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Sleeve length?

Started this discussion. Last reply by TKDlion Nov 20, 2014. 14 Replies

My question revolves around sleeve length.For those of you who remember where I started, my body shape has changed, massively, since last winter. Very proud of my progress. But that means that I…Continue

How to handle difficult people

Started this discussion. Last reply by Lucius Artorius Castus Feb 15, 2014. 29 Replies

Since the entire thread disappeared a moment ago, I figured I would help out by recreating it. So, just to document the original thread, here it is in all its glory, as originally created by user…Continue

Severe haircuts

Started this discussion. Last reply by Chuck Knight Apr 27, 2015. 49 Replies

Short military-style haircuts seem to be particularly popular right now, and they do look good on a lot of guys, but there are some of us like our hair to be not just short, but somewhat severe.  I,…Continue

Growing and styling a beard

Started this discussion. Last reply by Michael Dale Rogers Sep 25, 2012. 8 Replies

Tonight, I was chatting with one of my favorite barbers, and he keeps trying to convince me to shave my head in the spring.  Claims I'll love it...and it's at least possible that he's right,…Continue


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Chuck Knight replied to Mongoose's discussion Where Do We Draw Limits of Gender Changing? in the group The Great Debate
"I'm just waiting for the first lawsuit stemming from someone transgendered suing due to a lack of stand up urinals in the women's bathroom."
10 hours ago
Chuck Knight replied to Mongoose's discussion Where Do We Draw Limits of Gender Changing? in the group The Great Debate
"A willingness to be friends with someone transgendered is not a sign of psychological deviancy. In fact, it is a sign of a secure person who is capable of legitimate friendship, instead of superficial politeness. I have several trans friends, and…"
12 hours ago
Chuck Knight replied to Justin's discussion Tips on waking up earlier?
"My FitBit allows me to track sleep quality. Over the last week I've been adjusting my hang, ever so slightly, to find the perfect setting. This imgur album showcases my results. Friday was an anomaly, and even so, still represented a decent…"
Chuck Knight replied to Justin's discussion Tips on waking up earlier?
"It sounds like, at a fundamental level, your sleep quality is lacking. You say you sleep, but wake up exhausted and unable to function. Yes, time. Yes, daylight. Yes alarm clocks, yes, yes. But it all boils down to waking up because you're…"
Chuck Knight replied to dean roger weber's discussion about beards in the group Men with Beards
"Groomed has nothing to do with length. I've seen ratty looking beards that are kept short, and beautifully groomed luxurious beards that flow down after years of growth. Grooming has nothing to do with length, though I do agree that short…"
Chuck Knight replied to Milo Morris's discussion Gays Want ‘Tech Bros’ Out in the group Out to Build Bridges
"Yeah, and now imagine how it is for the Qs, Is, and As."
Chuck Knight replied to Milo Morris's discussion Gays Want ‘Tech Bros’ Out in the group Out to Build Bridges
Chuck Knight replied to Andrew Campbell's discussion What makes a ring ladies or gents?
"Generally speaking it comes down to proportions and fussiness. Generally speaking, men are bigger than women. Our hands are significantly bigger, and bulkier, in fact. So think...proportions. Men's rings tend to be bigger and bulkier.…"
Chuck Knight replied to Milo Morris's discussion Gays Want ‘Tech Bros’ Out in the group Out to Build Bridges
"I've said this for decades. The myth that the LGBT is a welcoming and accepting group is a fallacy. Their priorities are to advance THEIR goals, as is true for any advocacy group. And as the list of included groups gets longer, progressing past…"
Chuck Knight replied to Mongoose's discussion Beard Envy? in the group Men with Beards
"Depends on the competition, actually.  FHL categories are most common, but not universal.   In DecemBeard I competed in full, natural, 6-8".  A few months earlier, at BeardFest, I was just full natural."
Feb 3
Chuck Knight replied to Mongoose's discussion Beard Envy? in the group Men with Beards
"No, you're absolutely correct.  You ARE being sized up.   What you failed to realize is that, before the beard, you were being sized up, too.  Just based on different criteria.   Seriously.  Men.  All men.  We…"
Feb 3
Chuck Knight replied to Mongoose's discussion Beard Envy? in the group Men with Beards
"There were grooming stations set up at DecemBeard in Fort Worth.  Huge mirrors, lots of products. And, of course, the vendor tables.   For those of us who actively compete, it's a big deal."
Feb 3
Chuck Knight replied to Steve's discussion What do you say to someone who calls your entire generation entitled?
"I'd say that ENTIRE is right up there with ALL or NEVER.   Some, undoubtedly, feel entitled.  Others work very hard for what they have, and what they have achieved.  And, while the question of how many fall on each side might be…"
Dec 23, 2015
Chuck Knight replied to Brian S's discussion Beards in the workplace
"No issues.  The only thing I've had to handle, differently, is the wearing of a beard net while repairing some equipment at a Tyson chicken plant.  Hair and, if you have it, beard nets are mandatory, unless you manage to never leave…"
Dec 5, 2015
Chuck Knight commented on Andrew's group Men with Beards
"You need to grow it back, Kyle.  It looks...proper on you."
Sep 23, 2015
Chuck Knight joined Dan Whaley's group

The Kilted Ones

"A man in a kilt is a man and a half."A place to discuss anything related to the wearing of the kilt.See More
Aug 15, 2015

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At 3:33pm on August 30, 2014, Bob Brower said…

chuck , i added you as a friend but i will remove you in a day or so after you read this . I do not accept friends on here or anywhere else .  do not "do " friends" this way . a friend is someone i have met someone i can go to dinner with and in one case i a guy i worked with and has now moved , but we have a history and we will always be friends . the word friend has great importance to me and i keep them few and close to my heart.  i wish there where a class for Friends in waiting(you would be in it) but there is not  . I can be reached here my board is wide open or on you tube , my channel is "cactus bobs place" stop by and or comment anytime.  thanks for the invite

At 6:22pm on June 15, 2014, Michael J. K. said…

hugs Chuck hope you are doing well and having fun

At 2:53am on April 7, 2014, Michael J. K. said…

wow some men do not know when they are being mean on here

I am not here to pick a fight, but I will not just stand there and be talked to like that.   It is not for others to tell me who is being mean to me.  If I felt hurt I felt hurt.   A lot of men were telling others how to do what to do and if their feelings were valid.   They also do not see the value in the softer side a being male.  It will take some time to understand the men who seemed rude and mean, but I do not need help seeing if someone is saying something hurtful.    I choose not to be like that it is my choice.  Reaching out is good.  Making fun of others is not okay.  I know there are people of all kinds here.  It is okay.  I have the right to be myself just like anyone.  Just because some people do not care for the way I am does not call for the way I was treated on the comment tread.  I was told the men were not mad by someone well it sure did not seem it was out of love.  I like what I see here and will continue to comment on things, but will not be told what to do or how to do something.  Or listen to other tell me who and what I am or who I can support or not.  I am a strong man of integrity who cares about people.   There are better ways to use words to help other, and tearing people down is not the way.  A comment about being a teen or crying as weak, well that is one way to see men.   Being kind and loving is also part of being a man.   I have not use for mean comments.

I am trying not to respond back with mean comments.  Many people would see the comments made in that thread as mean.

Even you told some of them to lay off.  I thank you for that.  I really like the site and think it is good.  Thanks for all the nice things you said.  Sometimes people cannot see the forest through the trees.  

At 9:19pm on April 6, 2014, Michael J. K. said…

HI Just got here like a week ago.  I do not need you to add me but just wanted to understand more what is going on.

I wish I did not say anything and never saw the post.

I am hearing things from one side and the other about the men in the comments.

At 4:52pm on March 8, 2014, Walter B. Pewen said…

And in reference to my inconsistency-well I've been there to back up other gay men and women in my lifetime when they needed it.  Sorry to say, sometimes their trauma made it impossible at the time to accept any help-they just wanted the scene to blow over...

At 4:48pm on March 8, 2014, Walter B. Pewen said…


Sorry you feel I disappointed you in your reading that I was sort of not following my own political beliefs. 

Also, maybe please reference my further comments re guys who take on serious manual jobs and 'flamers' so to speak.  It might reference to you where I'm coming from about being out on the job and in particular workplaces that are to say the least, real homophobic.

At 12:56pm on February 14, 2014, Pale Horse said…

He is censoring the other half.

At 2:01am on February 8, 2014, Chuck Knight said…

Thanks, Will.  It's bigger, now.  That was taken in January.

At 1:48am on February 8, 2014, Sir said…

That is one righteous beard.

At 7:15pm on December 26, 2013, Bede, the Venerable said…


Compliments on your level-headed thinking, clear and concise comments, and direct but respectful delivery. Continue, Sir.



Latest Activity

Sir Edmund commented on Bruce Uall's group The Shirtless Man
"So far I haven't worn a shirt at all since I got home, plan on keeping the shirt off for as long as possible"
2 hours ago
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The Shirtless Man

Shirtlessness is the essence of manliness.
2 hours ago
Tim left a comment for Juan Gabriel
"Hey Juan..thanks for add. Willing to chat anytime."
2 hours ago
Sean O' replied to Chad's discussion Favorite app for dumbbells in the group Exercise
"I think you would be better served in the long run if you stopped looking for an app to give you all the answers and start reading. In order to make long term progress and find what works best for yourself you will have to read, research, and do the…"
3 hours ago
Dave W. replied to Joshua M's discussion How important is your choice of college major (Particularly for Engineering)?
"Studying physics is a great step towards pursuing an engineering degree.  I'm an engineer and knowing other engineers including civils, mechanicals, electricals, and chemical engineers, I feel it's safe to say that any honest…"
4 hours ago
Mike S. replied to David R.'s discussion Profanity and Vulgarity
"Most curse words are simply words that were used by the lower class and such deemed vulgar by the ruling classes. I have no problem with usage of those types of words. Now words that are deliberately degrading towards someone, I take a bit more care…"
4 hours ago
Mike S. replied to Joshua's discussion Favorite Truck?
"I'm all for holding on to vehicles. My ford Escape is going on seven years now. "
4 hours ago
dean roger weber commented on The Gentleman J's group Men's Fashion
"I am interested in hearing from guys about two issues...first, boxers or briefs?...I wore briefs for years and recently changed to boxers;what do you guys wear? Also, tee shirts vs. old time athletic undershirts with no sleeves and or collars and…"
4 hours ago

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