I was on my bike and he was walking.  His shirt was off and you could tell he was happy to be out enjoying the day with his body exposed to the sun and wind.  His physique was not impressive and it caused him no amount of inhibition, he was doing his thing and loving it.

I wanted to call out as I rode past, to say something, even to stop and tell him "Me Too".

But I didn't. and as I rode on I wondered - How do we greet one another? How do we show support and encouragement?  How do we express an "Atta Boy" and high five?   In words, looks, a signal that only men who enjoy going shirtless can understand.

Or do we just pass one another, giving space and letting our shirtless escapades be a time of solitude?

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I can think of a couple options...

1) Look him in the eye and thump your chest like a gorilla.

2) Point at your chest and say "cheers man!"

3) Point at your chest and give him a thumbs up.

4) Point at your chest and give  him a salute.

5) Just ride by, no acknowledgement.

(I like #1, myself, lol.)

hahaha... yea. me, too.  #1 is the best!

In a situation where most guys have their shirts on but there are one or two others without it I will usually give a head nod their way, like if we pass each other on a trail. They usually pick up on the acknowledgement and nod back.

Is it really such a big deal if a guy doesn't have a shirt on? Why not just greet him as you would any other stranger?


I don't get it either.

When I greet another guy, I don't even pay attention to whether or not he has a shirt on, usually anytime I'm hanging out with a guy who's shirtless, I end up taking my own shirt off too
Just because he is also shirtless there is a special greeting? Is that what you mean?


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