Dear shirtless friends,

are you shirtless as often as possible since your youth, or have you just begun being shirtless in your middle age? I was happy to be on the road shirtless even as a boy, and my joy in the shirtless lifestyle has not diminished since then.

In my childhood it felt like vacation and freedom to wear no shirt. Later this was supplemented by the special feeling of masculinity, if clothes are stripped to the waist.In my opinion it fits to many places and situations, to show myself in this way as a man. To show other people my bare chest when talking to them, working with them or shopping is not disrespectful, but absolutely natural. This is me! So I am shirtless in public with self confidence and serenity.

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My girlfriend also likes me to be shirtless. She grew up around bare-chested male relatives, so it seems completely normal to her, while I was encouraged from a young age to get comfortable being shirtless by my mom.

As you say, it saves on unnecessary laundry, as well as general clothing expenses, so you could argue that living shirtless is a kind of duty. I can imagine that your wife might be disappointed if you started wearing a shirt, just as my girlfriend would be.

I can relate.  Although the first thing my Dad ever did when he walked in the door was to get rid of his shirt and stayed that way unless he had to go somewhere which required a shirt, I was a bit on the shy side about it except for generally removing it to do yard work.  Once I got to college and I saw a lot of the other guys going shirtless, I decided to give it a try and most of my buddies got used to me that way and then thought it strange if they saw me wearing one.  Later, My wife always encouraged me to stay shirtless unless it was absolutely necessary.  Today, I am barely conscious of the fact that I'm shirtless.  In fact, I feel uncomfortable wearing one.

I'm the same. I'm so used to being shirtless that I hardly think about it, until I suddenly find myself in the college library or some other place where I begin to notice strangers giving me sideways glances. But virtually everyone who knows me takes it for granted that I'll be shirtless. Some people, like my landlord and my girlfriend's parents, have never seen me wearing a top. I wonder if they would even recognize me if they did see me in one.


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