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The Friend Zone

Started this discussion. Last reply by Carl Monster Oct 28. 10 Replies

So a couple of the relationship threads have come up and the idea of "The Fried Zone" has come up in conversation. To me what would define the friend zone is someone who puts in the effort required…Continue

Send To Kindle Plugin with AoM

Started Oct 11 0 Replies

Allot of times when I am browsing the internet I may not be ready to put the time into reading what are usually comprehensive AoM articles. Also I prefer the screen of the Kindle (e-reader not Fire…Continue

AO Original Pilot National or Local Pittsburgh Retailers

Started this discussion. Last reply by Pope John Jun 5. 3 Replies

I really like the look of the AO Original Pilot sunglasses. But before I drop $50 on them I would like to try them on.I have a pair of prescription sunglasses that I almost never wear because my…Continue

Daily Grammar

Started this discussion. Last reply by Augustin Jun 2. 6 Replies

Grammar was never my strong subject, math and science where.I came across this site that has daily lessons on grammar five days a week and a quiz at the end. The blog rolls around on an 88 week…Continue


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Latest Activity

QuackXP replied to Padre's discussion Girls in football
"I think the stigma of getting beaten by a girl would blunt any sexual agenda."
QuackXP replied to Andrew's discussion How do you take your coffee? I prefer it black with a slice of butter in it.
"Black, if its less than good quality one sugar. "
QuackXP replied to Michael Nuta's discussion Blazer question?
"I have to agree, if your going to have one blazer "just in case" I would look for something that will be appropriate for a wide variety of styles."
QuackXP replied to Padre's discussion Girls in football
"I don't have a problem with it. If she can play and there is not enough interested in a all girls league then let her play on the boys team."
QuackXP replied to Satanist Dan's discussion Rules of a Relationship
"I don't think you have to go through some list of rules or have some kind of written "relationship contract". Dating is getting to know someone, finding out if they fit your personality, morals, and life goals. I think these are…"
Nov 19
QuackXP replied to Todd Dunn's discussion Gentlemen and Hats
"I guess ladies can wear any hat they want in chambers. I don't wear hats that much. Only when needed for when its cold or rainy or at the shooting range. I take it off when I get inside. I have zero hats that are fashionable.  I could have…"
Nov 18
QuackXP replied to Chu Kim's discussion Universal Skills
"Critical thinking, logic, scientific method. "
Nov 18
QuackXP replied to John Bravo's discussion Do you go to night clubs? If so, do you grind dance with women?
"Your fine. There is a pretty big gap between a night with a few drinks and some suggestive dancing and waking up in a in some strangers bed with a alcohol/ecstasy hangover. "
Nov 11
QuackXP replied to John P's discussion Should I contact my ex gf after 3 months?
"To: Jonn P 4 months and no contact from her its over. I would say that contacting her is just going to re-open the emotional wounds that have not even closed yet. It's well past the point that you need to start getting over her. Open up to your…"
Nov 10
QuackXP replied to The Eyeball Kid's discussion Offended by the term "millenial'
"If your getting your panties in a wad about such a trivial thing your going to have a heart attack by the time your middle aged. Save the worry and offense for stuff that truly matters. The way you live your life and the decisions you make and the…"
Nov 10
QuackXP replied to Jason M.'s discussion Welcome! Now...what do you carry? in the group Concealed Carry Club
"My two carry firearms are a Ruger LCP and a Kahr CW9. I carry the Ruger mostly in my right front pocket in a Desantis Nemesis holster and octasionally a Crossbreed MiniTuck. I carry this more than the Kahr. The only holster I have for the Kahr…"
Nov 5
QuackXP joined Jason M.'s group

Concealed Carry Club

Every gentleman should be able to adequately protect himself and his family from ruffians’ intent on doing harm. This group welcomes anyone who takes pride in their second amendment right to keep and bear arms in a legally concealed manner.
Nov 5
QuackXP replied to Nick the Clever's discussion Think looking good is all it takes? Hah!
"You should only wear enough that for someone to smell it they would have to be inside your personal space. Your much better off to be freshly showered and scent free than to overdo it with Cologne. I never wore it really and it did not seem to…"
Nov 5
QuackXP replied to Douglas Aldrich's discussion Could I have done it better? Thoughts and reflections on a break-up...
"My advice for the future is to use the most personal means of communication available whiten reason. If you have to fly across the country then use the phone. If its a few hours drive, then go in person. Written communication dives into the…"
Nov 3
QuackXP replied to Vendetta5885's discussion Pride getting in the way of proposal?
"Yes, I decided to live at home for a year after college. I saved what I would have paid in rent and utilities and had a good amount of savings before going out on my own. Other friends I knew who wanted more freedom went and got the first apartment…"
Oct 29
QuackXP replied to Vendetta5885's discussion Pride getting in the way of proposal?
" If the OP was living in government subsided housing and getting food stamps, then yes you should do everything you can to remove yourself from that situation. I don't see living in your parents vacation home with their blessing as charity."
Oct 29

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Lawrence of Arabia, 2001: A Space Odyssey
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"Aqaba is over there, It's only a matter of going." T.E. Lawrence from the film "Lawrence Of Arabia"

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N. Vest replied to Tom Baker's discussion Masculinities and social class
"Thanks Joe "
3 hours ago
Chad commented on Stephen Larsen's group Banya Men!
"Stephen, yeah, it would be great to meet you."
3 hours ago
Pale Horse replied to Shane's discussion Secret Lives of Men in the group The Great Debate
"No need to apologize, Will. Yes, we are all damaged in that regard. But relative to other humans since then, not everyone is damaged (emotionally). She did mention boys having their instincts bridled. That's what I meant by the playing in the…"
5 hours ago
Mike S. replied to Shane's discussion Secret Lives of Men in the group The Great Debate
"Why is masculinity so demonized? Also, why does having emotions have to be attributed to femininity? Anyways, sounds like she is accusing the world of pushing us into a certain role while she does the exact same thing with her interpretation of how…"
5 hours ago
bobby clyde posted a status
5 hours ago
Vytautas replied to Vytautas's discussion What Do We Learn From History?
"Ironic that you're pushing another interlocutor for some "serious evidence" when you are so unwilling to do so yourself. "
5 hours ago
Mike S. replied to Andrew's discussion How do you take your coffee? I prefer it black with a slice of butter in it.
"Coffee has been somewhat of an evolution for me. I used to only take it loaded with sugar and syrup and creamer. Over the years I have cut everything out. This was a conscious effort for me. You see, when you are in the field, the coffee tends to…"
5 hours ago
Vytautas replied to Vytautas's discussion What Do We Learn From History?
"I think, Titus, that you made an observation on something that isn't in the text of Herodotus, which would nullify its value as an observation and transmogrify said named observation into an invention, a fiction."
5 hours ago

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