Do kids still play shirts vs. skins in school or pick me up basketball?  I saw a website called and it had no pix of bare-chested players. In eight grade we played that way and I remember being shocked to see chest hairs on one more mature boy.  But that was the 70's.   I can imagine that in today's world it may be considered harassment to force a boy to take his shirt off. What are your experiences? 

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I also remember doing shirts vs. skins in the late 70's, early 80's.  I did not mind being a skin. Matter of fact, a few of us boys on the skins team back then would actually chest bump each other and try to knock each other off our feet. The coach, who was rarely watching (hopefully that has change in the 21st century), didn't mind.  But I agree, today, skins in school PE classes may mean law suit for the school district.  Not an observed fact, just my assumption based on other cultural changes.

I always hated being picked for skins because I was underweight and now the only way I wouldill play is I was on the skins team.of course at the time I was uncomfortable because I was forced so it wasn't a good experience for me at the time,while now I'm okay with it because I rarely ever wear shirts anymore anyway

They aren't allowed to take their shirts of at practice, let alone in gym class.

When in middle school & high school PE we didn't have shirts/skins, no doubt in part because the classes were co-ed. We had little tank top things we wore over our gym clothes called "pennys" to designate the teams.

I think I mentioned in another thread it was allowed but rare to see guys go shirtless for PE in high school. But I know sports teams (basketball, wrestling, track) could and would practice shirtless and when the weight room was open after school it was a mix of shirted and shirtless.

We sometimes had to play soccer shirts vs skins in the 90s in Germany.

Now the only way I would play sports is if I could be on the skins team, as I adopt a permanent shirtless lifestyle from February until October and when at home and my friends home, refuse to cover up with a shirt anyway

We've had a stretch of unusually warm weather lately with highs well into the 70s (F). Passing by a soccer field today I saw a group of guys were out playing shirts/skins style. Nice to see the tradition continue.

in high school my freshman yr the school went to new  reversible gym shirts one side blue the other yellow . when out side for gym it was blue vs yellow. i had my older brother shirt it was not reversible the coach said it ok to use some of the boys used there older brother shirt. it was an all boy school. i never had the  shirt on in school. but had to had it on outside. the neighbors around the school did not want to see us naked .that is what they call the school to say . this was in the 70 when the weather was warm at lunch we take off our shirts. back then we went out for lunch. after school we take them off and went home on the public bus. also when you got in to a fist fight you took your shirt off. so the other guy did not pull it over your head and keep it there and punch the f out of you.your arm could not move. to this day i take it off not that i get in to fight any more. also when i wrestled with someone.

Now the only way I'd play shirts vs skins is if I was on the skins team every single time

It used to be somewhat more common during my high school/early college days but it was limited to sports teams, not PE classes..and that was 15-20 years ago (man, time flies!). Now not so..I do see it occasionally at the outdoor bball and floor hockey courts and the soccer fields at the local park during the summer.  

Almost forgot...this happened recently in Russia:

And guess who won? the skins! oh yea!

Cool video! The event looks planned and sober, compared to spontaneous and drunken as I can imagine others are.  In the US we just shoot and kill each other, so these men have my respect for doing rivalry in  a more manly and sustainable fashion.


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