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Severed Selves

Two separate divided silences,
Which, brought together, would find loving voice;
Two glances which together would rejoice
In love, now lost like stars beyond dark trees;
Two hands apart whose touch alone gives ease;
Two bosoms which, heart-shrined with mutual flame,
Would, meeting in one clasp, be made the same;
Two souls, the shores wave-mocked of sundering seas:--

Such are we now. Ah! may our hope forecast
Indeed one hour again, when on this stream
Of darkened love once more the light shall gleam?
An hour how slow to come, how quickly past,
Which blooms and fades, and only leaves at last,
Faint as shed flowers, the attenuated dream.

-- Dante Gabriel Rossetti

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Comment by Liam Strain on August 25, 2015 at 11:18pm

A dragonfly was on my train - by Liam Strain

A dragonfly was on my train
metal flashes of green gold
smoky wings all blur and hum
it flew from window to window
looking for escape from us
shrieking, ducking, flinching
laughing humanity
we had forgotten
we are not mosquitos
The doors open underground
and he flies out
into a new world
leaving us confused
and ashamed

Comment by Liam Strain on August 25, 2015 at 11:12pm

the fly - by Liam Strain

impossibly quick

agile steps

the fly jumps

onto my plate

hungry feet searching

my dinner, immense

cordially inviting

sweet peas

are devoured

delicately, tiny

bites tasting

without my notice

sated and stalwart,

adjusting his stance

to a more defensive

pose, should I turn

unfriendly, somersaulting

into the air, the acrobat


Comment by Michael J. K. on August 25, 2015 at 11:10pm

Falling Pain by Michael J. Kullik

Storm hits

Bullets fly

Bombs drop

Battle cries

Soldiers fall

Scattered red

Wounded rescued

Buried dead

Walking away

Heads down

Solid soldiers

Unassailable hearts

Copyright August 22 2015

Comment by Michael J. K. on August 25, 2015 at 10:54pm

One Item by Michael Joseph Kullik

The uncluttered
Crawl space of my mind
Reaches into empty spaces
Unseen and untouched

Until I place
One item upon
That very space

The crawl space is
Transformed into
An extremely
Beautiful object

Unseen by human eyes

Copyright June 27th 2011

Poem about change and becoming beautiful dispute the abuse

Comment by Carl Malo Schneider on August 20, 2015 at 5:12am

Hi.  Just joined.  I know not of what I speak, but...

...And now, in the spirit of Spring, let's have it, because any poet worth anything writes a poem about Spring...


I see it from the car or bus window. I look down upon it in the street.

I participate and taste it on my lips and hair and face so little, I don't think I hear it speak.

I hardly feel it; only view it - behind glass and wood and concrete.

But I want to read ev'ry poetry book, I want to sing and speak and swim.

I want to drink and debate and postulate, I want to plan and seek and binge.

I want to worship nature, I want to climb any thing.

I want to hold you by the hand and over the stream lightly spring.

And then in tomorrow's garden, we'll know we're just spirit things...

Comment by Michael J. K. on August 19, 2015 at 12:02am

These are the latest two poems for the poetry reading and they are finished aka done. They will be part of a collection of poetry to be published in Jan of 2016 if I feel they make the final cut.


Sky bolt blue
with a tinge of lightning,
As I wish glee and happiness
On all my tormentors
As I smile and say,
“I feel sorry for all of you.”
May the creator spare
your atrocious souls or
command you to
burn in eternal fire.
This matter is out of my
hands completely.


End of a Relationship

Where am I going?
I can’t remember anymore.
My brain froze
on the day you
said goodbye.
I had to soak my head
in warm water
to thaw.

Comment by Tim Dienes on March 28, 2014 at 5:25am

Feel free to check out my poetry at

Comment by Samuel Chapman on April 8, 2013 at 4:18am

Do many of you write poetry? I'm writing quite regularly at the moment but looking for guidance on how to improve.

Comment by Eric Jobes on February 5, 2011 at 9:20pm

i am an avid horror fan and as such i write horror poems. WARNING: i have been told that this is a very graphic poem.


Killer's Nocturne

With macabre scenes of grizzly deaths
You alone take away the last breaths

Your methods are quite harrowing

You hold the unholy power over life and over death

You can set them free and bestow the breath of life
Or you can rip out their souls and cause eternal strife

With deceiving eyes and saccharine grin
You wait for their backs turn so your sacred massacre can begin

Stores of hardware,sporting goods,and convenience are the best
For you to stock up your torture chest

Terror explodes and makes people conflicted
About who is next to have your torture upon them inflicted

For the horrors you've done
Bring memories of atrocities from the minds of Nazi scientists and the land of the rising sun

Bloody curdling screams and gritty evisceration
Acid eaten flesh and jagged decapitation

After all the inhuman,unholy things you've done
Your punishment is banishment to the realm of the black sun

Comment by Danny E. Mason on December 15, 2010 at 12:50pm

I had a Friend when I was younger, I carred a lot about her. She would get real depressed and cut her wrists...Ended up in a Psych ward for a while. She is doing good now....This was about 20 some years ago. I wrote this then.



You needed me and I was there.

To help you was my only care.

To get you well was my request.

But my emotions would not rest.

I slipped and let my feelings show.

You're alright now and I must go.

But when you need my love again.

You just call out for I'M your friend.



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