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Traveling in Africa

Started this discussion. Last reply by Regular Joe Apr 7, 2015. 18 Replies

Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice!

Started this discussion. Last reply by Nathan Daniel Moran Mar 3, 2010. 31 Replies


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Regular Joe replied to Adam Posey's discussion Traveling in Africa
"I love have you necro-hijacked a 5 year old thread to shamelessly plug Poland. "
Apr 7, 2015
Michael Thompson replied to Adam Posey's discussion Traveling in Africa
"I never travel to Africa, but I recommend always Krakow(Poland) because It is fantastic and have a lot of party and activities. The peolple is very nice, I was there one month ago. When I earn and save money I would like to go whit a group of…"
Apr 3, 2015
Michael B. replied to Adam Posey's discussion What's casual, but still "dressed"
"The problem with clothing for larger men, is once you get past XL, shirts especially just come in a square shape. Which doesn't help to change any view if we have... ahem... a "daddy belly." I have the additional problem of being long…"
Apr 10, 2013
Michael B. replied to Adam Posey's discussion What's casual, but still "dressed"
"Tucked in and fitted are actually your allies when dealing with a skinny build, as untucked and square is just going to hang off of  you and make you look like a walking wire hanger.   Shirts with horizontal patterns, or…"
Apr 10, 2013
john smith replied to Adam Posey's discussion What's casual, but still "dressed"
"In dress shirt every one is looking handsome"
Apr 10, 2013
Kit the Odd replied to Adam Posey's discussion Penmanship
"Having done this exact thing let me offer a bit of advice.  Be careful about the tip of the pen you get.  I got the calligraphy tip because it was what I thought I should get, but the calligraphy tips are flat and sharp cornered - and the…"
Aug 1, 2012
Penelope replied to Adam Posey's discussion Penmanship
"Formal business correspondence, such as a letter to a politician, was always better typed, for as long as typewriters have been generally available. The meta-skills involved in penmanship - fine motor skills, attention to detail, carefulness,…"
Aug 1, 2012
Samuel Fiscus replied to Adam Posey's discussion Penmanship
"I've never had much experience with calligraphy, having what teachers and my mother have always called "atrocious" handwriting. I cannot write a grocery list, recipe, poem, song, or little notes to my wife without the recipient having…"
Aug 1, 2012
Neill replied to Adam Posey's discussion Penmanship
"I have the penmanship of a doctor. They studied for many years to get handwriting that bad. I should consider myself fortunate that i have the same penmanship without the training. Compliments of the computer age i don't write that much.…"
Jul 8, 2012
RooThawg replied to Adam Posey's discussion Penmanship
"Check out sonlight curriculm for cursive penmanship.  It starts at third or fourth grade.  No doubt there is more out there."
Jul 8, 2012
RooThawg replied to Adam Posey's discussion Penmanship
"     Do it John! Do it now and start with the finest (narrowest) calligraphy pin you can find but use one with an ink insert. Carry it everywhere.  Use it every time you sign your name.  You'll soon be writing…"
Jul 8, 2012
Native Son replied to Adam Posey's discussion Penmanship
"You quite probably already know this, but for preventing ink smears, fountain pens and gel pens are not your friends. I wish I could remember the instructions the nuns used back in my day, but there was a certain way the southpaws had to…"
Jul 8, 2012
Kate Gladstone replied to Adam Posey's discussion Penmanship
"Chuck — for "handwriting first aid" would you accept Handwriting Repair? My students have included quite a few left-handers — including more than a few forcibly "rightified" left-handers. Kate Gladstone — the…"
Jul 7, 2012
John Ilacqua replied to Adam Posey's discussion Penmanship
"That sounds like the way I was taught to hold my pen in primary school, and I'm only 20 now, so that's still fairly recent. I'm in Australia though; maybe they teach it here but not in other places?"
Jul 7, 2012
Chuck Forman replied to Adam Posey's discussion Penmanship
"I have a real issue with (lack of) penmanship.  I was held back a year in elementary school for poor penmanship.  I'm a lefty and the school required right-handed writing only, which I could not do.  Never went back to that…"
Apr 21, 2011
peckallan replied to Adam Posey's discussion Penmanship
"Penmanship. Oh how I have been striving for neat legible handwriting since I first took up a pencil. I agree penmanship have fallen to the keyboard. I have been looking for a penmanship aid and could not find one. I would love to read an article…"
Apr 21, 2011

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Happy birthday!
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Hey there Adam, welcome to The Great Debate. Honor to have you there.
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Happy birthday, Adam!
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Hope you have an awesome Birthday, today, Adam!
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Here's hoping you have a most WONDERFUL birthday !!!!
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Welcome to the community, Adam! Look forward to your contributions!
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Welcome to the AoM Community, Adam!

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"I'm circumcised and I never thought of it at a sacrifice. I'm used to it and can't imagine having the extra skin. So I don't think I'm missing anything and I'm happy with my penis and it's sensitivity. Now the scar…"
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what it means to be a warrior -

For me it means taking care of those I love and not forgetting to take care of me at the same time.I am there for my family and friends.   I thought this excerpt  by Bohdi Sanders ~ excerpt from "WARRIOR: The Way of Warriorhood," was helpful for my understanding of being a Warrior.The great Sioux chief, Sitting Bull, once stated that, “Warriors are not what you think of as warriors. The warrior is not someone who fights…” At first, this statement seems strange and contrary to what most people…See More
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John Muir replied to Penelope's discussion To circumcise or not? in the group Christian Men
"Sure, but my whole point is that a person with a body part amputated 8 days after birth can't imagine what life is like with that body part as well as someone who's had it all his life can imagine it without. Rather like asking a kid with…"
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Naveen replied to Justin's discussion Tips on waking up earlier?
"You said the first 2 minutes of waking up are hard. Try drinking a glass of cold water or milk. I tried to get my self up with self discipline, nah that cold drink is a convenient hack. Feeling the coldness in your body brushes off the sleepiness,…"
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Sean replied to David R.'s discussion Profanity and Vulgarity
"I try and avoid the use of such words myself, although I do occasionally employ them. But I find the history of our tongue and how our language came about fascinating.  Our vulgarities are just that- vulgar, as in common.  They are among…"
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Michael J. K. replied to Mongoose's discussion Where Do We Draw Limits of Gender Changing? in the group The Great Debate
"what about people who are born with both and both are not all the way formed there are many  reasons a child may feel like they are in the wrong body Yes you may put age restrictions, but there may be other factors behind the change not just…"
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