Some questions to pose to my shirtless bros on AoM: If you are hanging out with or doing something physical (yardwork, exercise, etc) with your buddies are you usually the first one shirtless? Or do you wait till one or more of your buddies takes his shirt(s) off?

For me I have done both though I'm more of a follower..I find it easier to be shirtless if my buddy is already shirtless. For example some years back when I was doing lots of distance running, I trained regularly with a local running club. One hot summer's afternoon, we were having our weekly speed/interval training session on the track. When I arrived, there were a couple of guys there already warming up shirtless. I took my shirt off without hesitation. Many of the other guys followed and before long 90% of us dudes in the group were running barechested during the workout. 

Being the initiator is more challenging for me but it feels good for sure if I see others follow suit when I have my shirt off.

How bout you? Any interesting experiences to share? Any tips of becoming more of the guy that sets the trend for the rest to follow?

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Be the initiator!! - you'll be glad you did and confidence will probably overflow into other areas of life.  

With me it usually depends on the situation. Sometimes I initiate, sometimes I just follow. For example in the gym where I workout. It's quite hardcore and the ones who workout there are all guys. When I arrive and when I see I all of them are shirted, I keep my shirt on. When I see two or three of them taking off their shirts, I take off mine. There are also times when it's just us two to four guys. I usually take off my shirt first. Some guys follow, some remain shirted but I remain shirtless all throughout. There are also guys there who I mentally tag as the 'I want to be shirtless working out type' so I greet them and take off my shirt as I speak to them and they follow casually.

Yeah I work out at a hard core gym too and can relate to your experience. Our gym doesn't have rules requiring guys to wear shirts but most do. If the gym's busy, I keep my shirt on. If it's not busy or if I'm alone, which sometimes happens towards the end of or the beginning of the day, I may do part of or most of my workout shirtless. There was one time this summer when I was the initiator. It was maybe an hour or so before closing time and it was only 2 of us in there. Our gym doesn't have AC so it often gets hot in there during the summer. I took my shirt off first after my warm up and remained shirtless throughout my workout. The other guy kept his shirt on...but at the end of his workout he took his shirt off..we finished our workouts at about the same time so we left the gym together, both shirtless. We complimented each other for the lack of a shirt so it was all good in the

Actually in our gym, shirtlessness is not allowed. But come on, it's freaking hot and it's just us guys. And guys do what guys are supposed to do. So we all disregard the no-shirtless sign. The owner is usually out and he just comes back once every 2 hours to collect from those who hasn't paid the fee yet. So when he's back, we sort of excuse ourselves outside, pretend to rest or have a smoke break and when he is out, we resume our workout. lol.

lol..the gym owner here doesn't care..there was one time this guy was doing hanging leg raises and posing with his shirt off..he just walks by without saying anything

Maybe this guy is too buff and he's afraid to call him out. lol. Our gym owner looks sloppy and obviously he doesn't work out. This is what I like being shirtless cause you have a mini pose off with others after you finish your workout.

I never gave it much thought.  Some say the world is divided between leaders and followers, but I see it more divided by those who define everything in two groups and those who don't.  I guess I'm an initiator when I'm hot and want my shirt off, and I'm a prude when it's cold and I'd rather stay warm.  I've never worked out in a gym with mostly men where shirtless is allowed but it sounds appealing.  It's usually the Y, and even in the free weights room you'll find women, though only 1 in 10.  When I go camping and it gets hot I am usually shirtless.  If it's within a few hours of Chicago, there are usually a lot of people nearby and I have realized that others appreciate when I set an example and go shirtless.

 hi my name is zak i am the first to take it off . most of the time i do not have one on.

Sometimes I'm the initiator but most of the time I'm the follower. Anytime I see another guy take off his shirt, I respond by taking mine off too. I'm easily influenced into going shirtless, as if I need a reason to be

I go shirtless as much as possible so in that sense I'm an initiator. It's nice when others follow, and yardwork and other physical activities can be great for bonding, but if the weather is cool then I'll often be the only one shirtless. There are sometimes exceptions though. Just one axample:

When I first moved in to my apartment, repairs and maintenance were overseen by a friendly guy in his mid-50s who acted as the building's foreman. I'm always shirtless at home so I was therefore always shirtless whenever he came over to do any jobs. The first few occasions I met him, Mr Foreman would always be wearing a set of blue coveralls. He never made any direct reference to my toplessness but he was perfectly at ease in my company and seemed to take a real liking to me. Then suddenly one day he showed up on my doorstep shirtless himself, despite the fact that it was raining outside. I couldn't help but smile and greet him even more warmly that usual, and as he went about his work it was apparent that we were both really enjoying hanging out together, chatting openly and sharing confidences. We had a coffee and chilled a while longer until he had to leave. As he was heading out the door he gave me his direct phone number and told me to call him at home anytime if I ever needed anything. I really appreciated that since most people could only contact him via the landlord, but he made an exception for me and I reckon it was because we had established a bond which was helped at least in part by our mutual shirtlessness.

 i think that is great you keep your shurt off when anny one comes over. i do too one time i had some guy come over to help me clean out my garage.i only knew him from someone else . i need help and he need a job. when he came over i did not have a shirt on .for the next 3 day i did not have a shirt on it was hot.he said iam sweaty my  ass off. take off your shirt it will help. no that ok . look i almost never have one on . only when i have too. .we finsh the job . a week later i saw him as i was running around doing some things no shirt on he look at me and said you dont whear a shirt.

no i do not. by the way i have some more work for you can you come and help. he did shirtless

Most of the time I end up being the follower. When my ride home picks me up from work,nhe never has a shirt on, so I'm influenced into taking my shirt off as soon as I get into the car. It feels great to be shirtless as soon as possible. This week I also want to go into a convenience store with my shirt off for the first time. I'm working on developing the self confidence to be bare chested out in public more


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