Which of the three great genres do you guys prefer?

What are your reasons? 

Have fun. Geeking out is encouraged.

For me the holy grail is stuff that fuses more than one of the genres, but otherwise it almost like picking a favorite child. That being said, SF has the highest batting average for me, so I'd go with that.

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So it's just been announced that the next Dr. Who will be a woman and meninist nerds on the internet are losing their collective shit.

"meninist" ?? 

Do I even want to know? Is it as obvious as it looks? 

Some of it was funny because I thought it was ironic. Turns out a lot of it isn't.

No problem with the new doctor, instead we should be focusing about how overrated and repetitive Doctor Who is. 

This. All the talk I've seen is about dying franchises using women as a last attempt at ratings.

I'm actually excited to see the next series, and what she does with it. Then again my favorite recent doctor has been David Tennant. Could barely stand Matt Smith. Capaldi has been ok, but my favorite recent episodes are with Tennant.

Fantasy can go deeper and farther, so I love the best of it far more than SF.  However, I find that generally the author either isn't up to it or won't even try.  So I'm a lot more likely to like an SF book than a fantasy novel:  it doesn't disappoint when it turns out to have a relatively small scope. 

Horror I only like as spice to make SF more exciting.  

I don't know that I'm especially into any of the three.  I tend to like a bit more grit in TV and movies.  My top 10 TV series has probably one Sci Fi show (Star Trek TNG), one 'horror' show (The Walking Dead), and no fantasy shows (I tried to like Game of Thrones, but it didn't take).  The rest are all crime dramas, gunslinger shows, or mysteries.  I guess the X-Files, Heroes, or Smallville might be in the Top 20.

For 'horror' ... I like the zombie genre.  But, I think it's the post-apocalyptic aspect that fascinates me, not the horror parts.  Or the gore.  I like the survivalism and the action.  Men pushed to the limits by circumstances outside their control.  I read World War Z a couple of years ago which was great.

Outside of the zombie stuff, there are a few movies that would probably be considered 'horror' (or at least 'thriller') that I liked.  Shutter Island.  The Shining.  1408.  Jaws, I guess.  Alien (or is that sci fi?).  American Psycho (maybe?).  My wife loves 'horror' movies, from the old 80s slasher crap to the newer "Conjuring" variety.  The newer ones are usually tolerable.  But, not scary.  The old ones are crap.  But, I like her ... so I'll watch them anyway every now and then.

Science Fiction I like on a case-by-case basis.  The recent Planet of the Apes series has been damn good, though I haven't seen the most recent one yet.  I like Star Trek quite a bit.  The Martian was great.  The Star Wars series is good, though a little tired.  Mostly series, though, rather than standalone movies.  Quite a few more if you consider the superhero genre science fiction, I guess.  Which, it sometimes is ... except when it's not.

Fantasy ... almost none.  Unless you consider Star Wars a 'fantasy' series.  I didn't even see most of the Lord of the Rings movies.  I watched a few hours of Game of Thrones, and wasn't impressed.  Just doesn't interest me much.


To be honest, Game of Thrones is closer to a soap opera than it is to fantasy.

That was my assessment.  Lots of talking and scheming ... not a lot of happening.  It's outside my genre, but I gave it a trial run because everybody raves about it.  Just didn't end up interesting me.

Just finished Sons of Anarchy, though.  Worth a watch.  Not that it fits into this discussion at all.


I watched all of SoA. At first it was great but it went out with a fizzle IMO. Didn't like the end.

I prefer The Last Kingdom on Netflix. They are two seasons in. Vikings vs the last strongholds of Christianity in England


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