Since it seems like somebody's Russian-equipped proxy has either upped the ante big time or committed the biggest aircraft identification blunders since the USS Vincennes "incident in 1988, does anyone want to weigh in on the festering mess? I've seen contradictory reporting, allegations of foul-ups by the Malaysian government, allegations of concealment from the Ukrainians, the Russians, the "separatists", and the US government, a bit of lion roaring from the Brits, and silence from the Malaysians.

And on this site, the crickets are deafening.

Anybody care to weigh in?

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It doesn't matter that other airlines were not rerouting it didn't happen to them, it happened to Malaysian Air's flight.  If it happened to another airline then it would be that airline's fault. 

Anytime you fly a route over a known conflict zone your taking your and your passengers' lives in your hands, and in this case it didn't turn out well.

Analogy time:

If you drive yourself and your family to a downtown venue and there's a neighborhood known for crime such as shootouts, car-jackings, murders, etc. and it's a shorter way to get to where you're going would you still drive through that neighborhood?  If you did and you got caught in a shootout between two rival gangs wouldn't it be at least somewhat your fault?  Personally I would say that anyone who drove through that neighborhood was an idiot for doing so even though it's legal to do so.  Malaysian Air was idiotic not to reroute the flight, the rebels were idiotic to fire on an unknown (or known if it was purposeful), and Russia was idiotic for selling such a weapon system to untrained idiots.  The apportionment of blame (or fault) would be up to whatever court holds jurisdiction but I have my opinions, which I've stated.

"And on this site, the crickets are deafening."

A single f was given for Israel / Gaza, either. 

What's there to say?  Palestinian government fires rockets into Israel to bait them into responding with force.  Israel responds.  Palestinians get indignant.  Lapdogs follow suit.  "How dare those evil Jews respond to our rockets?!?  The fascists are killing all the innocent people that that we put near our rocket launchers.  Netanyahu is Hitler reincarnated!"


Its all a Palestinian PR move.  Some buy it.  I don't.  About what you'd expect from a people that elected a terrorist organization.  Democracy ain't for everyone.


Also, thousands of Muslims called youths were marching through Paris & other French cities. Hamas is playing for the home crowd, large numbers of which are in Western Europe...


Well it is not like the Israel/Palestine conflict is anything new, it's been the same thing for years, just going on and on and on. The problem is Hamas is using civilians as human shields then when Israel retaliates against an attack civilians die and they become evil Zionist pigs, not that Israel doesn't give civilians fair warning to vacate the area. The solution is simple, Palestine has to accept a two state solution, this has been offered in the past on multiple occasions and each time the response to Israel's offer has been an attack or a war.

The problem isn't Hamas using human shields. The problem is an illegal occupation and the ongoing violation of basic human rights resulting in an asymetric conflict. And it's a chicken / egg situation. See South Africa for how it can be fixed. 

What illegal occupation?

The one where the Jordanians took away the land given to the Palestinians.
Given by who?
The Brits. After they took over the Ottoman Empire.
So it was given to them by people who took it in the first place from people who stole it... Yet the recent takeover is the illegal one?


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