Which of the three great genres do you guys prefer?

What are your reasons? 

Have fun. Geeking out is encouraged.

For me the holy grail is stuff that fuses more than one of the genres, but otherwise it almost like picking a favorite child. That being said, SF has the highest batting average for me, so I'd go with that.

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Probably science fiction if I had to pick one by itself, but I really like fantasy as well. Fusions of the two are my favorite.

I usually don't like horror by itself after the 1960s. And by the 80s it's mostly stupid. Horror mixed in with science fiction is fine though.

Science Fiction. Been my favorite forever. Outside of that I like Biographies (usually by war photographers) and True Adventure Biographies (by climbers and adventurers). But if I could only take one genre...Science Fiction...It's all about characters. Most people think Science Fiction is about space battles and faster than light travel, but the science and the setting are a very small part of good Science Fiction.

I don't believe in "genres", the whole idea of 'genres' seems to be a fairly recent invention and excessively associated with blind 'fandom' and 'obsessions'

At least as far as the idea of genres is concerned, it is not a recent invention. Certainly Plato and Aristotle described genres in the 4th century BCE. Genre theory has been around for a while.

Why do you hate fun?

the whole idea of 'genres' seems to be a fairly recent invention

It is not. you are wrong. 

Genres existed even when Shakespeare was writing - Histories, Comedies, and Tragedies. That was the 17th century, hardly recent. That is just one account of genres being used after 30 seconds of research. 

Every heard of a thing called poetry? A genre of literature. 

Not remotely a fan of horror with the exception of the Anne Rice Vampire books, which are hardly horror.

Science Fiction gets too preachy for me

So that leaves Fantasy. Re-reading my way through the Dresden Files right now.

Grew up with the Piers Anthony Xanth series, moved into some of the Dragon Lance and the Dragon Riders series. Of course did the Robert Jordan Wheel of Time. Did a couple of the Game of Thrones but made my pick of Jordan for authors taking for ever to release a new book. Lots of others that I've read and can't remember.

Mostly trade off between business books and Ludlumesque suspense style books these days.

Hard to answer. What I usually like the best out of all those genres are the stories behind the action; the origin story behind the monster, the mythology behind the epic task, the principle or concept behind the state of affairs in that fictional world. For example, one thing I found really fascinating was the concept of the Anglo-Sino alliance in the Firefly series. I also got way more out of dialogue involving the Morpheus, the Merovingian, the Architect (etc.) in the Matrix than any of the chase or fight scenes. And, when watching Mad Max: Fury Road, I kept wondering what led to the conditions of that world, how did that big ugly old dude get into power, how did that society come to be and how did its culture come to syncretize Norse paganism with gearhead / grease monkey car culture? Another example: District 9; a very tacky movie according to a lot of people but I thought the concept (discrimination against refugee aliens in previously-Apartheid South Africa) was very original! I loved the principles of time and linguistics in Arrival, too.  In Game of Thrones, I'm most interested in the origin and background of the Night King and his hoard. I could go on and on.

Long story short, I prefer a story that has a bit of depth and an interesting concept behind it.

As for individual styles or genres, there's so much overlap that it's hard for me to classify most movies into a single genre. I do like overlap, though.

How do you feel about Prometheus and Alien Covenant?

Didn't seen Covenant.

Saw Prometheus and didn't love it but didn't hate it. Liked the idea behind it but half-assed watched it while multitasking so not really in a good position to speak about it.

So it's just been announced that the next Dr. Who will be a woman and meninist nerds on the internet are losing their collective shit.

"meninist" ?? 

Do I even want to know? Is it as obvious as it looks? 

Some of it was funny because I thought it was ironic. Turns out a lot of it isn't.


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