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You're no way qualified to judge my rhetoric. I have never talked as one proud of the country, because there is nothing there to suggest possession. I spoke & speak as one who deeply admires the country--like the other day, when I said America is civilization & there is none other in our days, nor no prospect of any, opposing it specifically to European countries, with a small number of which I am personally acquainted. I speak as a friend, at best.

A minor note.  given the small flap about JB's video post, I note, without irony, that California apparently now requires new attorneys to be civil.  (Sorry, I don't have more detail, but that was in the local press on the left coast.  San Francisco Chronicle, earlier this week.)


Seemed a good opportunity for a more hostile "video post".  Heh.  I'm not from California.


For what its worth, there are civility guidelines in the Texas Lawyer's Creed.  But, they're professional guidelines.  We're free to be an asshole when we're off-the-clock.  Even on-the-clock, some are better at the pretense of civility than others.  I had a boss that was literally incapable of it.  He had these weird ongoing blood feuds with opposing attorneys.  Most obnoxious man I've ever known.



Around here attorneys are nice even when they're off the clock.

One dimensional.  Looks like porn.

Yes, and Jack couldn't do it here.

I could've.  But, why bother?


Harrison Ford is an actor and you are a lawyer-are the lines that drawn in Texas?

The girl running around the guy...going Hollywood all the way Jack.   So much for stupid social scripting.

Keep running.



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"Fuck you John, you're an asshole.  You're a micro-bit brained dick.  Sorry but you're the dickhead that made the assumptions and sound like a dickheaded little boy making comments about situations that you have no clue as to…"
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"Twenty something.  Now if you could do that at the age of 70 or 80 I'd say you were the man d;D."
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"As his girlfriend you have a right to know and it is your business, so don't worry about that.  As for what to do about it?  Trade-up."
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"Actually, I researched it for an assigned topic in college so, you never know so just make an assumption."
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"Wales...just recently traced my father's side geneaology to Cowbridge. Amazing what you can find from the beginning.  "
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"I don't think the Arabs count..."
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"Hello and welcome."
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