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Russell Wilson replied to Kevin's discussion Will someone please explain Jesus to me? in the group Christian Men
"Here's a FREE ebook by John Piper, gentlemen, Fifty Reasons Jesus Came to Die. The paperback/Kindle version can be found on Amazon too, if you're interested. Enjoy."
16 minutes ago
Jack Bauer commented on Herb Munson's group The Great Debate
"You're not that dense.  And, spare me the "douchebaggery" crap.  I engaged in no such thing.  It isn't "conjecture".  Its the law.   The observation was applicable beyond you…"
29 minutes ago
Drew Mills replied to Michael Pascoe's discussion Bay Rum aftershave recommendations in the group Real Shaving
"Make Your Own: Here's an easy recipe I've used. 1 cups Vodka (non-flavored, please) 2 oz Jamaican Rum 1 cinnamon stick or a teaspoon of cinnamon 6 drops of Bay essential oil (Pimenta Racemosa, NOT cooking Bay leaves) Put in mason jar and…"
35 minutes ago
Steve Dallas commented on Herb Munson's group The Great Debate
"If I stay unemployed and uninsured for the rest of the year, sure. Otherwise, nice fucking conjecture, let douchebaggery ring"
50 minutes ago
Jack Bauer replied to Andrew D, USA Ret's discussion Militias, politics, anti-2nd amendment hysteria and the Bundy issue in the group The Great Debate
"She rode that anti-abortion-bill filibuster for all it was worth ... it just wasn't worth all that much around here.  Got some attention from a couple of national feminist groups in the process, and some big money from…"
53 minutes ago
Jack Bauer replied to Shane's discussion Government Services in the group The Great Debate
"Whether that Vietnam story is apocryphal or not ... I'm pretty sure that's exactly what libertarians have been saying all along.  Welcome aboard. JB"
1 hour ago
Allen Winston Cook commented on Thad's group The Muse's House
"Hey Guys, doesn't seem like much activity has been happening here for awhile? I have visited most if not all of the museums listed by your comments. However living in New England I find there are hundreds of little out of the way museums of all…"
1 hour ago
Jack Bauer commented on Herb Munson's group The Great Debate
"Whether you blame BCBS, Obamacare, or yourself ... the really good news is, you get to fork over an additional 1% of your income to the IRS as an Orwellian "shared responsibility payment" for noncompliance with Obamacare.  Let…"
1 hour ago

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