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Explain net neutrality in some detail.

"the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites."

Well it seems like quite a bit of complicated legal matters, though apparently one aspect of net neutrality seems to be a reclassifcation of the internet by the FCC as a public telecommunications service.

I can see some benefit in that, as reclassifying it as a telecommunications service might provide a stepping stone to banning pornography and other culturally denigrative and lowbrow content from the public internet - I really don't care about "frees peach" as is it's so absurdly and anarchically interpreted by many uninformed people on the internet myself.

I think if a reasonable, non-partisan person would find something lacking in any substance on the whole, then it doesn't deserve to be considered 'speech' to begin with, so lately I tend to favor less "frees peach", not just on the internet, and less feeding the armchair anarchists the myth that their inane 'speech' matters in any civilized area of society to begin with.

Netflix wants to go on welfare.

What do you mean? Google, Zucc, etc. obviously have an angle if they're for it, but I'm not sure how this benefits them.

content providers want to pay the same rates as you

Netflix wants to be able to stream HD movies without paying a premium on the front end. The problem is, it's choking the bandwidth of ISPs causing customer complaints and loss of profits. ISPs want to charge tiered rates like your cellphone data plan and also be able to throttle bandwidth to those who are abusing their contract. Content providers are running an AstroTurf campaign getting all the tech kiddies riled up over censorship of teh intarwebs.

The problem with that argument is that the throttling causes problems with the consumer with whom they have an agreement to deliver content at a certain speed. They should not be allowed to throttle my connection because they have a problem with the company serving up the content.

I should be able to run unencumbered bit torrent 24/7 without repercussion

Yes. I wouldn't recommend that but if the company makes an agreement with me for unlimited data at xyz speeds then they should uphold that agreement. If hey have a problem providing that amount of data then they should change their business model. They could provide consumers with a choice to only use 20 Gb per month with additional tiers beyond that amount. Satellite companies already do this when they provide internet access.

My more rural relatives pay for 15 Gb per month at certain speeds after which it becomes glacially slow.

The key point to be made is that while they can decide what types of plans that they offer in regards to speed and amount they should not be allowed to differentiate between the sources of that content.

"I should be able to run unencumbered bit torrent 24/7 without repercussion."

Sure. Up until your data cap. Then you pay more or you get throttle or cut off. But it shouldn't be your bit torrent that gets throttled or cut off; it's your access altogether. The problem isn't the source of the data transfer; it's the quantity of the data transfer regardless of the source.

my company can't offer a discount for in house services


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