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Chuck Knight's Discussions

Sleeve length?

Started this discussion. Last reply by TKDlion Nov 20, 2014. 14 Replies

My question revolves around sleeve length.For those of you who remember where I started, my body shape has changed, massively, since last winter. Very proud of my progress. But that means that I…Continue

How to handle difficult people

Started this discussion. Last reply by Lucius Artorius Castus Feb 15, 2014. 29 Replies

Since the entire thread disappeared a moment ago, I figured I would help out by recreating it. So, just to document the original thread, here it is in all its glory, as originally created by user…Continue

Severe haircuts

Started this discussion. Last reply by Chuck Knight Apr 27, 2015. 49 Replies

Short military-style haircuts seem to be particularly popular right now, and they do look good on a lot of guys, but there are some of us like our hair to be not just short, but somewhat severe.  I,…Continue

Growing and styling a beard

Started this discussion. Last reply by Michael Dale Rogers Sep 25, 2012. 8 Replies

Tonight, I was chatting with one of my favorite barbers, and he keeps trying to convince me to shave my head in the spring.  Claims I'll love it...and it's at least possible that he's right,…Continue


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Latest Activity

Chuck Knight replied to Django McClane's discussion Tips on shaving with a safety razor in the group Real Shaving
"There is an art to shaving this way.  Describe your technique, with details if possible.  And your equipment as well...razor, blade, soap, etc.   Once you find your angle, and hear the hair being cut, it's an issue of…"
Apr 16, 2016
Chuck Knight replied to JTowers's discussion Is it ever okay to talk to a girl who has a boyfriend?
"She is flirting with you. In fact, she is leading you on. For you to respond is not unreasonable. That, upon responding she rejected you, should say something. And it's not good. She is your own, personal, Jerry Springer episode just waiting…"
Mar 4, 2016
Chuck Knight replied to Regular Joe's discussion What Are Respectable Watch Brands
"Orient is a great brand, and unless something has changed, most of their offerings use in house movements, too."
Feb 28, 2016
Chuck Knight joined Matthew Jones's group

Real Shaving

For all those who know the pleasure, ritual and value of a real shave.See More
Feb 20, 2016
Chuck Knight commented on Mike Norris's group Timepieces
"It does.  It, and the submarine clocks. are commonly mounted that way. Acrylic looks great as a stand, as does wood. I collect Russian watches."
Feb 18, 2016
Chuck Knight replied to certified male's discussion Judging vs Judgemental
"There is a HUGE difference between, basically making a judgement call, and being judgmental.     I agree with Steve.  Ask yourself if you were being an ass.  It's a reasonable metric.   And, further, ask whether you…"
Feb 14, 2016
Chuck Knight replied to Dean Roberts's discussion So Long Men's Barbers
"He doesn't have a specific recommendation, but suggested you post on his Facebook "ClipperGuy" page.  Lots of local barbers follow him.   Here's the URL."
Feb 13, 2016
Chuck Knight replied to Dean Roberts's discussion So Long Men's Barbers
"I'll contact Ivan, a friend in Chicago.  He is on the teaching and lecture circuit, and can probably point you to a few good barbers in your area."
Feb 13, 2016
Chuck Knight replied to Dean Roberts's discussion So Long Men's Barbers
"It's funny. Barbers, and I mean true barbers, are pretty common in my area. Licensing in Texas is extremely strict, probably exceeding what you describe for your state. And yet, here, they seem to be on the upswing, after nearly being killed…"
Feb 13, 2016
Chuck Knight replied to Dean Roberts's discussion So Long Men's Barbers
"Got tired of lackluster cuts at the MegaKutterz, and even the traditional barbers.  They so infrequently get to do precision work, any more, that I ended up having to fix the cuts at home.   So, I actually trained a friend as a personal…"
Feb 13, 2016
Chuck Knight replied to Dean Roberts's discussion First Impressions - Go Bold or Below the Radar
"I'm glad you took it the way it was intended.  Going back and rereading what I wrote, the potential for misinterpretation exists.   The fact that you know the term gig line already places you head and shoulders above anyone else in…"
Feb 13, 2016
Chuck Knight replied to ClubmanPinaud's discussion Why does it just not feel right? in the group The Barbershop
"Even today, the term BARBER SHAVE remains known as a luxurious indulgence.  And, as the definition of a close shave.   The AIDS scare caused a lot of this to die off back in the 80s, but with proper hygiene it's easy for a barber to…"
Feb 13, 2016
Chuck Knight replied to Dean Roberts's discussion First Impressions - Go Bold or Below the Radar
"Crawling your profile, it appears that you are a Marine. Since service in the USMC is voluntary and they, literally, take in men who are naturally dominant and train them to be in charge of situations, your approach to this situation confuses…"
Feb 12, 2016
Chuck Knight replied to Dean Roberts's discussion First Impressions - Go Bold or Below the Radar
"Aww, thanks Carl!"
Feb 11, 2016
Chuck Knight replied to Dean Roberts's discussion First Impressions - Go Bold or Below the Radar
"Care less about the clothes you wear, and more about the man wearing them. Dress codes are for those who need to be told what to do, and take comfort in that. At most, dress can signify a certain social standing or respect for a host. But…"
Feb 11, 2016
Chuck Knight replied to Regular Joe's discussion What Are Respectable Watch Brands
"Respectable to whom? And for what purpose? If you're the average used car salesman, it's Timex, Casio, or Rolex. That's just about it. If you're a connoisseur, Vacheron Constantin, Urwerk, Lange, and similar brands carry far…"
Feb 10, 2016

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At 3:33pm on August 30, 2014, Bob Brower said…

chuck , i added you as a friend but i will remove you in a day or so after you read this . I do not accept friends on here or anywhere else .  do not "do " friends" this way . a friend is someone i have met someone i can go to dinner with and in one case i a guy i worked with and has now moved , but we have a history and we will always be friends . the word friend has great importance to me and i keep them few and close to my heart.  i wish there where a class for Friends in waiting(you would be in it) but there is not  . I can be reached here my board is wide open or on you tube , my channel is "cactus bobs place" stop by and or comment anytime.  thanks for the invite

At 6:22pm on June 15, 2014, Michael J. K. said…

hugs Chuck hope you are doing well and having fun

At 2:53am on April 7, 2014, Michael J. K. said…

wow some men do not know when they are being mean on here

I am not here to pick a fight, but I will not just stand there and be talked to like that.   It is not for others to tell me who is being mean to me.  If I felt hurt I felt hurt.   A lot of men were telling others how to do what to do and if their feelings were valid.   They also do not see the value in the softer side a being male.  It will take some time to understand the men who seemed rude and mean, but I do not need help seeing if someone is saying something hurtful.    I choose not to be like that it is my choice.  Reaching out is good.  Making fun of others is not okay.  I know there are people of all kinds here.  It is okay.  I have the right to be myself just like anyone.  Just because some people do not care for the way I am does not call for the way I was treated on the comment tread.  I was told the men were not mad by someone well it sure did not seem it was out of love.  I like what I see here and will continue to comment on things, but will not be told what to do or how to do something.  Or listen to other tell me who and what I am or who I can support or not.  I am a strong man of integrity who cares about people.   There are better ways to use words to help other, and tearing people down is not the way.  A comment about being a teen or crying as weak, well that is one way to see men.   Being kind and loving is also part of being a man.   I have not use for mean comments.

I am trying not to respond back with mean comments.  Many people would see the comments made in that thread as mean.

Even you told some of them to lay off.  I thank you for that.  I really like the site and think it is good.  Thanks for all the nice things you said.  Sometimes people cannot see the forest through the trees.  

At 9:19pm on April 6, 2014, Michael J. K. said…

HI Just got here like a week ago.  I do not need you to add me but just wanted to understand more what is going on.

I wish I did not say anything and never saw the post.

I am hearing things from one side and the other about the men in the comments.

At 4:52pm on March 8, 2014, Walter B. Pewen said…

And in reference to my inconsistency-well I've been there to back up other gay men and women in my lifetime when they needed it.  Sorry to say, sometimes their trauma made it impossible at the time to accept any help-they just wanted the scene to blow over...

At 4:48pm on March 8, 2014, Walter B. Pewen said…


Sorry you feel I disappointed you in your reading that I was sort of not following my own political beliefs. 

Also, maybe please reference my further comments re guys who take on serious manual jobs and 'flamers' so to speak.  It might reference to you where I'm coming from about being out on the job and in particular workplaces that are to say the least, real homophobic.

At 12:56pm on February 14, 2014, Pale Horse said…

He is censoring the other half.

At 2:01am on February 8, 2014, Chuck Knight said…

Thanks, Will.  It's bigger, now.  That was taken in January.

At 1:48am on February 8, 2014, Sir said…

That is one righteous beard.

At 7:15pm on December 26, 2013, Bede, the Venerable said…


Compliments on your level-headed thinking, clear and concise comments, and direct but respectful delivery. Continue, Sir.



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Jay D replied to Nick H's discussion Has AOM jumped the shark or is it's just cyclical in the group The Great Debate
"Since iam here, there never has been much action in any group other then TGB. I stopped spending time there, because... well i lack time and in the end it was less of a debate and more of just throwing around opinions. Right now i have to admit,…"
5 hours ago
Brian Wolfe replied to Nick H's discussion Has AOM jumped the shark or is it's just cyclical in the group The Great Debate
"I haven't been a member long enough to notice what you you are describing. However I did try to initiate some discussion with one of the groups I joined and realized very quickly how little activity there is. Is it typical of social media sites…"
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Eddy Kirdland replied to Tim's discussion Are You the Initiator or the Follower? in the group The Shirtless Man
"I don't think it matters.  If I'm running or working out and it's hot and it's okay to take my shirt off, I take it off whether or not anyone else has his off. "
14 hours ago
Stewart M. Davenport posted a discussion

Your favorite things about raising a boy

So today my wife and I found out that we are having a boy. This is our first child, so we are still experiencing everything for the first time, and it's a wild ride. We're very excited. I thought that since we're having a boy, I'd ask all you fathers of boys what your favorite parts of raising boys are. What do you enjoy most? On the other hand, what do you enjoy least?
15 hours ago
Edward Warden replied to Peter O'Reilly's discussion Every Time You Finish A Book, Post The Title Here in the group Book Group
"I've read everything by Grisham and Grafton, and have just started Evanovich's fourth Stephanie Plum. Of the first three, "Three for the Money" was my favorite."
16 hours ago
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