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Comment by Clint Connolly on January 16, 2011 at 9:20pm

You look like a human being in this picture but in the profile pic you look like a southern gentleman friend of mine - very uptight (well he's better now that he's married with kids) - born in South Carolina - had a huge stars and bars flag hanging in his home but is a very kindly professor of Biology at U. South Carolina (like his father and father before him - and mother).

Always called me "sir" and my wife "maam" - until my wife finally said, "For crying out loud Matthew - you're older than me!"



Oh, man, I get it now - it's that bow tie - that's what makes you like my mint julep drinking friend. 


Very Pee-wee Herman. 


Sorry I couldn't resist.

Comment by Datin'Kait on April 7, 2010 at 9:53am
I dig the 'stache as well. Bravo, good sir!

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Sean O' replied to N. Vest's discussion Bug Out Bag,
"It just depends on your environment and what your plan is. I used to teach students to put caches in (or have a trusted someone put them in) months or potentially years before they have to do a grey or black infil so that they will have resources…"
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Rick Shelton replied to James Sullivan's discussion When can a boy learn to fight back?
"To boldly go where no squirrel has gone before.  "SQUIRREL TREK, THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY"."
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Rick Shelton replied to N. Vest's discussion Bug Out Bag,
"In many scenarios speed is key.  Speed increases safety, limits potential exposure, and reduces potential contact time with other travelers. I'm not saying caches are a bad thing, I am saying you have to weigh the risks.  Personally I…"
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N. Vest replied to N. Vest's discussion Bug Out Bag,
"Most of those you have to pay for the locker space."
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Graduated Msc Innovation Management..... never been so happy to be unemployed :D
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N. Vest replied to James Sullivan's discussion When can a boy learn to fight back?
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David F. replied to John Muir's discussion Determining Retail and Wholesale Pricepoints
"JB is very wise on this.  You have to have clear calculations on your lower limits and project/business kill point.   As to your upper limit what the other guy's sell at.  Call them up tell them that you are looking at starting…"
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