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Paranoia and the virtue of hospitality?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Margie Dec 10. 29 Replies

Due to a recent online discussion I joined couchsurfing.org which is basically a world-wide network of people who offer and ask for crash space as they travel to save money.  There are even special…Continue

Jury Duty?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Greg Carter May 14. 29 Replies

I have never been called for jury duty before in my not so short life.  Between my real name and career I am apparently just not what an attorney wants on a jury.  I have been called to testify and…Continue

Tags: ties, murder, suits, lawyers, service

Cane choices?

Started this discussion. Last reply by David F. Mar 18. 17 Replies

Old age seems to be catching up with me more and more often.  After a minor slip on the ice (which happens about every other winter here) I twisted my last good knee and have trouble walking without…Continue

Tags: whiskey, dancing, cudgel, gimp, police

Favorite Sandwiches?

Started this discussion. Last reply by D Whaler Jan 31. 37 Replies

I am batting about 50/50 on ordering or making good vs dry-tasteless sandwiches. What is your favorite deli or homemade sandwich? …Continue


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Karl Helweg commented on Stephen Farrar's group The Armed Forces
Karl Helweg replied to Jordan Brown's discussion Modern Personal Airship in the group Airships
"Apparently in the US all that you would need to pilot an airship is a "free balloon" license: Balloon Pilot's License The following information is extracted and simplified from the Federal Aviation Regulation Part 61 -- Certification:…"
Dec 11
Karl Helweg replied to Karl Helweg's discussion Paranoia and the virtue of hospitality?
"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers; for thereby some have entertained angels unawares - Hebrews 13:2"
Dec 10
Todd Heavner replied to Karl Helweg's discussion Manliest Vehicle You Actually Own(ed)
"There was a Hellcat in the lot yesterday.  First one delivered here.  Some lucky bastard special ordered it.  He paid at least twice what I did for mine."
Nov 22
Karl Helweg replied to Jack Neulist's discussion Finding the "Old Ones": Who really settled North America first? in the group History Buffs
"Remains of two infants 11,000+ year old uncovered:  http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/11/141110161140.htm  Also, the Ice Age might have started earlier than previously believed which could have allowed for earlier human migrations…"
Nov 13
Karl Helweg replied to Jason McGinty's discussion Girlfriend asked me what I want for Christmas
"Why not ask? "
Nov 12
Rick Shelton replied to Karl Helweg's discussion Manliest Vehicle You Actually Own(ed)
"My wife asked me why I bought a Wrangler and I told her I wanted a 'cool' car.  She said that I was too old for 'cool'."
Nov 12
Karl Helweg replied to Jon Mortensen's discussion Bartering for a car. Advice is wanted.
"Do you mean haggling/negotiating rather than bartering/trading? Starting with a round number like $800.00 and being prepared to go higher might sound less calculating.  Cash in hand rarely hurts.  Don't forget that you will probably…"
Nov 12
Karl Helweg replied to Pale Horse's discussion Leadership Opportunities with Enlistment
"You definitely want to talk with current Marines (other than recruiters) but you would be surprised how much has not changed in a mere 60 years.  I am pretty sure that Roman drill sergeants invented garbage cans to beat on and wake up recruits…"
Nov 6
Karl Helweg commented on Jonas Ogrefoln's group Archaic Technology
"http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cradle_%28grain%29 ; This relatively simple device greatly increased grain production in the 19th century. "
Nov 3
Karl Helweg commented on Mark's group Spaceflight Fanatics
Oct 31
Karl Helweg replied to Karl Helweg's discussion Ginormous Guns? in the group Riflemen
Oct 10
Karl Helweg replied to Stephen Jashub Comstock's discussion Help me get into jazz?
"You might find a little inspiration here:  http://vimeo.com/41051624"
Oct 7
Karl Helweg replied to N. Vest's discussion Bug Out Bag,
"We all have 24/72 hr packs per:  http://capnhq.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/985/~/contents-of-the-24-hour-and-72-hour-packs  These are based on about seven decades of SAR experience.  We keep at least this much gear and more…"
Sep 24
Karl Helweg replied to Derick Cummins's discussion Looking for ideas . . .
"+1 Mow the grass, trim hedges, build stone firepits, wash windows, etc....  If there is not enough to do around the Church send them to help me fix up our Church or maybe the houses of elderly parishioners.    Camping, fishing…"
Sep 19
Karl Helweg replied to John Muir's discussion Folk Songs
"One of my long time favorites: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whiskey_in_the_Jar"
Sep 18

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Flying, boating, fencing, shooting, teaching, throwing, brewing, eating, reading, armouring, reenacting, cooking, dancing, polishing, and fishing (badly) among other things.

Member of SCA, SASS, CAP, a Landsknecht Fahnlein, St. Boniface Tourney Company, & Faith Lutheran.
"Yes" just about covers it. I used to own a book store.
Knightriders, The Right Stuff, Lonesome Dove, Stardust, Princess Bride, Solomon Kane, Excalibur, Duellist, Oh Brother, Young Guns, Last of the Mohicans, Seven Samurai, Army or Darkness, Dawn Patrol, Streets of Fire, Biggles, By the Sword, and that sort of stuff.
Varies but I am enjoying Abney Park lately. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPH1OoTobtk

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At 12:47pm on July 15, 2014, Liam Strain said…

And to complete the thought - Roma/Gypsy is an ethnicity, genetically, historically, and linguistically - not a lifestyle. 

If others wish to fight for a lifestyle - they can. My concern is with the treatment of those who share my ethnicity, but are not as lucky to be as American, white looking, and educated as I am...


At 12:43pm on July 15, 2014, Liam Strain said…

Correct - the persecution comes against the ethnicity. What is commonly associated with the Roma - the migratory/transient behavior is often not really by choice, but often a result of local pressures (law, persecution) and what work is available to those who are often prevented from assimilating (if they choose to) because of their ethnicity. E.g. we usually moved because we had to - not because we wanted to. 

At 9:42pm on July 14, 2014, Liam Strain said…

Hey there Karl - Roma rights is in short, human rights - but especially as they apply to the Roma minority worldwide. In many parts of Europe and Russia, we are under quite a lot of prejudice and outright discrimination, including separate schools, poor access to healthcare, limited access to running water or safe housing, as well as housing segregation, ghettos (including walls and armed guards) and race based killings and beatings. 

I work with others to try and improve things. 

At 2:47pm on April 28, 2011, Jack Neulist said…

No worries. Easy to miss comments.


I THINK I heard about the mummy either on National Geographic Channel, or read about in in the magazine itself. Was a few years ago, now. But the tidbit about that pine resin stuck with me.

At 7:19pm on March 25, 2011, Jack Neulist said…

Karl, you seem to be up on your paleo-archeology. I'm having a brain fart. Didn't somebody find a mummy in Peru or Chile with resin from the south pacific used in the embalming process?

At 11:27pm on June 28, 2010, Carl M said…
It works great for keeping lid out of dirt or from burning table top. It folds and stores nicely in oven if you make it the right size. Lodge or Camp CHef make out of heavy rod so you could actually support cast iron without feet over coals or as a lid holder.
Do you do Renesaincce fairs? I saw one in MN one time.
At 7:43pm on May 12, 2010, Russel G. said…
Karl, welcome and thanks for joining Men of the Dutch Oven. I look forward to your contributions!
At 7:54am on May 11, 2010, Herb Munson said…
Hi there Karl. Welcome to AoM. Also, I'd like to give you a friendly invite to check out my group, The Great Debate. Just click on "Groups." It's the one with the colorful galaxy picture. It's also one of the most active groups on AoM. In any case, great to have you with us.

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Pale Horse replied to Christian Schmidt's discussion Let's Have A Spoiled Christmas
"Tired of going back a page: Josh, what are you going to do when you are on the road, and you get a flat? Wait an hour for Alfred to come fix it?"
4 minutes ago
Josh100LuBu replied to Christian Schmidt's discussion Let's Have A Spoiled Christmas
"Who needs a truck? unless your a blue collar guy. "
8 minutes ago
Will replied to Christian Schmidt's discussion Let's Have A Spoiled Christmas
"I used to drive a Mercedes.  I admit, I loved it -- but I love my Jeep more.  The Mercedes was just another car with an interesting starting mechanism and a sort of geeky, boxy look.  The Jeep can take me over terrain your car…"
8 minutes ago
Will replied to Pale Horse's discussion "You Maniacs!" in the group The Great Debate
"It's exciting, and you get free stuff?"
9 minutes ago
Josh100LuBu replied to Christian Schmidt's discussion Let's Have A Spoiled Christmas
"You can't afford a Lexus, Audi, BMW, Merc, Buick or pretty much any car over 30k. Case closed. "
11 minutes ago
Leto Atreides II replied to Christian Schmidt's discussion Let's Have A Spoiled Christmas
"Some of us have both a luxury car and a truck."
11 minutes ago
Josh100LuBu replied to Christian Schmidt's discussion Let's Have A Spoiled Christmas
"The men on this site don't care about class or luxury, they like work horse type cars or huge trucks that are cheap to buy. Most men on this forum won't spend over 45k on a car. "
15 minutes ago
Pale Horse replied to Christian Schmidt's discussion Let's Have A Spoiled Christmas
"Rolls Royce. Porsche."
15 minutes ago

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