Syria allegedly gasses civilians. We blow up the airfield from which the gas attacks were launched. Syria says that if we continue, they'll attack Israel, and Russia denounces our attack. Let's talk about this.

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Ah, I misunderstood. I thought you were implying Trump was doing the bombing.

Oh...Sorry. Not at all..Trump's response was measured and precise, even if it was an emotional response to a situation. That's the only thing I don't agree with. Obama tried the same thing, and Congress shut him down.

Oh, I get it now. The false dilemma is that either you don't care about Syrian children (one horn) OR you agree that the best solution to their problem, for them and us, is to bring them and their parents or guardians, ISIS or not, here (other horn).

It's like the proof I saw that Republicans hate the poor. Republicans oppose ACA; Republicans believe ACA is the best way to help the poor and that its costs to society are outweighed by the benefits; not wanting to help someone is hatred; therefore Republicans hate the poor. A sound syllogism, but that second premise is a doozy.

The false dichotomy is; bombing a CW depot is not mutually exclusive to ending refugee intakes WRT caring about Syrian Children. The false dilemma is because there's no exhaustion of options. It's being presented as an either/or argument. B != A(the only correct answer) therefore DON'T LOOK AT C!!!

Well, he did say it was ONE thing that could be done easily. Which is true, provided "easily" means "skip the background check on the parents or guardians" -- which is indeed easy enough.

He also moved the goalposts.

No, S - that's not what easily means. In many cases background checks have already been completed. An 18-24 month process. That's not an easy process, but for those who have already completed or are near completing that process, there's no reason to take away their opportunity at life and throw them back into the perils of the Syrian civil war as the bans would have done. 

Don't think anyone on AOM has stated they think that Trump is Putin's puppet, so I think we can throw that out now and avoid that whole conversation.

Even if Russia played some "minor" role in helping Trump to get elected (unsubstantiated conspiracy theory by the far left), it wasn't because they control him; maybe, just maybe it's because they favor him over Clinton?? Or hell for that matter, Putin's just enough of an ass that he'd do it just to prove he could do it...

Anyway, that's extremely far left this whole Putin's puppet line so lets just leave AOM members out of that, because as far as I've seen none of them have stated that...

Surely it's OK to talk about things happening off the board, especially if the topic isn't the board.

I guess so, but seeing as how this is a debate board, it just sort of helps is there is an opposing argument and a supporting argument.

Probably shouldn't have posted that, and just let the discussion die on it's own with no momentum behind it, but I wasn't thinking it through when I posted it...

Because we caused this genocide. We need to clean up our mess, ISIS, then leave Syria alone.



Well am I right or am I wrong?


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