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The Friend Zone

Started this discussion. Last reply by Carl Monster Oct 28. 10 Replies

So a couple of the relationship threads have come up and the idea of "The Fried Zone" has come up in conversation. To me what would define the friend zone is someone who puts in the effort required…Continue

Send To Kindle Plugin with AoM

Started Oct 11 0 Replies

Allot of times when I am browsing the internet I may not be ready to put the time into reading what are usually comprehensive AoM articles. Also I prefer the screen of the Kindle (e-reader not Fire…Continue

AO Original Pilot National or Local Pittsburgh Retailers

Started this discussion. Last reply by Pope John Jun 5. 3 Replies

I really like the look of the AO Original Pilot sunglasses. But before I drop $50 on them I would like to try them on.I have a pair of prescription sunglasses that I almost never wear because my…Continue

Daily Grammar

Started this discussion. Last reply by Augustin Jun 2. 6 Replies

Grammar was never my strong subject, math and science where.I came across this site that has daily lessons on grammar five days a week and a quiz at the end. The blog rolls around on an 88 week…Continue


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Latest Activity

QuackXP replied to East London Gent's discussion Did I handle this the right way?
"I had a whole reply planned out by the time I got down to Rusty's post but I cannot say anything better. You tried your best to handle the situation politely, you kept your cool and did not resort to his level of behavior. Had they not left I…"
Dec 8
QuackXP replied to James Sullivan's discussion Is it appropriate for me to attend this viewing?
"This is what I would say. Look for the announcement in the paper if it reads something like "Friends may call Monday from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 p.m" then you are fine. If it is listed as private then unless you are invited you should stay…"
Dec 8
QuackXP replied to O'Neal's discussion I Have a Touchy Co-Worker...
"I had a co-worker like that at a previous job. I simply told her: "Please don't touch me." After that it. It stopped. I did not particularly like this person FYI. My current boss occasionally will give the congratulatory pat on the…"
Dec 5
QuackXP replied to Silviu Ilyevich Tulbya's discussion An intricate college dating situation
"Be her friend. It can't hurt. But don't put in the effort you would if you where courting someone for a romantic relationship.  Keep the outings (not dates yet) to activities that are not normally considered romantic. Go carts for…"
Dec 2
QuackXP replied to Padre's discussion Girls in football
"I think the stigma of getting beaten by a girl would blunt any sexual agenda."
Nov 25
QuackXP replied to Andrew's discussion How do you take your coffee? I prefer it black with a slice of butter in it.
"Black, if its less than good quality one sugar. "
Nov 25
QuackXP replied to Michael Nuta's discussion Blazer question?
"I have to agree, if your going to have one blazer "just in case" I would look for something that will be appropriate for a wide variety of styles."
Nov 24
QuackXP replied to Padre's discussion Girls in football
"I don't have a problem with it. If she can play and there is not enough interested in a all girls league then let her play on the boys team."
Nov 24
QuackXP replied to Danisatan's discussion Rules of a Relationship
"I don't think you have to go through some list of rules or have some kind of written "relationship contract". Dating is getting to know someone, finding out if they fit your personality, morals, and life goals. I think these are…"
Nov 19
QuackXP replied to Todd Dunn's discussion Gentlemen and Hats
"I guess ladies can wear any hat they want in chambers. I don't wear hats that much. Only when needed for when its cold or rainy or at the shooting range. I take it off when I get inside. I have zero hats that are fashionable.  I could have…"
Nov 18
QuackXP replied to Chu Kim's discussion Universal Skills
"Critical thinking, logic, scientific method. "
Nov 18
QuackXP replied to John Bravo's discussion Do you go to night clubs? If so, do you grind dance with women?
"Your fine. There is a pretty big gap between a night with a few drinks and some suggestive dancing and waking up in a in some strangers bed with a alcohol/ecstasy hangover. "
Nov 11
QuackXP replied to John P's discussion Should I contact my ex gf after 3 months?
"To: Jonn P 4 months and no contact from her its over. I would say that contacting her is just going to re-open the emotional wounds that have not even closed yet. It's well past the point that you need to start getting over her. Open up to your…"
Nov 10
QuackXP replied to The Eyeball Kid's discussion Offended by the term "millenial'
"If your getting your panties in a wad about such a trivial thing your going to have a heart attack by the time your middle aged. Save the worry and offense for stuff that truly matters. The way you live your life and the decisions you make and the…"
Nov 10
QuackXP replied to Jason M.'s discussion Welcome! Now...what do you carry? in the group Concealed Carry Club
"My two carry firearms are a Ruger LCP and a Kahr CW9. I carry the Ruger mostly in my right front pocket in a Desantis Nemesis holster and octasionally a Crossbreed MiniTuck. I carry this more than the Kahr. The only holster I have for the Kahr…"
Nov 5
QuackXP joined Jason M.'s group

Concealed Carry Club

Every gentleman should be able to adequately protect himself and his family from ruffians’ intent on doing harm. This group welcomes anyone who takes pride in their second amendment right to keep and bear arms in a legally concealed manner.
Nov 5

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Motorcycles, Firearms, Cinema
Brave New World, Snow Crash, Without Remorse.
Lawrence of Arabia, 2001: A Space Odyssey
Nine Inch Nails, Cake, Beatles, Rage Against The Machine, Beastie Boys, Tori Amos
"Aqaba is over there, It's only a matter of going." T.E. Lawrence from the film "Lawrence Of Arabia"

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Latest Activity

Carl Monster replied to Christian Schmidt's discussion Let's Have A Spoiled Christmas
""You'll get nothing and like it!"- Judge Smails"
19 minutes ago
Vendetta5885 replied to Christian Schmidt's discussion Let's Have A Spoiled Christmas
"If you are over the age of eight and complain about what you get for Christmas, then you deserve nothing.I've recently read that a large amount of people in solid relationships go into arguments during Christmas because of more than stupid…"
31 minutes ago
Vendetta5885 replied to Christian Schmidt's discussion The Word "Manly" Is A Burden
"If you like it... Do it. It is manly to be comfortable and confident in your own shoes and to be able to do things you enjoy despite popular opinion. Example, there is an entire group in the forum here based solely on men who knit.In my…"
40 minutes ago
Sean replied to Christian Schmidt's discussion The Word "Manly" Is A Burden
"Manly is not a burden, it is an honour and a privilege. Only you can give it to yourself, and only you can take it away. Look, we all get stuck dealing with this at some point. Is it manly to do this or manly to do that, but if you are looking for…"
47 minutes ago
Rusty Rogers replied to Christian Schmidt's discussion Let's Have A Spoiled Christmas
"Christian, Buddy, it's time to change your circle of friends. I have NO ONE in my circle who are like the horrid people you described. However, thank you for the reminder. It's clear that YOU are not one of those horrid people you…"
1 hour ago
John Muir replied to Regular Joe's discussion BREAKING: US To Normalize Relations With Cuba in the group The Great Debate
"Fair enough, and well stated. I must point out some of Iran's other trade partners: Turkey Japan South Korea The UK has restored diplomatic missions to Iran as well. "
1 hour ago
Jay D replied to Regular Joe's discussion BREAKING: US To Normalize Relations With Cuba in the group The Great Debate
"I dont celebrate Cuba or Castro. But yes iam opposed to the concept that the USA is using. What they are doing is fighting terrorism with terror. Do you see the problem?"
1 hour ago
Will replied to Regular Joe's discussion BREAKING: US To Normalize Relations With Cuba in the group The Great Debate
"Irreconcilable differences! Obama's support for Chavez was shown when Chavez asked Obama to intervene to support the impeached-and-removed Honduran President overcome the Honduran Constitution, Congress, and Supreme Court, to remain in…"
1 hour ago

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