North Korean officials have said that they are willing to turn the page and start fresh with President Trump.

PDRK -- ready to negotiate?  Is this possible?

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"But Trump indicated that his understanding of the situation changed after [Chinese President] Xi explained the history of China and Korea to him. 'After listening for 10 minutes, I realized it’s not so easy,' Trump said."

Where is our senior State department staff to help him navigate this? Oh right - they were asked to leave - then replaced with people who don't have experience. 

I'm very pessimistic about Trump's ability to navigate this relationship. I am hopeful he can do so, but currently, it's a distant hope.
The senior staff which made the world worse over the last three decades? He's doing better without them.

Maybe.  But the president is giving three major impressions:

One:  He relies on the last person who speaks to him in an authoratative manner or the last news item on Fox News.

Two:  He appears to be either attempting to emulate Ronald Reagan's "Teflon President" image, or somehow believes that it's always someone else's fault, except when

Three:  He (and his senior minions) only "trust" persons who demonstrate complete, long-term unquestioned loyalty to him.

There is a further impression developing.  He appears to consider (post AHCA) the more "hard right nationalist" part of his administration to be Losers.  Donald J. Trump has declared he does not like Losers. 

Sure. Ok. Let's go down the list:

-stocks hit record highs
-dollar strengthening again
-jobs reports last two months greater than last ten years
-manufacturing returning
-coal miners going back to work
-illegal border crossings down 60%
-200+ proposals for the wall
-deportation force growing
-sanctuary cities getting funding cut
-overburdening regulations getting cut
-china bending the knee
-NATO bending the knee
-bombing the shit out of ISIS
-just conducted two real world tests with weapons systems we had no real data on
-Democrat party destroyed
-GOP party shown to be the lying fucks we knew they were and about to be destroyed

He's doing everything I voted for him to do. Shall we discuss your impressions and who was correct the last two years?

-GOP party shown to be the lying fucks we knew they were and about to be destroyed

Eh, maybe, but not the way the Democrats were. You ever read Dune?

Also you said the Grand Old Party party.

The great rio grande river.

No I've never read dune.

You should read it; you'd probably like it. I don't want to give away the ending, but Trump is doing something that echoes it.

Eric trump is going to marry malia Obama but have Ann coulter as his mistress?


Dems are the Harkonnens. The GOP is house Corrino. Trump is Paul and most of his base is the Fremen. He made Priebus his Chief of Staff but created a special position for Steve Bannon.

Trump as Paul...Not even close man. Trump might be the king, but more likely Trump is the Barron..

That's the movie some of us live in.  I don't live in that movie and so don't get those impressions.  I also don't get the opposite.  For me, it's more wait and see.  (Except 3.  viz. Ben Carson.) 


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