Dear shirtless friends,

are you shirtless as often as possible since your youth, or have you just begun being shirtless in your middle age? I was happy to be on the road shirtless even as a boy, and my joy in the shirtless lifestyle has not diminished since then.

In my childhood it felt like vacation and freedom to wear no shirt. Later this was supplemented by the special feeling of masculinity, if clothes are stripped to the waist.In my opinion it fits to many places and situations, to show myself in this way as a man. To show other people my bare chest when talking to them, working with them or shopping is not disrespectful, but absolutely natural. This is me! So I am shirtless in public with self confidence and serenity.

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Being shirtless has always been like my default setting since I was a very young boy. As soon as I got home from school, off would come the uniform and I would be back to being my normal, bare-chested self, going out to play, doing homework, playing video-games or whatever. In the school holidays I could be shirtless 24/7, especially in summer. There was simply no need for a shirt, and in many ways I was better off without one. That feeling has always stayed with me.

I enjoyed going around in blue denim jeans with a brown leather cowboy-style belt, which I always thought looked really good with a bare chest. I often went with that combination whenever I wanted to look presentable, such as when going into town or when visiting relatives.

For me it was something I saw growing up, considering my dad was the kind of guy that always did stuff shirtless, like when grilling, or doing stuff in the yard, and the like and my mom was supportive or didn't care much. So I always found that normal in a sense, I believe that my very first memory of shirtlessness I was around 5 hanging out with my parents in our garden during a summer morning.

When I starting doing chores at home and later working around the neigbourhood I usually went shirtless, you know, the type of thing a teen boy would do usually involves physical activity and being shirtless was all right with that. Lawns, cleaning, maintenance, every time I could I was shirtless and people around me didn't mind so I guess that reinforced my idea... I started working full time in these things, right now I still do cleaning, sometimes I work as a mover, and sometimes in construction, and when I can be shirtless I choose to be. Of course, at home, always shirtless.

As a boy, my dad was shirtless 24 hours a day at home, even when working in the yard, barbecuing, my mom was okay with it. Since my 20s I've also started being shirtless 24 hours a day at home. With some exceptions shirts have basically stopped being a part of my wardrobe permanently at home, and sometimes at friends houses too.
When I was single, I used to jog on a trail down the street. And I decided to take my shirt off and man it felt good. Fast forward today, I'm shirtless when I cut the grass or fixing up my yard. Sometimes my neighbor is out cutting grass too shirtless. After we finish, we sometimes relax on the back porch and chill with a beer.
Now I do everything shirtless, and I've gotten a lot more comfortable with being seeing me bare chested

Yes. Same here. I´m shirtless very often while doing yard work outside. And so are my pals (look picture below). It´s a great manly thing!

That doesn't look like the sort of yard work I do.  I would say that is some really serious raking.

I agree! Always cool to be hanging out or just working hard and sweating it out bare chested with the buds. Its great male bonding.

I am often shirtless when exercising or doing something physical outside if its warm out.

I literally haven't worn a shirt all week. Still shirtless as I'm writing this. Hung out with a next door neighbor who also keeps his shirt off 24/7, and this weekend, I've been at a friends house shirtless. He's bare chested too

That kind of day always leaves me feeling great!

My Dad was ALWAYS shirtless at home.  He stripped off the shirt the minute he walked in the door.  For me, I would experiment when doing yard work, usually starting off with the shirt and then losing it after a few minutes.  I wanted to be like Dad but was shy and had really shameful of my scrawny body.  In college, away from my parents, I beefed it up a bit, usually shirtless when not in class and on weekends.  After marriage and regularly working out at the gym, my wife encouraged me to be shirtless whenever possible, saying she liked seeing me that way and it saved on laundry, so it soon became a habit.  It is second nature for me now to go shirtless just about everywhere, keeping one in the car with me to put on before walking into a store or appointment.  I've done it for long now, I am actually uncomfortable wearing a shirt and I hardly even think about it.


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