Tonight my wife and I are watching the 1993 Much Ado About Nothing. Staged in Renaissance Italy, this delightful Shakespearean comedy has many of the men comfortably shirtless. Just as they should be!

Other good recommendations are encouraged.



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Cool Hand Luke and Long Hot Summer. 

"Picnic" with William Holden

White Squall with Jeff Bridges, Balthazar Getty and Ryan Phillipe. A good story set at sea, and multiple examples of the breathtaking masculine beauty of (late!) teenage guys and male bonding. It's cheesy at times but beautifully shot.

Bridge on the River Kwi.

You're right. Good flick

I agree with Paul about "White Squall."  I can't think of another movie with a comparable amount of shirtlessness.  I would add "54" which also has Ryan Phillipe, "Troy", "The Talented Mr. Ripley."

Top Gun.

Fight Club

"Miami Blues" with Alec Baldwin 1988.

Just thought of another one "Lifeboat" John Hodiak, oldie,  I think he's shirtless for almost the entire movie.


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