Does the alt-right even exist? When the left speaks of it, it usually means people who post cartoon frogs and are barely even right sometimes. I know some actual fascists, and the only people who call themselves "alt-right" are universally hated edgelords like Richard Spencer. So what does it mean? I've heard some people say it used to be something close to libertarianism. Personally I think that whatever it meant before, it has become meaningless now. Same as calling someone "literally Hitler." Hence the thread title.

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Maybe, if instead of dressing up in all American boy costumes and walking around with tiki torches they stole from their mom's patio, they'd burned their town and rioted like in Ferguson, they'd get the support they deserve.

You conservatives baffle me. This is just like the Milo and Coulter thing. Someone who has a career of pissing off the other side, gets flustered and plays innocent when the other side calls them on their shit. Whiny cunts that hate everyone not them are triggered when the voters approve removing a statue of someone who led open rebellion against our nation and lost. They march at night through a campus they don't attend, talking about how shit is fucked up because of every race but them. And people show up to call them in their idiot shit.

Any party, showing up, does not get to play innocent to anything.

People who don't follow along and only believe headlines baffle me.

And people show up to call them in their idiot shit.

If by that you mean literally spray them with piss, then yes. You liberals baffle me.

Do you believe in the white power movement?

You know how people say there are no dumb questions? This is a dumb question.

Always hated that saying. Of course there are stupid questions.

Yet here we are. Your posts defend them, excuse their actions and who they are, and you can't simply state that you do not support them.

Who cares? By your own admission you support the people who cause the violence. Why do you care what anyone else does? Why do you think anyone is your monkey to dance at your commands?

Of course I don't support them. It's just that the media bias is so obvious, someone who isn't WN can see it. It was a lawful assembly until the antifa animals came in and literally started pissing on everything. Yet even Fox refers to Unite the Right as WN, which is fair because they are, but refers to Soros's people merely as "activists." The reaction to what was a non-violent rally is more disgusting than the people holding the rally. As is the media's biased coverage.

A lawful assembly which was unlawfully dispersed, police evicting the LARPers, National Guard called in, state of emergency declared, then authorities put on stand down while AntiFa and BLM ran amok.

Stop giving them what they want. They don't actually care. They only want you to deny something they insist is part of you.


As someone who does not support them, are you saying that a negative reaction to this group is not justified? That you can not see where it could easily escalate because of the intense emotions that this group incites just by their mission alone, let alone the marching chanting Nazi slogans?


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