I have been to parties at friends houses in the summer, outdoors, usually on a hot and sunny day. I notice that after a while some of the men take off their shirts when they are having conversation with the other guests while standing or sitting on chairs. They seem very comfortable and relaxed doing this. Some of the men remain fully clothed including myself. I have always been very modest and shy about being bare chested in groups of people, especially if it's a mixed group of men and women. If there were only men at the party I would feel more comfortable taking off my shirt like the other men do. Am I the only guy who feels this way and how do I overcome my shyness to be bare chested? I am on the thin side at 6 ft tall and 150 lbs so I think that I am in good shape to go without a shirt. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jay 

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Evidently most American men and boys go through similar trials, but doesn't anyone ever go swimming?  Surely men don't wear shirts any longer, when swimming, like they did circa 1900.

I declared independence the day after graduating from 8th grade, when I went for a long, solitary hike out onto the prairie.   When I came to a stream and a pool, I stripped down, completely naked, and dove in, head-first.

Taking off a shirt anywhere has never been a problem since.

So ... I'd recommend that every man who feels self-conscious about disrobing should begin by going somewhere solitary ... somewhere he can feel comfortable enough to take off not only his shirt, but his shoes, socks, pants, and underclothing, too .... everything ... and then getting on with life.


Definitely agree on this one. My first shirtless experiences were being in a place where I can be alone - in my room, or hiking and there is no one else around. Next step perhaps would be in a place where there would be 2 of you, preferably male - could be a close mate while having a casual drink at your house, or a basketball buddy playing 1 on 1. Something like that.

You don't need to be embarrassed to go without a shirt.how about adopting a permanent shirtless lifestyle like I did?

I have felt this way before, I reckon that the best approach is to actually do it, it feels better once I discovered nothing actually happens once the shirt is off.

To echo the others if the situation is shirtless appropriate just go for it. And that goes double if you see someone else has already taken off their shirt. In that case being shirtless is a bigger issue in your mind than it is to anyone else. It gets easier once you've done it for the first time.

Plus your host or hostess will likely tell you if it's not okay.  As an example, at the Y yesterday, one guy in the boxing room had his shirt off.  An employee came by, said hello, and left.  If that weren't okay, I'm sure he would have said something. 


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