I cannot believe what happened in my weightlifting club last night. Three guys are lifting together in a private home, it is not the Y or a gym. One guy, Dave, very manly guy, got very upset because I wanted to lift without a shirt. He said that he hated to look at a shirtless man and I would be infringing on his right not to be grossed out. I have never heard of anything so stupid in my life. I asked him how he handled being in football in high school and college? He said that he hated to take a shower with another man. He wasn't threaten or anything, it was just that he thought another guys body was ugly. I just did not get it.    

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There is some issue deep down.    He might not know it.   I didn't like showers in High School.  I was concern that my penis would stand up.   Never did happen in gym.  Mark Twain wasn't bother. 


I didn't like showers in high school at the beginning of freshman year because I too was afraid my penis would stand up.  It never happened with me either in 4 yrs, and after the first few weeks it didn't concern me as much.  Of course at the time I thought I was the only one who was concerned about this.

Absolutely, there's more here than he's willing to admit or might even be aware of.  There's nothing remotely reasonable about what he's saying,  so don't cover up just to satisfy him. Tell him to close his eyes or just not look at you if he thinks you're that offensive.  You have a right to go shirtless if you want.

That is a very strange response. "Infringing on his right not to be grossed out" . . . sounds like Dave might have some other issues going on!

I guess it's his right.  But it is pretty weird.

If it bothers him that much he should find another venue to lift weights, or just try to live with it, IMHO.  

Yes, that is a strangely vitriolic reaction.  He either has a sense of self-loathing about the nude or semi-nude human form; he’s jealous of other men; or he’s a closet homosexual.  If it’s a private home, none of the guys should care if another is shirtless while lifting weights.  “Dave” obviously has some personal issues, but they’re not yours to deal with.  Unless it’s his home, then don’t worry if he’s “grossed out” by your body.

The other guy, Kirt, doesnt like us to go shirtless because of respect to his wife upstairs. I can understand that, but Dave I just cannot figure out. I mean I am no Mens Health cover model, but I am not a toad either. 

Well said, and I'd add self-loathing to that list.  Don't let him dictate your workout!

i thought the same. I guess he´s a homophobic guy. And if he hates a man´s body.... Why does he work out and do somewthing for his body to get in a good shape. Me and my pals allways did work out shirtless in our home gym. There´s nothing more great: working up some sweat together, and listening to heavy metal sound. yeah!

I've long declared that if I like the music at the gym, that's almost always a bad thing. It needs to be loud and driving for best results.

Oh, and yeah, shirtless is good! I founded I Want A Gym That Lets Guys Work Out Shirtless at the Experience Project and have attracted 140 people (not all male) so far. Some of them work out at places that qualify.

MAN-O-MAN!  There's a lot going on there with this guy.


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