This is a genuine question from an Englishman who doesn't keep up with the news a great deal. The readers of AoM seem, on the whole, anti-Obama. Why? His praises are sung pretty often here in Europe. 

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We lowered our long-term rating on the U.S. because we believe that the  prolonged controversy over raising the statutory debt ceiling and the related  fiscal policy debate indicate that further near-term progress containing the  growth in public spending, especially on entitlements, or on reaching an  agreement on raising revenues is less likely than we previously assumed and  will remain a contentious and fitful process.

Direct quote. I should have clarified, certainly it was not just congress - they attributed it to the parties inability to compromise. It just happens that one party in particular is less prone to do things involving that word. 

The unemployment numbers are improving not because people are finding work, but because people are ceasing to look for work.  That's not a plus.

It's the slowest recovery since WWII.  This does not indicate that it was handled well, but poorly, since recessions always end.  It's just that usually they end way more quickly than this one.  Surely this one's not slow because Stimulus I and Stimulus II worked.

> a new principle that the President may refuse to faithfully execute laws he dislikes

> Not a new principle.

Actually, it is.  Presidents have refused to faithfully execute laws on the grounds that they said they were unconstitutional.  Simply choosing not to has not happened before.

> a new principle that he may make recess appointments when Congress is not in recess

>Not a new principle

Actually, it is.  Clinton pioneered making pro tem appointments and leaving them as permanent, illegally, but Obama's the first to do recess appointments without Congress being in recess.

>Also hyperbolic regarding "fined out of existence" - Churches and non-profits get exemptions, for-profits a debate can be made but we're talking about birth control, not abortion. 

By "fined out of existence," I refer to fines threatened on the order of a million per day, which would end the companies' existence by bankrupting them.  The mandate does include abortion pills.  Of course, the devil isn't in the details; it's in the big picture:  people being punished for being unwilling to be involved in something they consider evil.

By "disaster," I mean that Egypt has fallen apart, Syria is in flames, Afghanistan remains a disaster and is getting worse in terms of American casualties, Russia is now offering aircraft batteries to help Iran defend its nuclear assets.  Other things that were already going wrong (Iran and North Korea) are still going wrong.  I don't blame Obama for these things, but it's clear he hasn't made things better, if things haven't gotten better.

I will elaborate on this- I am simply of the mind that he is unlike able. Who can like a man who seeks to destroy the great American experiment through continued governmental assault. I ask anyone who dares to defend the idea that the government of this country that already has an astronimical national debt - a large portion of which is held by foreign governments - I dare you to defend the idea that this man has propelled into our lives - that this government can manage the health care of every citizen. That is only a tip of the iceberg but it is a pretty ominous tip. No one who has the good of this country at heart can possibly rationalize this idiotic concept. Intelligence dictates that when one finds one self in debt over their ears, you do not go spend more money- UNLESS you HOPE to go bankrupt. And that goes for Republicans too. And it would' t matter if the president were white, green, yellow, or pink. I am simply a conservative patriot.

wow..... this is going to ruffle a few feathers xD also I am not fond of our current president and I find alot of people I know have a blind faith for him... I consider that very dangerous.

Blind faith is always dangerous. I find that it's not restricted to any particular political party. 

@ Nate

Well, actual action on withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan is a start.

Those are actually worse withdrawals than Vietnam.  Not sure how you think they're good for the military.

ground being broken on civil rights in the military

I know you're anti-military, but this smacks of down right ignorance of history.

the official end of "dont ask, dont tell"

Only the "don't tell" part was repealed.  I'm still not allowed to ask.  And you're allowed to tell, despite me not asking.  It's a rather annoying half-assed move and, not an improvement.

women being able to serve in combat positions being

How will this be an improvement?

Truth be told, i find the outrage with Obama to be quite humorous after the outright bufoonery of GWB.

You find it humorous that our previous President was a giant piece of shit, and our current one mimics the previous one's policies, poorly?  I think outrage at the promised change which never occurred is rather appropriate.

I really think it's just butt-hurt over him being black AND a Democrat.

You're a fucking idiot.  American's haven't cared about race since the year 2000.

Obama is praised in Europe because he does what is good for Europe and cares about what Europe wants. The same is not true regarding the USA.

Can you clarify why you say that?  I'm not seeing how Obama's policies benefit Europe.

I can think of two ways. One, by having the fed print 18 billion a month he's made investing in the EU an actual wise option. Once the USA finally turns off the money tap, that big whooshing sound you'll hear will be the tons of foreign dollars crossing the Atlantic, pushing the overregulated, overvalued EU back into recession. And two, with Obama's endless dallying and awaiting UN support on foreign intervention in places like Syria, Obama makes the normally indecisive EU look proactive.

I'd say that the only reasons the President didn't authorize "surgical strikes" in Syria are:

1.  After 12 years of military involvement in the Middle East, Congress had the political will to say, enough. 

2.  Not so much European opinion about the idea, but RUSSIAN opposition to air strikes hitting a client state. 

3.  Simple political economics, in a time of domestic fiscal retrenchment, the government simply can't afford to fully fund both guns and butter.


I'm just relieved he didn't..

Syria used chemical weapons. A pretty much international no-no since the end of wwi and the response from the USA was...zilch.

Obama keeps getting compared to carter but I think a better one would be Wilson.


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