Last weekend, I went on from a peaceful nature walk through woods without a shirt on, and I just wanted to say it was one of the greatest experiences I had outdoors. I was alone, just exploring nature, feeling a gentle breeze on my bare skin. I felt like a proud, confident man, enjoying life and feeling the warm rays of the sun on my chest.

How anyone else recently had a great outdoor experience without a shirt on?

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While I was on vacation in Hawaii I went on a walk along an ancient fisherman's trail. While walking I felt it was a great opportunity to go shirtless and was really enjoying the walk along the edge of the island and the golf course. I came around the corner and ended up photobombing a lady having her photo taken by her husband. There was no way out of it so I just causally walked past the photo and let him take the picture. I apologized and he just commented on mister muscles jumping in the photo. Was kinda cool to say the least.

I'm glad that you had a very pleasant shirtless experience on your vacation. I think being a part of a lady's photo shows how confident you are and you're the type of man who is never afraid of show his bare chest.

Reminds me of this past spring when I went to a local state park. It was warm and sunny out and on one of the trails I decided to take off my shirt. I was alone when I did so but there other people walking the trails. I was surprised to see only one other shirtless guy the whole time; one dude a bit younger than me walking his dog. We did one of those "what's up?" nods to each other to acknowledge our top freedom.

In the spring I refuse to ride my bike with a shirt on, helps give me the courage to not worry about other people will think and I have gone to the local park shirtless without taking a shirt with me several times

This should be a mandatory "must do" on every mans summer agenda!

seek out a place that provides your level of privacy 

and then.......go there and be shirtless throughout the year - every season!

and only if no one else is positively absolutely around - drop your drawers and take it all in.

also on mandatory summer list:

 - - - - go boating on a lake at least once - shirtless

- - - - - go skinny dipping at least once

- - - - - -go swimming in the dark

Agreed! Shirtless is fine and drawerless is better at least when others aren't around.  Now it's almost Christmas and thank God there's January to stay covered a little longer before I lose that belt notch that started with Halloween candy and has progressed to too many cookies and sweets.  

I used to play tennis with a good friend of mine before he moved to another state, and we would both play shirtless most of the time at a park in the city where he lived. I wish I could play that way all the time now. Besides being able to cool off quickly, it is also easier to make my shots and serve the ball without the restraint of a shirt.

This summer I'm going to try to see what other activities I can do without a shirt on, and try to enter a convenience store shirtless for the first time

I was in New York City over the weekend. Friday and Saturday were both sunny and unusually warm with temps around 70 with Friday being a little nicer of the two days. Central Park is typically packed on a Saturday afternoon so you can imagine how it was a couple days ago. I did see a few shirtless joggers along with one or two other guys enjoying some bare chested time. Still a little on the cool side for me but as we head into March that time is coming again, hopefully soon.

Only working a half day on Tuesday & temps are supposed to be close to 80. Sounds like a great chance to get in my first one of these in this year.

Today was even warmer than forecast with temps well into the 80s. Not far from my house there's a five mile riverside trail I like to hike from time to time and today was one of those times. Not a bunch of people out at first but by time I finished there was a fair number around. The shirt came off relatively early and, unlike some other visits, there were a handful of other shirtless guys around, spread out over age groups and fitness levels. It was my first chance to be outdoors this season with no shirt and I got to tell you, it felt great to feel the sun on my skin again.

That is a great feeling, especially on a warm Spring day!


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