Just read this article, saw links on my facebooks to other sources saying the same thing.

Before my head explodes, would the resident conservatives please walk me off the cliff and explain this to me in a way I might understand.

Cause honestly, my initial reactions are that this is exactly why my nation won't ever be great again.

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Oh yeah. The liberal bias was still present. But, it wasn't openly hostile.

I think that's reasonable. Everyone is biased in one way or another. Institutions can be biased, too. But it's not much of a problem if they are genuinely open to other positions and create the conditions that encourage open, honest, respectful discussion to occur.

I don't even really mind the yelling. Emotional appeals go too far sometimes. What I object to, is that my mere existence is deemed offensive for some of the more vocal ones.

I'd feel the same way. What would frustrate me even more would be when those kind of people would be allowed to influence or dictate what happens in the classroom as a result of your presence.

It was a little different for me. I was in anthro.

Controversy in the home of scientific racism? Shocking! ;)

A lot of Jared Diamond fanboys/girls, I presume?

Uhhhh, no. I was an oddity to be studied.

Oh I see. What program / faculty were you in?

Cultural Anthropology. I was the only one of my kind.

Because this thread is fun...

I distinctly remember 3 profs during my undergrad. One was a mentor and head of the History dept, I had him for 3 classes including my final senior thesis. Amazing man.

The other two sucked.

One was my prof for my History of South Africa class, which was one of those dreaded international or cultural requirements. I wrote my big paper on some military events that weren't related to apartheid. I got a failing grade because I didn't mention apartheid. I went to office hours and worked with him and got my grade changed. I made a rational argument. He still didn't give me the A that the above dean said my paper was, but I passed the class with a B.

The other was this lady teaching an English class. We were on poetry and I thought she was talking out of her ass on the symbolism(I hate poetic symbolism). I was a cocky asshole(shock) and it didn't help that I worked as a painter all morning, so I was usually coming down from a paint high. We got in heated discussions, esp when she was more liberal than me. I realized I wasn't going to pass, so I called her up, apologized and asked if we could come to an understanding. We did some work together and ended up having a decent working relationship by the end of the class.

Point is, majority of what I remember is bad. My argument though is that we only remember the bad ones, and then project that they all must be bad. The vast majority weren't pushing any type of agenda, were very open to discussion, etc. 

Same with those damned teen kids. I remember the ones walking on my lawn, not all the ones just going to work or to school or just having an honest good time.

Or we see more stories about bad things happening, while the actual stats show less bad things happening. We can't reconcile the two unless we work at it.

"One was my prof for my History of South Africa class, which was one of those dreaded international or cultural requirements."

Dreaded? I would love to take that class!

It was interesting, but there were many others that weren't international/multi-cultural that I would have preferred to use those hours on.


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