Several interesting blog posts on transgender-ness; I was particularly interested in the first, a guest post.  

I have a burning psychological need for the statement “I am a man” to be true, so it would be nice if it weren’t meaningless. It would also be nice if it weren’t immutably false.

Author doesn't have an answer, but does seem willing to frame the questions.


Later in the page I came across the phrase "the cotton ceiling," and googled it.

Cotton ceiling is the tendency of trans women to be excluded from the higher echelons of (cis-dominated) women's and queer spaces — specifically within the porn industry... [link]

where "cotton" refers to underwear, or, rather, what's in it.

And from another source:

Basically, it means that cis queer women will be friends with us and talk day and night about trans rights and ending transmisogyny, but will still not consider us viable sexual partners. [link]

Found some real rage on this issue:  someone angry at "cisbians saying 'I'm just not attracted to penises''s because you're a sad little transmisogynist and you deserve to have your teeth beaten in."  

No real conclusion here yet, at least, not one the parties can agree on.

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Interesting that you brought this up. I just heard of the "cotton ceiling" yesterday. MtF trannies are pissed off that lesbians don't want to have sex with 'chicks' with dicks. They find it 'transphobic', discriminatory, and believe that it invalidates their womanhood (which is already on shaky ground). Feminists are pissed off that MtF trannies are trying to use a SJW guilt trip and namecalling to force lesbians to have sex with men against their will.

What to do when the dual mythologies of 'transphobia' and 'rape culture' collide. What an absurd shit-show.

There is a fundamental philosophical schism between the feminists and the trannies that is starting to get louder, and very well could burn this whole 'intersectional' SJW nonsense to the ground. There were even some vocal radical feminists that joined-up with conservatives on the 'bathroom bill' push.

Modern progressive and radical feminism, at its core, claims that men and women are mentally and emotionally identical at birth and that social pressure ultimately separates the genders into masculine and feminine. They believe gender is a social construct. They believe that biological sex is static, and that women are discriminated against simply because of their biology. They believe that biological women need special protection from biological men, who are raised to be domineering and aggressive ... and to subjugate women.

Tranny philosophy, at its core, claims that gender is ingrained at birth -- by way of a 'male brain' or a 'female brain'. They believe that gender is a core trait of birth, not a social construct, and, after they 'transition' they tend to embrace the very stereotypical masculinity and femininity that feminists claim is a 'social construct. They believe biological sex is irrelevant, and that there exists such a thing as "a woman with a penis" or "a man who menstruates and gives birth" -- science be damned. Thus, while they may agree that women need special protection from men ... they believe they belong on the other side of that protection. They're not men. They're women with penises. So, women don't need protection from them.

There is simply no "intersectionality" between those philosophies. They are diametrically opposed. Mutually assured destruction, hopefully ... and maybe they'll bring the whole house of cards down in the process.


This reminds of me of something I've encountered among gay men.  If you go on a dating site or hook-up app such as Grindr, you will see a lot of profiles that will explicitly exclude certain types of guys, such as Black men, Asians, "femmes," etc.  Which, I've heard, is racist or otherwise discriminatory.  I don't understand that, though, because how does one control who they are attracted to?  I've never heard anyone call gay men sexist for refusing to date women (it wouldn't surprise me to find an article saying just that at Salon or something, but it's not a mainstream position either way).  As silly as the antics of radical feminists often seem, the notion that lesbians ought to sleep with women who have (or had) male parts out of some sense of political correctness is even sillier.  

"If you go on a dating site or hook-up app such as Grindr, you will see a lot of profiles that will explicitly exclude certain types of guys, such as Black men, Asians, "femmes," etc.  Which, I've heard, is racist or otherwise discriminatory"

It is racist and discriminatory. There's no question about that. You're excluding people based on their race. That's the very definition of racist discrimination. The real question is whether or not, in that specific context, that racist discrimination is wrong.

Dating is inherently discriminatory. That's the whole purpose. To discriminate. To choose. To weed-out people you don't like for any and every reason. I'd hate to see the trainwreck of a life that nondiscriminatory dating would create.

Sex discrimination is usually the starting point, which I figure does hurt trannies ... because, "neither", "both", or "horribly confused" probably aren't sought after all that often. Beyond that -- people discriminate on age, height, weight, race, skin-tone, disability, orientation, hairstyle, religion, boob size, intelligence, wealth, earning potential, hygiene, education, political ideology, waist-to-hip ratio, parental marital status, fashion sense ... essentially everything.

In this case ... it's better to aim for 'discriminating taste' than 'nondiscriminatory'. Be as discriminatory as possible.


Technically true, but beside the point: the clear implication is that the racism, in this instance, is wrong.  Which it's not; dating someone you're not attracted to out of some sense of social justice or whatever doesn't seem like a healthy relationship, and it's definitely not fair to the other person if they don't know what the deal is.  

If you want to analyze it, there are some bigger questions you could ask about this. Like whether you are truly un-attracted to a particular race or if you've simply been conditioned to react that way due to overt or subtle racism. There's a lot of stuff that can be explored with that topic.

For me, personally, I have a hard time understanding writing off and entire race because, having grown up in multicultural places and have traveled around the world, my opinion is that there are smokin' hot women of all kinds all over the world. IMO every race and ethnicity has its beauties and its mingers.

"Take me down to the transgender city, where the chicks have dicks and the guys have titties."

Seriously sex-confused people probably ought not be answering questions like this.  "Women with penises".  Good grief.


I heard about this. I think it's best if I don't watch it. Lord help us.


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