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Latest Activity

Adrian Miranda replied to East London Gent's discussion Girlfriends lies and temper
"if you were not sleeping with her or if she were a guy would you still keep compnay with him?  dont let emotions over ride your own good judgement, I dont think you would become friends with a person who you knew was a liar and hot tempered…"
Sep 23
Adrian Miranda replied to Winged Aviator's discussion Missing my firstborn's first six months
"As already mentioned, your daughter will not know.  With all of the internet, skype, and whatever else is available there is not very much you will actually miss out on.  As a very young in your career military member you do need to…"
Sep 23
Adrian Miranda replied to Jack Brenner's discussion Colleague out of line?
"......ooor maybe he is dressing and performing for the position he wants.  Perception is reality and when it comes decision time for someone to be trained up it may work in his favor.  I don't see it as sucking up, maybe a little more…"
Aug 5
Adrian Miranda replied to Vickyo's discussion Boyfriend has no ambition
"My own opinion, his plans and ambitions are absolutely your business.  If he were not your boyfriend this past year and you just met him would his lack of ambition be a deal breaker?  How much time would you make in  your life for…"
Aug 5
Adrian Miranda replied to Chu Kim's discussion Dealing with Obnoxious People
"-ignore any of their baiting statements -do not initiate conversation with them -do not allow them to initiate conversation with you -only interact with them in the capacity of work, "hey when can you have this ready"  "is this…"
Jun 18
Adrian Miranda replied to Blaine Wright's discussion Favorite Pieces of Advice
"First do what you have to do so that you can do what you want to do."
Jun 18
Adrian Miranda replied to The Earl of Essex's discussion Combining Sports and dressing well
"I think it might be better to keep the two styles seperate, sneakers and sweat pants in an environment that expects shirt and tie sounds like a poor choice.  If you can maybe get to work a little earlier so you may be able to leave a little…"
Jun 18
Adrian Miranda replied to Michal Falat's discussion I am flushing down my future ...
"I have read some of the responses that suggest take a step back and this can be done, however there is the temptation to put off starting back up "next semester...................then next semester" Education is a self filtering process,…"
Jun 13
Adrian Miranda replied to Victor Franklin's discussion Where to buy clothes at?
"Marshalls, Kohls, Ross, second hand stores (consignment stores are better than thrift stores)  online, ebay has alot of decent quality clothes at very low cost.  as prevously mentioned no graphic shirts, subtle tones, collars.  If the…"
May 22
Adrian Miranda replied to John Thomas's discussion Men's Economic Trend
"a person really has to read deeper into statistics, such as teen age pregnancey or smoking.  They always include 18 and 19 year olds, who cares they are adults.  If your county has very large poverty base than the average income is pulled…"
May 21
Adrian Miranda replied to John Thomas's discussion Men's Economic Trend
"That is good to know, I have only watched the one lecture from him.  "
May 21
Adrian Miranda replied to James Sullivan's discussion I'm Almost at my Limit...
"My perspective must be predicated with this.  I have always had a design for my family in mind and that is a very traditional design.  My wife does not work and when I felt we needed more money I would get a second job, it is exhausting…"
May 21
Adrian Miranda replied to John Thomas's discussion Men's Economic Trend
"watch a video called "capitalism hits the fan" by Richard Wolff.  In short to replace an increae in salary and wages the availability of credit has increased absurdly over the past few decades and the expectation is that each home…"
May 21
Adrian Miranda replied to Stephen Jashub Comstock's discussion Cultural discrimination in the group The Great Debate
"That sounds like it is worth the read, thanks.  "
May 20
Adrian Miranda replied to Stephen Jashub Comstock's discussion Cultural discrimination in the group The Great Debate
"There is a book called Ethnic America by Thomas Sowell, great book on a majority of the different ethnic groups and their migration into America, their challenges and discreminations.  EVERY GROUP that came over has faced the same challenges…"
May 19
Adrian Miranda replied to Pale Horse's discussion Respect and Admiration
"not to attract negative opinions but Nathaniel Bedford Forrest is one of my favorite Americans.  While he was a slave trader he was a man of the ethos into which he was born.  Besides that the convicition and sacrafice that he displayed…"
May 5

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Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Uncle Toms Cabin
Modern Prometheous
Atlas Shrugged
Dark Tower series

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At 10:49am on February 14, 2014, Pale Horse said…

Thanks. The temptation was too great. Lol

At 2:30pm on February 4, 2014, Pale Horse said…

Sorry, I can't resist.

At 10:13pm on January 8, 2013, Herb Munson said…

Hey there Adrian, thanks for joining The Great Debate. Great to have you with us.


Latest Activity

Carl Monster replied to Joshua Wolf's discussion Fraternal orders for young men?
"The fetishization of old timey stuff throws me. Just got a real bowler, from my grandfather's cache, and it's uncomfortable as hell. The old days really were pretty crappy as people didn't know any better. Throughout the last…"
10 minutes ago
Jay D replied to Joshua Wolf's discussion Fraternal orders for young men?
"What exactly is it what you are trying to do? Is this a roleplay thing or do you actually want to learn skills? The things you are talking about take time to learn. People went through year long apperenticeships to learn things like blacksmithing or…"
1 hour ago
Tony Wolf replied to Joshua Wolf's discussion Fraternal orders for young men?
"Probably about the same thing they'd think of, say, lawn-darts."
2 hours ago
Joshua Wolf posted a discussion

Fraternal orders for young men?

Hello, I am recently returning to these forums after a couple of years with a new-found interest in old world traditions and community building.I want to combine these two interests by forming a fraternal order for young men to be part of a positive group. Because most young men don't have a lot of disposable income the idea would be to facilitate their practical, rather than financial, contributions to their communities.  We would try out and practice old world skills such as blacksmithing,…See More
3 hours ago
Brody Albers replied to Liam's discussion Advice on which translation of The Bible to read in the group Christian Men
"I prefer the ESV. I am a theology student and so the "essentially-literal" translation is useful to me since the Bible is the bulk of my research material. For my own personal devotions though I have enjoyed using both the NIV and NLT. As…"
7 hours ago
Brody Albers replied to Kevin's discussion Will someone please explain Jesus to me? in the group Christian Men
"There are many, many theories about what you are asking. Simply put, your question boils down to the purpose of the atonement, or "why did Jesus have to die?". I wrote a brief (2 page) essay on the subject for a theology class which was…"
7 hours ago
Pale Horse replied to Jack Bauer's discussion What'cha watchin'? Your manly entertainment recommendations, reviews and discussions ...
"LOLOLOLOL I really shouldn't know what that is."
7 hours ago
Brody Albers joined Tookie's group

Christian Men

Regardless of the specifics, we can all agree on one thing. Jesus Christ was the perfect Man who died and rose again for us such that we could have fellowship with Him
7 hours ago

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