Does the alt-right even exist? When the left speaks of it, it usually means people who post cartoon frogs and are barely even right sometimes. I know some actual fascists, and the only people who call themselves "alt-right" are universally hated edgelords like Richard Spencer. So what does it mean? I've heard some people say it used to be something close to libertarianism. Personally I think that whatever it meant before, it has become meaningless now. Same as calling someone "literally Hitler." Hence the thread title.

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Probably not as meaningless as the term left has become in your second sentence. One is supposed to talk about a fringe, extreme of an ideology, the other just talks about an entire ideology.

You actually have a point. You're leftist but nothing like the regressive left. Maybe we should get back to having proper nouns for individual movements.

Self-identified neo-nazi, white supremacist Andrew Anglin, who founded and runs the Daily Stormer website, sums up the alt-right like this:

The core concept of the movement, upon which all else is based, is that Whites are undergoing an extermination, via mass immigration into White countries which was enabled by a corrosive liberal ideology of White self-hatred, and that the Jews are at the center of this agenda.


the only people who call themselves "alt-right" are universally hated edgelords like Richard Spencer.

I guess you were triggered after your eyes fell upon the term "alt-right?"

You asked what the alt-right means. I gave you what someone who identifies as alt-right thinks the alt-right is.

Anyone who "identifies as alt-right" is an idiot and not to be taken seriously.

Interesting, I can see the growing trend for White self-hatred, especially in college campuses, but I'm curious how they came to the conclusion that it's an "extermination." Are they referring more to cultural extinction as opposed to being killed or something?

Bred out.

"White genocide" is a very strong term, but I do believe whites are being "bred out," as Shane put it. Not sure how I feel about it.

Indifferent. I feel indifferent. This is how things work, baby! 

The dreaded "alt-right" announced a rally. They got permission. National Guard was put on standby in case trouble starts. Antifa/BLM responds. Sure enough, trouble starts. They initiated it, not the white nationalists. So why are the white nationalists getting the blame?


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