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Paul's Discussions

At what point do you put down your dog?

Started this discussion. Last reply by David F. Jan 7, 2013. 14 Replies

Haven't posted in here for a while. I won't make this a cry fest, as now isn't the time. I've discussed this with my father since our first dog, Otto, has been coming up in age. I'll try not to write…Continue

Making Farm Animals Friendly

Started this discussion. Last reply by Paul Oct 8, 2011. 19 Replies

Long story short, my family got four alpacas at the beginning of September. By the beginning of October, they were to the point where you could prop yourself against one while it was laying down and…Continue

Tags: tame, llamas, animals, farming, alpacas

Wisdom teeth out, tired of ice cream

Started this discussion. Last reply by Daniel Gaston Aug 3, 2011. 8 Replies

Anyone know any good food for someone who just got their wisdom teeth out that isn't ice cream or anything along those lines? Chicken broth is good, but I'd like something with more flavor, perhaps…Continue

What personality type are you?

Started this discussion. Last reply by James Deeds Aug 7, 2012. 53 Replies

Don't know if this has been discussed before. My B if it has.  Anyway, the title is self explanatory. If you do not know your type, and have a few minutes to blow, I'll post a few links below.  I'm…Continue



Latest Activity

Paul replied to Steve's discussion Why do people hate freemasons?
"Lack of knowledge is fear, fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate... Yeah, I just partially quoted Yoda. But really. "
May 29, 2013
Paul replied to Andrew Bennett's discussion The death of neck ties?
"Fashion is fashion. It's not digression, just conversion."
May 27, 2013
Paul replied to Jonny's discussion Was putting my dog to sleep the right thing to do?
"Not really. Might seem vulgar, but a gun shot to the head is easier and cheaper.  I'd rather him go at home where he grew up and his family is close by than on a table in a vet office. Plus I don't think I'd make the drive back…"
May 23, 2013
Paul replied to Jonny's discussion Was putting my dog to sleep the right thing to do?
"I'm gonna be taking my old boy out back pretty soon, I prefer to do it myself. He's suffering, I just gotta wait to my family is ready, mostly my paw. You did the right thing. "
May 22, 2013
Paul replied to Uncle Sam's discussion 20 years old and enlisting tomorrow. Tips and thoughts?
"Don't expect anything. Don't expect anything to be done for you or handed to you. And do your own research. Know exactly what you're signing up for, what you'll be doing after boot, and the opportunities available. Finding a job…"
May 20, 2013
Paul replied to Christopher Hillery's discussion Dad's and Son's Hanging out in underwear
"My dad probably doesn't feel comfortable rolling like that but I walk around my house in underwear all the time. I'd walk around in most people's houses in my underwear though. Odd though because I usually go commando..."
May 13, 2013
Paul replied to Tucker B. Arnold's discussion Summer jobs for a teenager
"Farms, farms, FARMS!!! Landscaping, construction, and worst comes worst, hit up Lowes or Home Depot, they're always hurting for seasonal workers. "
May 9, 2013
Paul replied to Trentington's discussion Uniforms
"ACU's are dumb as shit. God forbid the military uses, I don't know, a universal uniform. Something like a...BDU??? Wtf is that? No lets all be branch specific and piss money because we can (not really)."
May 8, 2013
Paul replied to Nerdbeast's discussion less of a man.
"The military isn't going to make you any more of a man than being John Wayne dude. Don't join because you have something to prove to yourself or to fill a void; it is not a proving ground. It's for people that want to serve. There are…"
May 7, 2013
Paul replied to Stein's discussion How Did You Behave in School? How has that Behavior Been Instructive in Later Years?
"l was a serious troublemaker until I got to 9th grade (I've got some great stories though. Slingshot and paintball wars with my best friend, sneaking farm animals to school,...) then I started raising hell outside of school. Nowadays I actually…"
May 2, 2013
Paul replied to luke hayden's discussion what do i do? girl problems
"Yeah I didn't to mention that in my post. Just to reinforce what remy said, you (we) are way too young to get too wrapped up in ladies."
Apr 28, 2013
Paul replied to luke hayden's discussion what do i do? girl problems
"If she plays her cards close to her chest, you just gotta get the clasp off and you're set! If you want to get things rolling, you gotta ask her out. Plain and simple. I ask a lot of chicks to go out. Some say yes, some say no. Get over the…"
Apr 28, 2013
Paul replied to Jeff Rose's discussion Best (Fast Food) Burger Ever?
"i only have mcdonalds here so i reckon that's where my vote goes lol"
Apr 24, 2013
Paul replied to thedifference's discussion Friend and I kissed, now I haven't heard from her.
""Why haven't you been talking to me?" is a good one."
Mar 16, 2013
Paul commented on Badabing's group Wrestling Fight Club
"Wrestled in high school. My best friends are either amateur MMA fighters in the process of going pro, or at least state level wrestlers. Watching them has really got me interested in getting back into it. Unfortunately I won't be able to…"
Jan 31, 2013
Paul joined Badabing's group

Wrestling Fight Club

This group is for anyone interested in the sport of wrestling, whether you wrestled in school or are just a fan and want to learn.  People say it's a dying sport but the popularity of MMA has really brought home the importance of wrestling as a skillset that every man needs, especially anyone interested in martial arts in general.  Hopefully this can facilitate discussion and people looking for training partners in their areaSee More
Jan 31, 2013

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Girls, playing music, and alpaca farming.
You Want Me To Do What? & Africana literature

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At 11:35am on January 26, 2012, The Original Cody said…

Honestly, I have not heard a lot of their music, but I do enjoy Jack White as a person.

At 10:38pm on January 16, 2012, Fred S Davenport, Jr said…

Thanks for the friendship add. I am really enjoying this site. Hoping to be a better man, husband and father. Sometime I want to introduce my son to the site. Glad to see other young men here!

At 11:17pm on December 1, 2011, Lukus Albin said…

I've been infantry my whole career. What about you?

At 11:47pm on November 30, 2011, Lukus Albin said…

I'm Infantry. Why do you ask?

At 12:07am on November 2, 2011, Benjamin Troy Rud said…
Yeah surf is better more consistently on the West coast, but I like the East coast culture better. I'm a F-16 mechanic in the Air Force
At 2:38pm on October 31, 2011, Benjamin Troy Rud said…
I surf around San Diego currently.  I grew up surfing in Orange County, CA and then lived and surfed in North Florida for about 5 years
At 5:25pm on August 26, 2011, Herb Munson said…
Just wanted to say welcome to The Great Debate. Great to have you with us.
At 1:09am on April 2, 2011, Semper Rogue said…

My first enlistment was infantry, a grunt/gravelcruncher etc. I was fairly good at it and did some interesting stuff. Got involved in the teaching side of things and did alot of classroom work; weapons, tactics, reservist training, etc.

My second enlistment; got hurt going in harm's way. It happens. Was getting out and I got lucky, I was accepted into the Engineers and went to a Army base for training. Did stuff like build things and blow them up, very satisfying. Got sent to war and ended up back with the 7th Marines. Go figure.

Tried to do the reserve thing, it just didn't work out. Nothing wrong with them but I was getting older and ran out of patience. There are easy, effective ways of doing things and the reservist keep finding every way but. Plus I was spending my reserve check at the titty bars and that wasn't very farsighted.

Give me a email address and I'll be happy to answer any questions.

I apologize for the late reply, I'm not always near a computer.


At 4:04pm on March 31, 2011, Devil Doc said…
A fellow PA man.  Always great to see.
At 6:29am on March 31, 2011, Carl Monster said…

Thank you for friending, sir.

Good to see your doggie in your photos!


Latest Activity

Andrew D, USA Ret replied to Augustin's discussion The Mask You Live In - Don't tell boy to man up! (Says video)
"Engage his male instinct for problem solving." Boys and girls are different!  Wow, what a novel thought.  As much as any fool might wish that to not be true, and go through all manner of fallacious contortions to try to prove…"
14 minutes ago
Tony Petrucci joined Ryan's group

Man Bags

Will your Grandkids fight over your leather bag when you're dead? Do people stop you to ask where you got your bag? This group is for people who love their bags, want leather maintenance tips or just want to share their personal bag story.See More
40 minutes ago
John Muir replied to Pale Horse's discussion You're in the Band!
"Fugazi - '89"
42 minutes ago
Marvin added a discussion to the group Exercise

What would be considered physically weak?

I'm obviously not a gym rat and I'm very ignorant about fitness, but I am trying to improve my health and overall body composition. To skip the point, I'm not certain on how to have a decent workout and what defines someone as physically strong. Though I'm not entirely sure of what I can do (or what my max is), the last amount of weight I've squatted was 205 lbs. which doesn't seem to be a lot since I believe most people can squat twice their weight (I weight 234 lbs. or so). I did 10 reps of…See More
43 minutes ago
Nate Thallas replied to Pale Horse's discussion You're in the Band!
"Crap. So many... Streetlight Manifesto. I already know most of their songs by heart."
1 hour ago
Will replied to Augustin's discussion The Mask You Live In - Don't tell boy to man up! (Says video)
"I liked Milo's link.  Some further ramblings: I think I am more emotionally literate than the average man or woman.  My training has been largely with men in all-male contexts.  There is a level of honesty that I am sure you…"
1 hour ago
John Lee Pettimore replied to Pale Horse's discussion You're in the Band!
"Only one? That's a tough one. The Jordonaires."
1 hour ago
John Muir replied to Brad Williams's discussion Hunting Big Game if you Could?
"The John Muir for whom I've named myself on AoM talked Teddy Roosevelt into creating the national parks system while they were on a camping trip"
1 hour ago

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