Does the alt-right even exist? When the left speaks of it, it usually means people who post cartoon frogs and are barely even right sometimes. I know some actual fascists, and the only people who call themselves "alt-right" are universally hated edgelords like Richard Spencer. So what does it mean? I've heard some people say it used to be something close to libertarianism. Personally I think that whatever it meant before, it has become meaningless now. Same as calling someone "literally Hitler." Hence the thread title.

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even though they are peaceful and commit no violence themselves, they say things and hold stuff in their hands, therefore violence is acceptable

Are you saying nonviolent demonstrators deserve to be physically assaulted?

Steel moms tiki torch, get scorched.
Portnoy, that statue commemorates a man of honor who followed his convictions. It also commemorates a piece of our history, right or wrong.

It commemorates a man who led an army against the United States. Commemorate those who didn't do that. Because commemorating those who did, says that as a nation, we respect someone who did and others should.

I have no idea why that posted twice

The may be relevant. 

Hey, Kekistan was a good meme. Sargon gave it a slow death.

Ben Shapiro just shared this on Facebook, so that explains the date. Even some conservatives try to race bait. While contradicting themselves. This one chick I know who is actually pretty smart keeps whacking this same straw man to death.


I do like Shapiro, but he is pretty stiffnecked on this. Or maybe I shouldn't blame him as much as attention whores like Milo. He serves a purpose but he's not exactly a good paradigm.


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