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Old School replied to N Fan's discussion I could have died while hiking today, don't be stupid like me
"You know..danger can hit us in all sorts of places. I remember when i was 18, sailing near my house ...the current under the bridge was VERY strong and you could not sail against it unless the wind was directly behind you.. even in a Laser. i went…"
13 minutes ago
Steven Occhipinti updated their profile
34 minutes ago
Greg S replied to Ben Pedersen's discussion 3 Gun Competitions in the group Riflemen
"I have no experience... But I'm replying so I can see the replies."
56 minutes ago
Greg S replied to Ben Pedersen's discussion Favorite Handgun in the group Riflemen
"I love my M&P's too. Daily carry is a 9C, although lately I've been carrying the 9L. My 45 full size is fantastic too, but a bit heavier than the 9L; it's mostly a range gun. The only thing I don't like about the M&P…"
57 minutes ago
John Muir replied to Penelope's discussion To circumcise or not? in the group Christian Men
"Speaking as an uncircumcized guy, it's easy for me to draw the line on my penis at which circumsion would have occurred. I can therefore easily imagine the skin I would have lost. I like having that skin, and the feeling that comes with it,…"
1 hour ago
Sam K replied to Sam K's discussion Sexual self denial
"My theory of masculinity is deep and not limited to "sex", I consider some of the ascetic hermits to be masculine as well. My theory on masculinity places a strong important on the "mission" and living for a greater spiritual…"
1 hour ago
Old School replied to David R.'s discussion Profanity and Vulgarity
"i dont understand folk who cuss all the time. I remember hearing a sermon at school church where our pastor told us not to do it TOO much and to save the words for when something really bad happened..and never to use lords name in was good…"
1 hour ago
Sir replied to David R.'s discussion Profanity and Vulgarity
"Wtf are you guys are talking abt. :o"
1 hour ago

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