In America we usually take an eisegetical approach to the Constitution. But how would a strict constitutionalist view taxes? I have my own (probably unoriginal) theory using some context of the time but I'll wait until this gets a few replies.

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Are you ignoring the 16th Amendment?

If a guy broke into your house, and you caught him, what would you do? Would anything change if he told you he gave himself permission to steal your TV?

False analogy. A representative democracy is a very different thing.

Yours is a libertarian bromide. At best, you could make a case that it's extortion. But it is not theft.

You should be arguing how to make the necessary functions of government fair, efficient and constitutional. Focusing on the "Taxes are Theft" angle is to invite logical inconsistency, and puts you not with Libertarians, but with anarchists. 

representative democracy

Where is that?

Most western countries, including the US are representative democracies. Within that, we are a federal republic. 

We are a representative republic which uses the democratic process to choose our representatives. That is not the same, at all, as a representative democracy. I can't actually think of a single representative democracy, in the world. The closest I know of was England, a couple decades back.

You are picking at the wrong nits. Representative democracy is the broad category, into which different flavors (eg. representative republic - additionally a federal republic) set.

No. Democracy has no separation of powers or limits to majority rule. Republics do. By changing the terms you're diminishing the concept and destroying the construct.

Not changing the term. It's a subset. E.g. humans are mammals, not all mammals are humans. Not all democracies are representative republics. All representative republics are also democracies.

Republics are literally not democracies. You might as well try to convince me BMW motorcycles are cars because they use a drive shaft instead of a chain.

No - but they are both "motorized vehicles"

Democracies and Republics are both "forms of government". Just because our republic uses a democratic process does not make it a democracy anymore than a driveshaft makes a motorcycle a car.


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