Some questions to pose to my shirtless bros on AoM: If you are hanging out with or doing something physical (yardwork, exercise, etc) with your buddies are you usually the first one shirtless? Or do you wait till one or more of your buddies takes his shirt(s) off?

For me I have done both though I'm more of a follower..I find it easier to be shirtless if my buddy is already shirtless. For example some years back when I was doing lots of distance running, I trained regularly with a local running club. One hot summer's afternoon, we were having our weekly speed/interval training session on the track. When I arrived, there were a couple of guys there already warming up shirtless. I took my shirt off without hesitation. Many of the other guys followed and before long 90% of us dudes in the group were running barechested during the workout. 

Being the initiator is more challenging for me but it feels good for sure if I see others follow suit when I have my shirt off.

How bout you? Any interesting experiences to share? Any tips of becoming more of the guy that sets the trend for the rest to follow?

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I always am the first one to be shirtless, most of the time my buddies don't follow my lead, so I'm the only one doing it.
I'd follow your lead every single time, because I'm obsessed with being bare chested as often as possible

I don't think it matters.  If I'm running or working out and it's hot and it's okay to take my shirt off, I take it off whether or not anyone else has his off. 

I was the initiator earlier this week at the gym. It was late and I was the only person there for quite a while so after some warm up sets the shirt came off. Later on a guy comes in, we exchanged greetings and then continued with our work outs. He didn't take his shirt off though the whole time. It'd be cool though if he followed my lead.

If I had walked in on you without a shirt on, I'd have taken off my shirt as well. Anytime I see a shirtless guy it makes me want to take my shirt off too


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