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Jack Bauer's Discussions

100 Things a Real Man Doesn't Do ...

Started this discussion. Last reply by 35gjyz4r6bpo1 May 14, 2015. 23 Replies

100 Things a Real Man Doesn't Do, by Chad HowseWhat is a man? Biologically we know he has a braciole, balls, and hair under his arms. But what makes a…Continue

Investing in a Family Business?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Anonymous Jan 31, 2015. 8 Replies

My sister-in-law (wife's brother's wife) runs a very small bakery operation out of my mother-in-law's kitchen.  As far as I know, it is a sole proprietorship.  She sells specialty baked goods for…Continue

"Don't follow your passion" -- Mike Rowe

Started this discussion. Last reply by Matthew J Dorry Nov 5, 2014. 382 Replies

I've been recently impressed with Mike Rowe's non-partisan push for a return to economic practicality, working with your hands, skilled trade labor, etc.  My attention was initially drawn by his…Continue

Should boys be held back a year in school?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Shane Oct 7, 2014. 74 Replies

In light of our recent Return of Kings article, I thought it might be interesting to see what's coming from the other extreme.  Courtesy of "The Good Men Project" -- a site run by women, wherein…Continue


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Jack Bauer replied to J. Exalto's discussion What kind of woman are you interested in?
""When two partners always agree, one of them is not necessary." -- Dale Carnegie To start, you've interpreted femininity pretty poorly. Feminine women aren't without practical skills or respectability. What they lack in…"
Jack Bauer replied to Brett McKay's discussion New Moderators
"Maybe just delete it. And the schmuck who started it. JB"
Jack Bauer replied to Ulises Torres's discussion I am responsible for co-sleeping
"This can be fixed. But, you're going to have a hell of a goddamn week doing it. My wife made the mistake of rocking our daughter to sleep for the first year. Breaking my daughter of the habit was tough. Tough on her. Tough on me. Tougher on my…"
Jack Bauer replied to Pale Horse's discussion What's the Deal With AoM?
"Not really. If you have something to add to a discussion, fire away. But, if you're giving advice to somebody that asked in 2011 ... probably not worth bothering. JB"
Jan 13
Jack Bauer replied to Dakota Caraway's discussion Paying off Debt
"That first savings plan is WAY too slow. In my opinion. Ramsey's first level emergency fund is supposed to be quick. Maybe a month or two, depending on your income and what you can sell. $1,300 over a year isn't much at all. JB"
Jan 13
Jack Bauer replied to Tony L's discussion The Strenuous Life
"Depends on the ROI, and whether you'll do the work. I'm already in another group that costs more than twice that, and it's paid off well in connections alone. Not to mention the actual work the group does. JB"
Jan 13
Jack Bauer replied to Tony L's discussion The Strenuous Life
"Brett is launching a paid membership program called The Strenuous Life. Details are sparse. Looks like it might be a large mastermind/ self-improvement group. I got an application e-mail a day or two ago, though, with a bit more…"
Jan 13
Jack Bauer replied to King of the Dudes's discussion Decline in strainght and stamina
"I think you might've accidentally identified the problem. You're not sleeping well, or enough. That can cause physical and mental fatigue, which can result in lost ground on the exercise front. So ... why aren't you sleeping well?…"
Jan 12
Jack Bauer replied to Nevada Smith's discussion Myers-Briggs Personality Types
"Not sure it's internet forums so much as this forum in particular. Every time this subject comes up, we're way heavy on INTJs ... which is a heavily male personality type and a very analytical one. Makes sense that this group would draw…"
Jan 12
Jack Bauer replied to Conor's discussion I'm going under. I feel like such a loser and it kills me.
"Good. Believe it or not, you will eventually look back on this as a good moment.  Sooner than you think.  Freedom from a potentially miserable life with girl that was really bad news.  An opportunity to find somebody better, who…"
Jan 12
Jack Bauer replied to Merwin Haight Jr's discussion Animal mounts, Do many other guys have them in the home and how does the wife/significant feel about them?
"Good for you. Every so often, it's worth reminding yourself that you're at the top of the food chain. I don't have any, personally. Hunting is a skill I'd like to learn, though. Never tried. I like the moose over the fireplace…"
Jan 11
Jack Bauer replied to Shmueley's discussion Men & Disability
"I hesitate to comment at all, because I know what I don't know ... and I know precisely jack shit about living with a major medical condition like that. But, against my better judgment, I'll make this suggestion -- do everything you can…"
Jan 11
Jack Bauer replied to Pale Horse's discussion What's the Deal With AoM?
"I don't remember the incident you're talking about. There's only really been one guy in this group I've ever entirely 'written off'. It's not you. I recall you being a very worthwhile contributor when you were more…"
Jan 9
Jack Bauer replied to Pale Horse's discussion What's the Deal With AoM?
"When I joined, there were about 1000 men. It's grown a lot since then. There's a smaller 'mastermind' group -- couple hundred men -- that costs a bit, but is more focused and community-ish. JB"
Jan 9
Jack Bauer replied to Pale Horse's discussion What's the Deal With AoM?
"Yeah. I remember that one post about jean-washing about six months ago that was generally ridiculed. You get out what you put in. JB"
Jan 9
Jack Bauer replied to Nevada Smith's discussion Myers-Briggs Personality Types
"Everytime I've taken one I've been labeled 'INTJ' -- on the borderline of 'ENTJ'. These kind of things are fine if you take them for what they're worth ... not much. They don't define you. They categorize…"
Jan 9

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At 12:51pm on April 20, 2014, Leto Atreides II said…

What happened, Jack? You piss in Walter's cornflakes?

At 12:20pm on April 20, 2014, Walter B. Pewen said…

Jack, you really are an immature man.

At 2:56pm on March 14, 2014, Walter B. Pewen said…

Seems to work, Jack, sort of.  Still pops up with yahoo as my mail address, I just switch it to Hotmail.  Thanks.


At 1:38pm on March 14, 2014, Walter B. Pewen said…

Jack, be honest.  You're an attorney-you're supposed to tell the truth.  You make veiled fag jokes practically daily to me-"the henhouse" yesterday.  C'mon.

Tried to solve the problem with post.  X's simply won't appear on my posts.  Will try again.

At 5:59pm on March 10, 2014, Walter B. Pewen said…

Read Jack.  I don't live in San Francisco.  Also, I don't see many men who spew forth stuff like (you do) here in San Luis Obispo.

If you go back to the sex group (way ironic man!) you'll find that I'm importuning you to stay in the South, for God sakes.

That's probably really where your audience is.

At 2:02pm on June 5, 2013, Liam said…

Jack I have to say I am constantly impressed by your posts here. They are very well written and to date have been in line with my own views. The joy in reading them is how structured your points are. It helps me formulate a better understanding of my own opinions. Thank you! 

At 8:03pm on February 13, 2011, Herb Munson said…
Alright! Welcome to The Great Debate! Great to have you with us.

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Brad Smith replied to Silviu Popescu's discussion Resources for employing swimming as a fitness activity
"I have been swimming recreationally basically since I was a kid and, in recent years, for exercise for 30 +/- years (62 now).  I do it because I love the feeling I get from it but I also try to make it beneficial physically by working at it.…"
11 minutes ago
Brad posted a discussion

I've lost a lot of weight! How should I expect my life to change?

Hello Gentlemen.I'm very excited to say that I'm down about 50 pounds in the last 5 or so months. I'm still losing. I was very overweight, and I decided to do something about it. I'd like to lose about 20 more pounds if at all possible. I stopped eating as much. I took up cooking. As a 23-year-old bachelor, I can attest that those of my species don't eat the greatest. I set out to break that stereotype. I eat well, but I control what I put in the tank, so to speak. Being creative in my kitchen…See More
3 hours ago
zak replied to Lumberjoe's discussion Round One . . . FIGHT!
"i agree with king of the dudes. it take a lot of strength and stamina to keep going for the amount of time there. that is how some guy get there ass kick they do not know how to get out of joint-lock"
5 hours ago
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Manly Artists & Connoisseurs

Sometimes a man feels he needs to express things visually that aren't all that attractive. Respect for our thoughts and ideas are hard to come by in our current "politically correct" world. No need to be polite here. Show us what you got. It could be a drawing, painting, political cartoon, caricature -- any kind of art -- by you or someone else.See More
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Kilted Bear commented on Longarm's photo

Notebook - Grandfather and Great Grandfather's

"This is great. I have two sets of letters from..WW 1 that belonged to both of my son's great grandfathers"
10 hours ago
David R. added a discussion to the group Prostate Cancer Support


Following prostate surgery in 2000 I was left with erectile dysfunction (I couldn't get an erection). I tried several of the options out there and finally found one that worked for me: an inflatable penile implant. (You can see it demonstrated by someone -- not me -- at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-whMNHdi_ZU.) I would be glad to talk with any guy about this subject and to answer any questions he might have. Just contact me privately…See More
10 hours ago

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