My shirtless experience usually revolve around situations where only men are there like working out in a gym or playing pick up basketball, or just hanging out with buddies. Recently, I moved in a unit where I get to stay with my landlord and his wife. While it's cool to be shirtless being alone or with us just guys. I felt uneasy to do it when his wife is around. Does anyone feel the same?

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I understand. I go shirtless as much as I can. I am very comfortable alone or with other guys being shirtless. If I am at a beach, pool, or other place where being shirtless is generally the norm, I will be shirtless around women. However, when "pushing the envelope" and going shirtless in a convenience store, auto parts store, or other place where shirtless is not the norm, I will usually only go shirtless if it is just other guys around. If a woman is around, I'll throw a shirt on.

Yeah, but what are your thoughts in a coed living situation? Like in a house.

I have that very situation right now. I'm out of town for a few weeks doing a theatre show, and I'm rooming with another lady in a cast--a grand old broad, and quite a character. Our first morning together, I put on my shirt when she came into the kitchen as I was having coffee. A few minutes later I asked, "You don't mind if I don't wear a shirt in the house, do you?" I'm shirtless in the kitchen as I type this, while she's in and out of her room singing songs, so you can guess what her answer was. My thoughts in a coed living situation, like in a house are, it depends on the people living in the house, but it goes a long way to your cause to be polite and ask if it's okay with them.

Stay shirtless, brothers.


Thanks man. I think I ask her myself. Currently she's on vacation so her husband's only left with the house. Since we're all guys who were left. I have decided to go in and out around the house shirtless.

I am neither shy nor consider skin to be sexual in nature, so shirtlessness in any company is more an issue of respect and protocol for me.  I think every man should be able to go shirtless in his own home but also respect the house rules when he is a guest.  I am also comfortable being bottomless but recognize that the US is more puritanical than I am.  

When it's warm outside and I get hot and sweaty, taking off my shirt feels great, but I leave my shirt on and sweat off furniture and textiles inside.

I have noted women who are uncomfortable with shirtless men around them, but they seem to have other issues with men as well.  I also see women putting on make up in public places which I think should be limited to the bathroom more than shirtlessness, but maybe that's just my issue of transgressed respect for others.   

Great input.

Cheers to you, man. Stay shirtless as much as possible.

I have gotten a little more comfortable going shirtless outside my home when doing yard work on hot days.  However, there is one neighbor next door, a single woman in her 50s, and I'm a bit self-conscious around her.  So when she's outside, I usually keep a tank top or t-shirt on.

Imagine a community of guys where we could go shirtless everywhere.....stores, work, stadiums, gyms....anywhere. I'd love that.
Once I go shirtless I stay that way no matter who sees me

did the wife or the landlord say annything ?  im shirtless all the time at home most of the time naked. when im in my yard in the summertime im shirtless. if someone comes over i do not put on a shirt i will put one on if a lady comes over and she is uncomfortable. if you are living thear ask the landlord.

actually she did not say anything related to my shirtlessness. her husband is sometimes shirtless but of course he is her husband and she does not mind at all. maybe the case with me is quite different since I am almost a total stranger. just a thought


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