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My girlfriend is being sexually harassed by her students

Started this discussion. Last reply by Rhubarb Nov 13, 2010. 56 Replies

My girlfriend is currently doing her practicum at an inner city high school. I don't mean to brag, but she is a very attractive, kind, and soft-spoken lady. However, these qualities are making her…Continue

Graduate School?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Daniel Gaston Oct 11, 2010. 4 Replies

I am approaching a big decision that I will have to make soon and that is whether I should apply and pursue a Master's Degree in Computer Science.  Below is kind of an outline of what I have done in…Continue

Pants/jeans with big seats?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Greg Webb Aug 10, 2010. 2 Replies

So I'm wondering if anyone could suggest some brands or cuts of jeans for a guy who has a pretty slender waist (32") but has pretty big glutes (probably from being almost religious about skiing and…Continue

Broadway Show Suggestion?

Started Jun 21, 2010 0 Replies

So I'm thinking of getting my girlfriend a pair of Broadway tickets for her birthday. I'm visitin my family in NY for two weeks and she is coming with. Just not sure what to get tickets for. I've…Continue


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Specs replied to Bryan's discussion Best Deodorant?
"I only use natural deodorants. Like you I stay away from chemicals. Baxter of California makes a really good one. It's kind of a steep price at 20 bucks but its the best one I've tried and I've tried a lot of them."
May 20, 2014
Pope John replied to Bryan's discussion Best Deodorant?
"I prefer sweat gland removal which is a simple procedure with local anesthesia. I had this a couple of years ago. It's safe and you won't have to worry about chemicals anymore. Has anyone tried this?   "
Apr 2, 2014
Nate Thallas replied to Bryan's discussion Best Deodorant?
"Pretty much whatever is strongest in the antiperspirant department. My diet is very high in protein and spices, and I have some odd genetic quirk that makes my sweat smell like a large animal, in a bad way. My fiancé says I smell like an…"
Apr 1, 2014
Travis Spuhler replied to Bryan's discussion Best Deodorant?
"I personally use Brut deodorant, and i am honestly not sure if they even offer more than one scent other than "Original". If you are wanting to avoid having a combination of "20 scents", switch to a mild/scentless soap and…"
Apr 1, 2014
David F. replied to Bryan's discussion Best Deodorant?
"Alum is flame retardant also.  Everything is a chemical.  It is used in taxidermy also. "
Apr 1, 2014
Michael J. K. replied to Bryan's discussion Best Deodorant?
"I think one of the last two posts may have something I can use.  Normally I do not use it cause it was making me itch like crazy and burn."
Apr 1, 2014
Michael J. K. replied to Bryan's discussion Best Deodorant?
"I am allergic to some metals and most make me break out I only use non scented and with out metal in it.  Aluminum is bad for my skin."
Mar 31, 2014
Stuart Charles replied to Bryan's discussion Best Deodorant?
"Old Spice Swagger, get on it."
Mar 26, 2014
Cassidy replied to Bryan's discussion Best Deodorant?
"None, coupled with a spice-free, and largely alcohol-free diet.   I never touch the stuff."
Mar 26, 2014
steven ray replied to Bryan's discussion Best Deodorant?
"arid xx"
Mar 26, 2014
Steve replied to Bryan's discussion Best Deodorant?
"I've heard of these types of deodorants. They sound interesting. I tend to use a basic non-scented stick type (Dove for Men) at the moment. That way, I can wear a bit of cologne and it's the only scent I'm carrying."
Mar 26, 2014
Wayne replied to Bryan's discussion Best Deodorant?
"Old Spice Original and Pure sport work pretty good. If you use aftershave it also helps to have your deodorant compliment what you wear."
Mar 26, 2014
J. D. replied to Bryan's discussion Best Deodorant?
"Is it true, as one of my f ormer roommates insisted, that Michum bleaches your clothes under the arms?  I've always wanted to try the stuff but have hesitated because of his warning."
Mar 26, 2014
Tim replied to Bryan's discussion Best Deodorant?
"Old Spice deodorant seems to work well for me..never used antiperspirants. Since I'm a fairly active guy, I prefer not to reduce sweating as sweat is supposed to cool the body. Antiperspirants are supposed to reduce or eliminate…"
Mar 31, 2011
Bryan is now friends with Bruce Allan West and Allen Thomas
Mar 31, 2011
Mike M. replied to Bryan's discussion Which translation do you read? in the group Christian Men
"The JPS Tanakh is the Masoretic Text.  That's a text copied down by a group of rabbis in ~AD 1000.  They were the ones who added in the vocalization marks to the Hebrew text.  It's also a complete manuscript.   For…"
Jan 14, 2011

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At 12:21am on July 21, 2010, Cameron Pearson said…
Hi buddy. They are released on the same date here in NZ, thanks anyway!
At 12:04pm on December 15, 2009, Herb Munson said…
Just wanted to say welcome to AoM and to The Great Debate. Honor to have you here!
At 6:07pm on September 15, 2009, Shaun Daws said…
Welcome to AoM Bryan!
At 10:45pm on September 13, 2009, thehuhman said…
Welcome to the AoM Community, Bryan!

Latest Activity

arnab banerjee replied to arnab banerjee's discussion the question of rape
"I am not asking you to justify rape . I am just telling you why rape occurs. It seems to me that you are looking for causes not to justify rape and I am telling you causes of rape. So we too cannot chat since our objectives are different. India is…"
5 hours ago
Nick H replied to arnab banerjee's discussion the question of rape
"Dominance theory? You mentioned in your other post and here (with the face slapping) that your justification for rape is when a girl shuts down a man's advances. That isn't dominance. That's a f'ing coward who can't take a…"
5 hours ago
arnab banerjee posted a discussion

the question of rape

i had just introduced myself in the introduction forum and immediately the context of rape comes in as a welcome speech. i am really glad to be greeted that way. this shows the kind  of manliness practiced in this forum in a pretty much comprehensive manner. i was told how indian men should think about women, how real men think about women etc. etc. now let us examine this question of rape in detail : why men rape ?the answer i have got is  dominance theory so far. now let's examine this theory…See More
7 hours ago
Pale Horse commented on Pale Horse's status
"And I envy those who saw it."
7 hours ago
J. Exalto replied to J. Exalto's discussion What kind of woman are you interested in?
"Well said."
7 hours ago
Sir commented on Pale Horse's status
"I felt the same way about the moon landing."
9 hours ago
Marcus replied to Ulises Torres's discussion I am responsible for co-sleeping
"Totally agree. My wife and I chose to co sleep with our daughter who is now gong on 3 and we do not regret the decision at all. nothing beats waking up and snuggling with your clan in the morning!"
10 hours ago
Salt Dragon replied to Nevada Smith's discussion Myers-Briggs Personality Types
"Cool! I went to a counselor to save my troubled marriage (to no avail) and continued to see her for another two years until she finally admitted:  I really don't understand where you are coming from or how I can help you. Freak flags…"
10 hours ago

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