In the wake of Michael Flynn's resignation, we know the following:

  • Flynn discussed lifting sanctions with Russia's Ambassador to the U.S. in December 2016.
    • Flynn lied to FBI investigators about the content of this conversation in January 2017.
    • At the Republican National Convention, Flynn led chants of "Lock her up!"--a slogan in favor of convicting Hillary Clinton for, in part, an allegation that she lied to the FBI during an investigation of her emails. Flynn repeatedly stated in interviews that Clinton should be convicted.
  • Flynn lied to VP Pence about the content of the conversations, leading Pence to publicly defend Flynn during interviews in January 2017.
  • Trump knew about Flynn's indiscretions 2 weeks prior to his resignation.
    • Acting Attorney General Sally Yates advised Trump during her 10 day tenure as AAG that Flynn was untruthful about Russian contacts and was vulnerable to blackmail by Russian intelligence.
    • Trump did not act on this information at the time.
      • Trump asked for Flynn's resignation only as media pressure mounted. 
      • During a press conference, Trump blamed the media and leakers for the issue with Flynn and did not mention the fact that he himself asked for Flynn's resignation.
      • Press Secretary Sean Spicer said that Flynn's resignation was a result of lack of trust between the president and Flynn.
    • Trump did not tell his VP that Flynn had lied and put him (Pence) in the position of defending a lie that Trump already knew was a lie.
  • The Army is separately investigating whether Flynn received money from the Russian government during and if he properly filed paperwork for a 2015 trip to Moscow.

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What is wrong with you? Didn't you take reading classes in kindergarten?

Haven't made a phone call to Russia in years.

I spoke to Putin twice. He called me on the election. I told you this. And he called me on the inauguration, a few days ago.

You literally were unable to parse that because of your confirmation bias. It's like I'm talking to a child. God.

The issue is not who phoned whom. Talking to Putin on the phone, is enough. I would agree that it is misleading to pretend that because he said he did not make the phone call, that there is no story. 

Except there isn't a story. Many world leaders congratulated Trump. What's he supposed to do, not take the call? He was pressured to spurn Taiwan  the Republic of China, and you see how he responded to that (and rightly so). So Putin did call to congratulate him. In other news, the sun rose that morning and set that evening.

So looking past your ad hominem comments, there are two ways to look at it.

First is the very literal and myopic way: Trump didn't push his tiny fingers to the numbers, so he is not lying to say that he hasn't made a phone call to Russia in years. But of course he also said that he has "nobody to speak to." By the super-literal (and also factual) interpretation, he does in fact have someone to speak to: Vladimir Putin. Besides that, Trump's businesses have been supported by Russian investors and he held the Miss Universe competition in Moscow in 2013, amongst other significant ties.

The second way is that Trump is trying to distance himself from accusations of campaign ties to Russia by making these claims that he has doesn't contact Russia. Except of course it's obvious that he does contact Russia, and sometimes for perfectly routine business. But if that contact with Russia, such as a phone call to a fellow head of state, is routine, then why go out of the way to outlandishly deny any contact with Russia? The answer must be that there have been some untoward contact with Russia and Trump is ham-handedly trying to deny it.

It's not about who pushes the buttons on the phone and if you think that's what it comes down to and that's what vindicates your argument, then you're missing the bigger picture. 

Article shared by people who know more than us (Wikileaks) on the hysteria concerning Trump and Russia:

I saw Chris Wallace say something interesting. He said that this is the Democrats' Benghazi. As someone who believes those who are part of Benghazi scandal are worthy of capital punishment, I disagree with the equivalency, but I understand what he is saying. Just as Republicans have looked to the public eye like madmen for talking about Benghazi for the last five years or so, Democrats are going to be the new tinfoil hat brigade unless they drop it. Hopefully they won't. Makes it easier for Republicans.


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