
"The definition of manliness relies upon the social sciences, which are inherently much harder to work as they deal with societies, cultures, and human individuals.  Therefore it's harder to develop an all encompassing theory to fit the…"
44 minutes ago
Steve Dallas replied to Vytautas's discussion What Do We Learn From History?
"That seems just silly, why the hell aren't historians capable of dealing with current events? Also, understanding current events is completely different than (accurately) predicting their outcomes, but I'm beginning to notice that this is…"
48 minutes ago
Rick Shelton replied to Shane's discussion Secret Lives of Men in the group The Great Debate
"I agree with you Titus.  Stoicism has its use in manly endeavors and to ensure that one can be stoic in the face of such endeavors practice is required."
49 minutes ago

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