North Korean officials have said that they are willing to turn the page and start fresh with President Trump.

PDRK -- ready to negotiate?  Is this possible?

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I think something is going to be worked out. We blew up a Syrian airfield with 59 missiles and just dropped our most powerful bomb (short of atomics) in Afghanistan. Peace through strength.

More properly, we tested our missile systems against the most advanced anti missile defense system, not ours. And, we tested a tunnel killing bomb against real world tunnels. I know the results of the first test. We may never know the results of the second test.


I think Trump will find a way to release the battle damage assessment in the next few days.

There is some reporting that the Russians were warned (or notified) via the airwar coordination network of the the when and where of the missile bombardment.  Also in the reporting was that the Russians had sufficient time to  remove their personnel and sensitive equipment out or the target airbase.

FWIT, the reporting was on CNN and in mainstream print media, Washington Post, for one.

A minor point.  You're a tad late on the "testing" of the MOAB on "real world tunnels." MOAB-type munitions were tested against an al-Qaeda/ISIS type tunnel system...located on a US munitions testing range.  BTW, the testing was televised on one of the Discover Cable channels (I believe it was on the one now called the AHC (American Heroes Channel). 

What does that have to do with anything I said?

True. And our missiles got through. Makes me wonder how screwed we are in WWIII.

Yesterday ZeroHedge and others reported that PRC had threatened to bomb PDRK if they didn't behave.  But the Chinese web site Global Times, the supposed source of this, didn't have it. Oops.

This new ZeroHedge report has a link to the editorial it's citing, but it takes you to a page not found warning (页面没有找到)and then just to the front page.  Googling a chunk of the direct quote takes me to other blog-style news sources, but not to the Global Times.  I conclude that this editorial doesn't exist either.

The PRC leadership may be thinking these things.  But apparently they haven't announced it.

The report about bombing nuke sites was pulled, but cached on a different website. I tried running the moon tunes through google translate, but it wasn't helping. I haven't seen zerohedge be wildly wrong or make sensational claims and they're usually picked up by MSM within a day or two. I trust their reporting on issues, their sources I can't verify though.

Don't know if you can say we blew up a Syrian Airfield if it's back in service less than 36 hours later...Not really sure you could even consider that an effective show of force, considering they used the same airfield to drop bombs the following day...


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