Just read this article, saw links on my facebooks to other sources saying the same thing.

Before my head explodes, would the resident conservatives please walk me off the cliff and explain this to me in a way I might understand.

Cause honestly, my initial reactions are that this is exactly why my nation won't ever be great again.

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I see.

I just feel oddly drawn to South Africa so I'd jump all over it. My wife's friend's dad got literally run out of SA for being a member of the ANC. And his dad was assassinated by pro-Apartheid Afrikaaners / Boers. Despite that, she (my wife's friend) went on to marry a white Canadian and (since the end of Apartheid) frequently visits SA with her husband and two kids. Today, there are actually pro-Boer groups that are fighting to keep Apartheird era Afrikaans names for streets, villages, institutions (etc.) and to preventing the tearing down of monuments of historical white supremacist Afrikaaner leaders. It's all very similar to what's happening with Confederate flags and monuments in the USA. Anyway, fascinating place, fascinating history, fascinating culture. Also their food and music and sports are great so I'm almost certain we're going to visit one day.

My ex was South African(English). Spent 2 amazing weeks there with her family getting a good view of the nation back in '01/'02.I'll never get over how beautiful the nation was, how poor it was, and the animals in Krueger Park. 

Took the class in '96, didn't prepare me at all for what to expect.

My view:

Our faculty is overwhelmingly and predictably liberal. 

Our students lean both ways; liberal is either more common or more vocal.  They are mostly nice.  We had a recent gen-studies class that touched on some controversial flashpoints.  I saw left and right and mostly apolitical; they got along, and didn't trash speakers from the opposite side. 

I see one or two disturbing trends.  Some recent proposals to alter gen-ed to reduce actual content and replace it with volunteer opportunities for academic credit and social-justice awareness, but they got nowhere.  Our dorms had events to promote the social-justice perspective.  IDK how much effect they have.

I can well believe that Republicans believe universities are doing harm: there have been a lot of stories recently from universities of riots, threats of violence against faculty and guests, and of course campus is where the whole censorship ("no-platforming") thing is being proudly generated these days.  

But we haven't seen that sort of thing where I live, and I suspect most college campuses have not.  We hear about the newsworthy.

We've had a few instances up here but they were generally exceptions rather than rules, and the media certainly sensationalized and aggrandized them.

My favorite was the Ottawa University that cancelled their yoga program because of "cultural appropriation". 

The best part was that they un-cancelled it and hired a teacher who's parents are from India. The poor girl had no idea what happened. When she found out, she flipped and went after the student union (who had cancelled the course originally and then un-cancelled it after hiring her) and basically said: What the fuck you guys? Did you just hire me because I'm Indian? I was born in Calgary. I'm as Canadian as the last teacher and I'm not more qualified than she is.

Absolutely ridiculous.

Although he didn't specifically mention the faculty politics, Thoreau was complaining about the Harvard curriculum content in Walden.  Thoreau graduated Harvard in 1837.


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