They dropped a bombshell. I think it's worth discussing.

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The fact that the CIA is doing it, is a misuse of powers. That's not their domain and they developed this capability to sidestep the laws and regulations governing the agencies where such powers are allocated.

What if instead of putting on your tinfoil hat and worrying that the government is watching you type this message, etc. etc., you were to simply oppose unwarranted violations of privacy?  Why set it up as a dilemma between doing nothing and being miserable?  There are other options!

I would bet that there's more than one compressed file of "Nude Selfies" on someone's USB.

In addition to wonder if it's an actual leak from the actual CIA, you have to wonder about other things:

It could be misinformation purposely distributed by the CIA; for misdirection or as a red herring.

It could be a social experiment to gauge the public's reaction towards the real or fictional idea that the CIA has mass surveillance capabilities over any and every connected device any/everywhere in the USA; a general revolt would mean that, if the CIA had these capabilities or were working on them, they'd have to continue doing so fairly discretely whereas a general shrug / meh from the population would indicate that there is a high level of tolerance for this sort of stuff and they can continue turning up the heat because people aren't generally worried about about government transparency and their own privacy because NEW SNAPCHAT FILTERS YO!

I see Wikileaks as the classic vigilante-- they mean well and do good, but with it comes a certain amount of chaos and collateral damage. I'm sure there are some bad apples among them, like anywhere else, but I believe Assange is doing his best to serve and inform the public. While they are obviously an intelligent bunch, sometimes they seem to lack common sense, leaking without redacting highly sensitive information that can be used against us.

I give them an A+ for effort, and a B for results.

I threw out both of my microwaves last week and I'm typing this post from an internet cafe in the middle of nowhere...

Seriously though, this just like Prysm a few years back is just confirmation of what I've already suspected.  It would be interesting to know exactly how much this "technology" has actually thwarted terrorism or domestic attacks. 

On one hand I can't see how we as a nation could not have this type of tech/info for the simple purpose of protecting ourselves from the like of competing or aggressive nations.  On the other hand its creepy as hell to know that tech could be switched on us at any time. 

Far creepier though is the ability that corporations now have to further invade my privacy to try and sell me a new pair of socks.  Enough already....


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