The description of the new group is:

"Touch Practice has come to describe an intentional, mindful, 60-90 minute exchange of non-sexual touch between men. The practice is based on hugging, holding, and being held.."

And what does the following tell you? (extracted from About Touch Practice, at the site):

"Touch Practice partner may wish only to have contact between our hands, and no other parts of the body. On the other hand, partners may also explore full body touch up to and including genital touch. Some Touch Practice partnerships explore erotic energy, and others have no erotic interest."

We are living in a culture where feminists have successfully inculcated into the masses that men should be more like women and eschew any thoughts and/or outward demonstrations of dominance and violence in favor of acceptance, passivity and vulnerability as a virtue.  It is a glorification of "touchy-feely" that has succeeded to a great extent in confusing our young men's sexuality and emasculating them, as is proven in a great many of the discussions and comments on AoM from lost young men seeking guidance.  

What say you?

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I'm a trained therapist too and I agree this is not legitimate therapy.  But I don't think they're advertising it as such unless I missed something.  I also agree that men who have these unmet needs are drawn to this, so they're prime targets for this sort of thing.  If they're using this as therapy it can short-circuit their getting to the root of the problem.

"I don't think it is an attempt to feminize men."

"Touchy-feely" is widely known as a form of emotional persuasion that is decidedly feminine in character and that is avoided by most men, and especially by those masculine individuals whose need for the practice thereof is reserved for the directly physical variety with beautiful women, not with other men.

Touch Practice is in its essence a "touchy-feely" endeavor, both physically and emotionally, and is the very antithesis of virility.  In my opinion, that makes Touch Practice anathema, and to be especially avoided by all those who seek to bring our misguided American youth back from the feminazi and other idiotic liberal efforts at gelding them.

Should Touch Practice not be a deliberate attempt to feminize men, it's apparent to me that its effect is very much so.


I'm not really going to disagree with you, and I think "Touch Practice" is bullshit, but I guess I was thinking more of the motivation of men to join the group than that particular effect. It's sad that guys with legitimate problems and needs would be susceptible to something which is, to me,, obviously misguided and ill-motivated.

I agree, but it makes you wonder why those needs aren't being met elsewhere, either in legitimate therapy or other venues, men's groups, etc.  

JE you are following through with your resolutions. It's obvious with this post. You have much to offer and presentation helps to take the edge off. Don't lose your "off the wall humor." I, for one, appreciate it. Perhaps, with your resolution, I will learn a bit of tact in my dealings with humankind.

Happy 2014.



I don't get this touch practice stuff. It's repellent and just weird as hell

I have to say, I do not share the radical criticism some of you apply.

At worst, this therapy, new age thing, or whatever it really is, is a waste of time.

At best, it's... Oooooooh so easy to make fun of.

The touch practice group has actually lost two members since yesterday.

Who created this crap, the TSA?  I can see it now, little, mousy TSA Nazi saying,  "Sir, please put your luggage into the scanner and...just. hold. me."

I just had a mental image of some guy asking John Wayne to hold him for a moment. 

Which gave me this clear image from one of his movies..."I'm not gonna hit ya." The Duke hauls back and wails the guy, adding, "The hell I'm not."


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