I really need to talk to someone that will not judge me. I am so afraid to tell someone about what happened today. 

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Be just and fear not.

OK, earlier today, I was raped by another man. 

Go to the nearest police station. Don't shower or change clothes. Go now.

That was done earlier today. 

Holy shit.  Call the cops.


That was taken care of earlier today. 

Scott, before I go any further with what im about to say, I need a clarification to answer to this question....

You got raped by another man.... again?

Yes, once in 1985 when I was twenty seven, and yesterday. 

Holy crap. Well youve done everything you can actively do about it, but you should probably find a therapist who specializes in things like ptsd to help. Talking helps, but t kinda hard to put it all out in the open and risk some asshole acting like your friends did last time you talked about it....

Thank you. I am a different person than I was back in 1985. I am much stronger in my maleness, and I have a great support group of guys. Last time, I had no one. 

Still... go see a therapist. At least once, but make sure hes the kind that deals with vets, cops, etc. Other therapists (especially "rape counslers") tend to be a little to... I wanna say feel good, to really be able to help a man. A little to much talking about feelings to make a man comfortable.  

Most therapists that work with vets are a little rough around the edges, and can actually give some help in a way that doesnt make you wanna go split half a chord of maple wood with an Hammer and wedge to make you feel male again....

Roger that. I do have a pastor in my church, he is in charge of male ministry,. He feels that today's churches tend to wussifie Jesus, he was just teaching this week how Jesus was a mans man. So I will talk to him when he has a free time. 


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