Syria allegedly gasses civilians. We blow up the airfield from which the gas attacks were launched. Syria says that if we continue, they'll attack Israel, and Russia denounces our attack. Let's talk about this.

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Can you substantiate that?

Arguably, if he was really concerned about the wellbeing of Syrian children, he would allow them refugee status in the US. 

False dichotomy.

I don't know if you're responding to me, PH, but it seems to me that if he was sympathetic to the plight of Syrian children, he would want them to have refugee status, which very immediately and tangibly would improve their lives.

Trump instead bombed an airfield out of concern for children. The bombing of this airfield has not done anything to immediately and tangibly improve the lives of Syrian children suffering under Assad. It hasn't even stopped operations at that airbase. It hasn't destroyed chemical weapons. It probably hasn't destroyed much in the way of military capabilities to deliver those chemical weapons.

So Shane's right, it's a false dichotomy.

More properly "false dilemma". But, since the logic definition of "dichotomy" creates polar opposites, "false dichotomy" works as well.

Sure. He either absolutely cares and will do whatever it takes to show it, or he doesn't give a flying frick and is ebil. 

Tip for debaters everywhere:  your misspellings don't make _other_ people look dumb.

No it's not. Trump claims to be concerned about Syrian children. Trump does something that doesn't benefit Syrian children (ineffectively bomb airfield). Trump specifically attempts to block something that would benefit Syrian children (refugee status). On the basis of his actions, one cannot conclude that Trump is genuinely interested in the welfare of Syrian children.

And neither can you conclude that his concern is disingenuous. You have substantiated nothing because you have the idiot premise that the only way we can help the Syrians is by letting them come here. It's an especially stupid notion because I have seen Syrians express gratitude for Trump's actions.

Having Syrians come to the US as refugees is not the only way to help them, but it is one way. It's a pretty direct way. It's an easily-provided way. So yes, I think that when Trump uses a non-solution to a problem he professes to care about and specifically tries to deny use of a solution, he undercuts the authenticity of the care that he professes.


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