Syria allegedly gasses civilians. We blow up the airfield from which the gas attacks were launched. Syria says that if we continue, they'll attack Israel, and Russia denounces our attack. Let's talk about this.

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Seems you have conflicting anti-Trump theories. He loves the Russians, and gives not a damn about Syrian chemical attack victims. But nonetheless attacks Syria -- which is an affront to his supposed Russians bedfellows -- nominally because of a chemical attack on people that don't concern him.

Seems one or both of your theories is wrong. Either he doesn't give a damn about the Russians, so doesn't care if they're offended or not. Or, he was concerned enough with the chemical weapons thing that he would risk offending his Russian puppetmasters. Or both.


False dichotomy. Other possibilities include wanting to look like he's not working with the Russians by staging an ineffective airstrike 'against' their wishes - so they can feign outrage and act convincingly put out - while the US public decides he must not really like the Russians long enough for steam to go out of investigations. 

Who is the leftist equivalent to Alex Jones and why have y'all been listening to him?

MSNBC. It was presented on Maddow's show the other night.


I stand by my use of "him."

And I'm pretty sure Keith Oberman has been talking about it, but he has me blocked.

It feels... so freaking good... to have the shoe on the other foot.

It's only one of several options. Not suggesting it's more likely than any others. JB presented a scenario which included a false dichotomy, that's all (and for the record, I don't watch television, so this is the first time I've heard this about Maddow or anyone else). 

Personally, I don't think he knows enough to know why it would have pissed off Russia. So I'm rolling with neither of JBs options on that count.

Yes JB that is a false dichotomy, in addition to misrepresenting my arguments. And I never said that he was the puppet of the Russians. I don't know how one confuses concern about Trump's favor towards and connections to Russia with claiming he's a Russian stooge. It's not like that's hairsplitting hermeneutics.

Let us add the fact that Trump shared plans for the attack with Russia (though he/his spokespeople say that they don't broadcast their military plans). So there's room to say, and I would say, that attacking Syria does not mean that Trump is anti-Russian or making moves that counter Russian policy. I'm sure it wasn't the action the Russians would have wanted. But in the end for the Russians, an ally's airfield was bombed but is still functioning. 

Remember how Bush went from being a bumbler who couldn't tie his own shoes to a diabolical genius who knew how to manipulate the public, including Congressional Democrats, into accepting a needless war?  (They later put that on Cheney, but it took 'em a while to develop that.)

Narratives make bad masters.  We've gone from Trump the clown who would top out at 11% in the primaries to Trump the slavering Nazi who was going to blow up the world to Trump the Russian patsy who'll do Putin's bidding to Trump the incompetent who can't put together a cabinet or get ACA repealed to Trump the starter of a new cold war with the Russians.

Too many narratives, and he's too cussed to stay within any of them.

Narratives block vision.  It's time to dump them and let him be himself instead of the images we need to see instead of him.

You can tell if people are trapped by a narrative by what they do when the unexpected happens.  If they find a way that the guy's still evil (if that's their thing), or if they find a way that he's still heroic (if that's it), that's the narrative talking.  Real people are a mix, so if our visions of them aren't, our visions are a problem.

Good post, Sir.

Trump being himself is the problem so I don't think we should just let him be him.


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